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Zywoo best 2019-2020.
Mexico mrfeeltrain Grats to Simple for 2021, hope the woo gets it next year to make it three out of 4, he should have a solid team next year.
2021-11-30 07:35
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Poland hsal
s1mple era hasn't even started, prepare to be dissapointed.
2021-11-30 07:36
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I will be prepared to be disappointed in navi once other teams get their lineups on point.
2021-11-30 07:51
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Poland hsal
idk, because everyone will have to adapt with new roster that'll usually take 3-5months. Even new vitality. I don't see anyone else than navi winning shit at the start of 2022. Maybe heroic and possibly g2
2021-11-30 07:55
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Especially vitality will have to adapt to communicating in english. Iean they have zywoo who can still solocarry games and tournaments but as long as navi dont fall off too hard they should be fine. I think navi will only get better, they look so sharp and committed, i think blad3 is doing a fantastic job at constantly pushing them and making them improve, they still have 2.5 young rather inexperienced players who can learn a lot. I could see the new astralis being a real threat, maybe a new g2 if that happens. Both have an awp problem rn which is a problem when you go up against a team like navi that has the best awper and player of 2021 on their team on top of being crazy good
2021-11-30 10:59
Mad Ch0kO fan
2021-11-30 13:45
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Poland hsal
Do you agree with my statement tho? Do you think someone can take over navi?
2021-11-30 14:17
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sure i do
2021-12-01 09:24
They’ve got a player break and there’s probably going to be at least some IBUYPOWRr masters-esque LANs to practice before the real tournaments start
2021-11-30 14:21
have OG made any changes ? still going to be shit ((((
2021-11-30 08:34
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Yeah they'll still be shit, maybe one day they're gonna do something else than sign leftover shit players. Or maybe one day aleksib signs to a better team.
2021-11-30 09:28
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wdym ? mantuu is ok awper, flamez decent and valde is a good anchor. niko and aleksib are the only 2 in OG who is not performing well
2021-11-30 09:29
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Mantuu is really bad statpadding awper with 0 impact. Better as rifle. Flamez was a good pick, promising player. Valde cant do shit most of the time but has the occasional monster performance when it means nothing. Niko is bot, should be in danish tier 2 scene. Aleksib is a good igl and performing pretty well for one, considering he is the one making initiative and being a bait with mac-10 etc. His team is just really shit and cant capitalize most of the good things he makes happen because they just dont seem to understand shit. Now imagine someone like Niko being there and oh man would he capitalize and fucking enjoy the opportunities he's gifted.
2021-11-30 09:59
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i think you are a bit based, mantu good awer, flamez and valde are decent. stats,last game - confirm it
2021-11-30 10:09
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You just prove that you understand absolutely nothing about CS. Next you're probably gonna say you havent even watched any of their matches?
2021-11-30 12:49
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I’ve seen lots of them, flamez and valde are decent, mantu is ok, i will not say aleksib is bad only to respect your opinion, but this shit you talked about creating space by him - is lie, cause he dont
2021-11-30 13:28
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I dont know if you then understand what good awper is supposed to do. He is not supposed to give up territory and make exit kills after. Also terrible T side awper. Good aim no brain. Would be better as rifle turret. Valde is inconsistent. High highs and low lows. Being consistently good team is impossible like that.
2021-11-30 14:20
Russia Whileyoung
Yo man, I guess I don't know much about cs either, but what I see is that Aleksib is not successful as an IGL anymore. First of all, OG has absolutely 0 results this year. They are losing to Tier2 EU opposition. You can't say they have bad players in team cause they have FlameZ, Mantuu and Valde. It is Alexib's fault that they can't really do anything with such a good roster. I think Alexib is extremely overrated because of the major run. He is not a bad igl, but he is nothing special. Though I will take my words back if OG will show their true power on IEM Winter
2021-11-30 14:27
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They do have really bad players. Flamez and aleksib only good player in their respective roles. If you watched their games, you would know they (aleksib) has a lot of good reads and the baseline tactics are good but the players are doing shit job executing. IGL cannot micromanage everything and everyone. This is just a classic example of what it looks like when you have a team full of players uncapable of taking initiative and creating plays and executing plays in a good way. Mantuu might be a sick player in team like astralis with veterans because he is mechanically skilled and 1 player can easily be micromanaged, but if you put 5 mantuu in the same team literally NOTHING HAPPENS in the server because they dont fucking understand how to create good plays. I guess you'll understand this if aleksib signs to G2 and have actual good players to work with. Literally every single player in G2 is lightyears ahead of mantuu, valde and niko.
