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most inconsistent teams rn
WolfY | 
United States Heatjkweird 
what do you guys think the most inconsistent teams are currently? imo id say Virtus Pro Dignitas Copenhagen Flames
2021-11-29 20:05
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Mongolia 7DoA
how are you so bad at spelling OG?
2021-11-29 20:14
Finland Eestu
G2 and OG are pretty inconsistent. G2 is the type of team that can get to the final in one tournament and then bomb out in last place in the next one. OG is just really inconsistent in general.
2021-11-29 20:06
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Europe S0me_dude
OG is just shit Aleksi gives bad mid-round calls Valde is bad mantuu is low impactful, just like broky niko is shit flameZ is the only one who's actually deserve saving from this roster
2021-11-29 20:09
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Finland Eestu
They still manage to look surprisingly good even with a roster like that and they've made some good runs as well.
2021-11-29 20:11
+1 -rain +flamez
2021-11-29 20:30
eternal fire big ence
2021-11-29 20:07
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2021-11-29 20:13
BIG are consistent! They are loosing every match!
2021-11-29 20:14
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2021-11-29 20:21
lmao true actually
2021-11-29 20:32
2021-11-29 22:31
Portugal _andrew_
2021-11-29 23:50
Ukraine Slavv_Boss
I mean, ur not wrong lmao
2021-11-30 00:37
2021-11-29 20:08
I wouldnt call VP inconsistent, they just dont win trophies, thats it, they are stable top10 team since 2021, always make it to playoffs of big tournaments, how is that inconsistent? FaZe and mouz are 2 trash inconsistent teams tho
2021-11-29 20:09
VP just changed the player why would you count them here?
2021-11-29 20:10
u forgot og
2021-11-29 20:13
fnx | 
Brazil shoyera
G2 Furia onliners
2021-11-29 20:14
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Furia onliners playoff in major
2021-11-30 00:47
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fnx | 
Brazil shoyera
and then choke on the 1st elim round nt
2021-11-30 01:56
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first major man why u so mad ? they are not onliners, just not better than top teams
2021-11-30 20:56
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fnx | 
Brazil shoyera
incorrect second major and the first major they didnt even get past challengers in starladder 2019 im not mad u're a salty fanboy whos mad lol
2021-11-30 20:58
G2, OG, VP, BIG, Vitality
2021-11-29 20:14
Past Navi
2021-11-29 20:15
G2, vitality, liquid
2021-11-29 20:31
Liquid if clicking can beat anyone but if struggling lose to shit teams
2021-11-29 20:37
G2 OG Faze Liquid Virtus Pro BIG MOUZ
2021-11-29 23:38
2021-11-29 23:43
2021-11-29 23:44
2021-11-29 23:46
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they were pretty consistent until player break. Then they were consistently bad until major and now they will be consistent again :D
2021-11-29 23:49
Everyone but Navi basically
2021-11-29 23:50
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eh some teams are much more inconsistent than others. teams like cph who win/consistently perform in tier 1 but lose to tier 3 teams a week later
2021-11-30 00:25
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yeah that's been very disapointing from them, I wonder why that is honestly Also I guess some of the least inconsistent would be heroic and vitality (at least in the top10 and aside from Navi)
2021-11-30 00:31
Toft | 
Denmark LJSI
2021-11-30 00:29
2021-11-30 00:31
Portugal W!LDF1RE
CPH and VP surely Dig is just tier2
2021-11-30 00:32
Team Liquid
2021-11-30 00:36
G2 - quite hard to argue about anyone being close to G2 level of inconsistency Furia - volatile style, looks top5 team when style works, and top 25 team when it doesn't work. Nip - not as inconsistent as previous two, but can look top2 team one day and top 15 team the next day. Also previous Spirit was very inconsistent, but now disbanded already Teams like OG, Big or Mouz are not inconsistent. They are just in their level, which is around top 15 level.
2021-11-30 00:39
To me its clearly Faze. Also to mention: Mouz CPH VP (Old) Spirit Astralis 2020/early 2021 Liquid
2021-11-30 00:41
FaZe is definitely the most inconsistent team in the top 10 rn
2021-11-30 00:43
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