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Why hate UK FNC?
United Kingdom VeryUKCSguy 
I see so much h8 on UK FNC players like ALEX and smooya. A lot of the time it is jealous swedes who lost their trademark CSGO team and racists but its not their fault Swedish scene is dogshit rn with not any good tier 1 talents coming up. The best SWE player is Hampus ffs. tldr: stop hating on UK FNC players because before them fnatic wasn't even top 40.
2021-11-30 09:13
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Norway Norvegiya2k
ez fnatic
2021-11-30 09:15
nobody hates em except some baiters, they are finally doing good and i hope that smooya will finally show his full potential
2021-11-30 09:16
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United Kingdom VeryUKCSguy
nah I saw a guy seriously defending jackinho, golden and JW as if they are a better trio than Smooya, ALEX and mezii and he was not baiting.
2021-11-30 09:17
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let me guess he had swedish flag?
2021-11-30 09:21
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2021-11-30 09:22
Think its already been proven that this isn't the case. Results talk.
2021-11-30 11:15
UK CS is so bad
2021-11-30 09:17
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Germany ske0
-15 social credit
2021-11-30 12:40
Europe robo1234
UK fnatic 0 majors, Dutch fnatic 3 majors.
2021-11-30 09:17
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United Kingdom VeryUKCSguy
uK FNC 4 majors(I'm from the future)
2021-11-30 09:17
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Europe Kephea
well, that was a little much bro
2021-11-30 10:42
Dutch fnatic? When was that?
2021-11-30 09:44
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Europe robo1234
Sorry, I meant Swedish. Just woke up :)
2021-11-30 09:45
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xaxa no problem mens))
2021-11-30 09:47
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U mean xoxo?
2021-11-30 09:50
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perhaps 0_o
2021-11-30 11:13
Sweden SamBbbb
Smooya best player from Finland
2021-11-30 09:20
Russia beka_b
2021-11-30 09:22
Bulgaria R34
i even prefer the boys rather than the paycheck stealer swedes that played under the fnatic banner for the past year. only krimz deserves to be in the roster from the swedes that were imo, brollan very overrated dunno why really..
2021-11-30 09:23
I haven't seen any hate, team looks nice
2021-11-30 09:27
we have some up and coming talents like chawzyyy, susp and hype but honestly i havent seen any hate except for 1-2 comments maybe
2021-11-30 09:35
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they will never make it to be a good tier 1 player tho
2021-11-30 11:29
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chawzyyy and susp is only 16 and has tons of time to improve
2021-11-30 11:30
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Possibly... I didn't see their age. I thought susp was way older because he has a fucking beard already LMAO
2021-11-30 21:46
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yeah he looks like 28 lmao
2021-11-30 22:48
Bri'ish talking
2021-11-30 09:40
I thought this was a valorant thread lol kinda forgot that cs roster has UK players now
2021-11-30 09:42
2021-11-30 09:43
Cuz onliners
2021-11-30 10:14
Where is the hate lol? Not on hltv at least maybe you have been personally jumped by some swedes irl or sum but on hltv its been pretty quiet except baiters but you cant count that.
2021-11-30 10:17
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literally no hate but that's what AW do on hltv
2021-11-30 10:24
UK Fnc winrate 100% no hate, only respect
2021-11-30 10:20
I don't see that at all, people are actually pretty hyped On the contrary lots of ppl love smooya and wanted him to move to any team needing an awper Alex is just being roasted because of the C9 disaster Stop taking 2 comments for some kind of community hate, you almost sound like Gaules
2021-11-30 10:25
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
Cheering for fnatic since 2015 when i first watched cs. Only watch fnatics game because of brollan and krimz and when dmooya was new. The team just doesnt have a soul it feels like. But its always like that with international rosters.
2021-11-30 10:30
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Yeah, I can agree to some extent, it doesn't feel as exciting/painful as for the last 5 years, atleast since I started watching.
2021-11-30 13:12
Sweden 0sko
Where have you seen this tho, i've not seen any swede being negativ towords fnatic???
2021-11-30 10:34
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There was only hate when smooya wasnt in the team, now when every1 is playing well there is no hate
2021-11-30 10:37
I dont hate them, but hating on Swedes is not the best way to let them adjust to the new fnatic
2021-11-30 10:36
Movistar riders in major> where was fnatic in major?
2021-11-30 11:14
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Bulgaria R34
gl on the qualifiers for the next one, unlikely mr succeed again tho
2021-11-30 11:16
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I don't follow mr at all
2021-11-30 11:31
2021-11-30 11:31
Germany MTD3
idc about smooya. he digs his own grave with his attitude. alex is overrated and somewhat cocky which is hilarious as the only time he had success was with one of best players in the world.
2021-11-30 11:40
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alex great IGL, call tactic "zywoo go kill"
2021-11-30 22:49
Flag and Flair checks out
2021-11-30 12:30
I mean it's easy to deal with you just have to remember that the people saying these things are literally nobody and their opinions will have 0 effect on the world. This also applies to yourself when you give any opinion on any player which is why it's best to give an honest opinion on hopes that you will get sane responses from other sane people or just go full troll and say the dumbest shit because it doesn't matter.
2021-11-30 12:32
Switzerland Tyrsk
Let's not give a shit imr ? Results already validated this roster and ppl hating on them are just purely malicious.
2021-11-30 12:35
When fnatic won iem Katowice 2018 i thought they were best team Then dh masters malmo 2019 Now 12 win streak ... again they are best team #alwaysfnatic
2021-11-30 12:53
Germany Ryuzth
UKCS is Pog, people are just delusional
2021-11-30 13:05
I've seen 0 people hating on UK Fnatic players...
2021-11-30 13:07
No one is hating on them. I've seen nothing but support for smooya
2021-11-30 21:49
Sweden Midnattsol
Brollan is the best swedish cs player atm wtf
2021-11-30 22:50
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