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theres; so many doctors half of em should disband. if people actually took care of themselves we wouldnt need half of them
2021-11-30 01:17
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name checks out
2021-11-30 01:18
Germany RIP_MY_NIP
doctor ?
2021-11-30 01:21
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2021-11-30 01:21
if old people wouldn't run to the doctor every day out of boredom...................
2021-11-30 01:21
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+1 my grandma goes to 15 doctors 2 times every fucking week.
2021-11-30 01:22
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and we're wondering why health insurance gets more expensive every year...
2021-11-30 01:24
Ukraine Slavv_Boss
Ur party correct. There are professions that exist because humans are morons and cannot do certain things. But human body is a thing that ppl find out things about even nowadays, Doctors are a very needed profession, Now you might say that there are shit doctors, but that is a different topic
2021-11-30 01:21
yeah mf's get a papercut and go to the doctor lol
2021-11-30 01:25
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