2021-11-30 14:49
I don't see anybody being able to match this navi line up. This is the first time in history, like thorin and f0rest said, that we have the 4 best players in the world in their respective role.
2021-11-30 10:01
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??? Navi only has one best player in their respective role and its s1mple. Just some examples, based on mainly this year. Boombl4 < glaive, cadian, nafany, karrigan probably many more. Electronic, b1t < Niko, hobbit, k0nfig Perfecto < for gods sake even krimz.
2021-11-30 12:46
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Singapore ZyZy
Niko, hobbit and k0nfig might be better than Elec and b1t, at least currently (k0nfig), but they are on the same team atleast. And Elec is definitely top5 rifler and b1t might aswell be, that is pretty insane. You don't have to have the best player in every role to win, because other teams don't have the best player on every role either. Perfecto is a great clutcher and gets kills when he has to, that's all he has to do as a support player.
2021-11-30 13:39
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I'm not saying they dont have strong players, I'm just saying they dont have the best in each role like the other guy said. Having best awp and 2 really good riflers is insane. I think they lack a bit in strat/teamwork department to not be better than they are. Imo k0nfig+blamef is/will be a deadlier rifler duo than elec+b1t. But then again astralis dont have even decent awper.
2021-11-30 13:51
thorin's oppinion < clown.
2021-11-30 13:32
I think Zywoo really is the second best player in the world. But, who really will remember getting number 1 in online era?
2021-11-30 07:36
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Most of the time in 2021 was online aswell or without crowd. By that logic 2021 HLTV top1 will not remembered too?
2021-11-30 07:41
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I mean.... 3 LAN Events (1 major after 2 years hiatus) The offline events are all back and way more meaningful. Don't get me wrong, I think Zywoo deserved it 2019-2020, but its just not that impressive to me (personal opinion). I am not hating.
2021-11-30 07:44
NiKo | 
India zod1ack
Zywoo got top 1 in 2019 which was offline. The argument that zywoo became top 1 in online era just doesn't make sense
2021-11-30 07:57
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Poland brochu
2021-11-30 08:05
HObbit | 
Pakistan sanos
he got top 1 in his FIRST YEAR in t1 cs. and it wasnt in the online era i dont think people realize how insane that is, literally from zero to hero
2021-11-30 08:10
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Coldzera aswell and did it better
2021-11-30 08:10
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lmaoooo just compare their stats. and cold already played in t1 at the end of the 2016 and fer deserved top1 over coldzera in 2017
2021-11-30 08:12
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I was talking about 2016,and it's even more impressive because he came from the shitty NA scene Edit:he got top 1 in 2016 and 2017
2021-11-30 08:15
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i meant second half of 2015, there he was already playing againt t1 teams and in t1 tournaments. he was no unknown when 2016 began zywoo only started playing against t1 teams and in t1 tournaments in 2019
2021-11-30 08:19
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Croatia FoxerHR
Zywoo played against T1 teams last quarter of 2018 as well.
2021-11-30 10:16
ZywOo was playing against Tier1 teams since last quarter of 2018. He had about 40 maps against Top30 iirc
2021-11-30 12:51
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Also cold was mostly rifler while zywoo was awp abuser.
2021-11-30 13:49
LG was already playing in t1 events in 2015
2021-11-30 10:10
u mean NiKo???
2021-11-30 10:51
2019 was offline
2021-11-30 10:58 hahahhahahahahahah wtf is devbot doing
2021-11-30 08:24
Ukraine McSwell
I hope NaVi and s1mple will show in 2022 once again, that you can't just buy superteam rosters and win events, you need to build it step by step.
2021-11-30 10:56
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Vitality will not be superteam roster, it's gonna transition to international roster, but Respect for both teams and gl in 2022.
2021-11-30 13:32
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Ukraine McSwell
I think roster with 3 major winners and twice top-1 winner with major winner coach is a superteam already.
2021-11-30 13:35
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I don't think that's how it works, its achievements while you look at the statistics they aren't completly perfect. Superteams is team based off individual masterclass players
2021-11-30 13:36
Dupreeh and Magisk were never stars.They are great entry and support bro,but you are right about Zonic.
2021-12-01 09:25
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