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s1mple vs Zywoo
s1mple | 
India P1^t0N 
Zywoo has amazing gamesense with crisp aim If he keep consistency, he will go far ahead of many players. He is so calm & patient, so he can achieve all csgo achievements. s1mple wasted his potential in toxicity when he was young. Zywoo is different. He is young, so he has more reflex ; but he has patient (not overpeek), sometimes he miss shots but he recover mistakes with timing peek (gamesense). s1mple need to keep his high level form for is remaining years of his career & I believe him. If he would do this then Zywoo has less chances to get more trophies. At moments of s1mple's retirement Zywoo would be age 25 & then he would get trophies bcoz there will no competition for zywoo. Now a days, s1mple is best competitor for Zywoo. If s1mple wouldn't play good, no one can beat Zywoo (individually at least & then zywoo will have best stats).
2021-11-30 06:53
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France Torres_
No arguments anymore lul. S1mple 2 times esports best player of the year, Zywoo 0 times esports best player of the year S1mple 1 major, Zywoo 0 majors S1mple 1 major, Zywoo 0 majors S1mple 1 major MVP, Zywoo 0 major MVPs S1mple 1 grand slam, Zywoo 0 grand slams S1mple 2 Colognes winner, Zywoo 0 colognes winner S1mple 1 Katowice winner, Zywoo 0 katowices winner S1mple 1 Blast world final winner, Zywoo 0 Blast world finals winner.
2021-11-30 06:54
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France Torres_
1 graffiti 1 major 1 grandslam 1 major mvp 18- mvps in total #4 - 2016 #8 - 2017 #1 - 2018 #2 - 2019 #2 - 2020 #1 - 2021 Highest major rating: 1.47 Highest yearly rating 1.35 Most aces in big tournament (4) Highest lan rating (1.26)
2021-11-30 06:54
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But, you have to agree every team wants to stop s1mple & co. Navi (Navi is winning all precious big tournaments with s1mple achievements) So, they are going to make roster changes. Vitality never release zywoo till 2024 & vitality making roster for zywoo to get more trophies. If s1mple & NAVI won't play good then vitality will successful. Then, zywoo will nice stats
2021-11-30 07:03
But, this is incredible
2021-11-30 07:05
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