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chain bans
Anthony | 
now you can get a ban and if it expires you can get an instant next ban. why not give 1 ban with 1 timeline instead of multiple ones. i got very sad when i was about to get unbanned but then jonathan swung his banhammer once again.
2021-11-29 19:02
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+1 anthony this has been a problem for a while Mfw I get banned for 3 days and wait it out only to see that I got banned for 7 days from a separate thread
2021-11-29 19:11
Your last one got deleted so you post this again? Well now you really can’t cry when the ban comes
2021-11-29 19:13
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what? i havent posted in a week
2021-11-29 19:26
Egypt BomberMan_
I mean you can probably borrow a friend's account to fix that issue in your case. Also, this is a surprising this idk why the mods do this. Unless there are people spamming bannable stuff and the mods slowly catch up with the garbage comments lul
2021-11-29 19:13
why should you give a damn about a ban on a website in internet?
2021-11-29 19:14
It's been always like that
2021-11-29 19:19
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wrong lol
2021-11-29 19:25
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#25 lol
2021-11-29 19:30
It has always been like that therefore it is not something that is happening "now". Additionally, a given user may have been banned for an offense elsewhere on the site and, consequently, if another offense is detected/reported its punishment will be added to the previous one.
2021-11-29 19:28
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