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Europe LimGardz 
This team really wanna surpass Main mouz right now MAIN MOUZ ARE NOW TOP #17 MOUZ NXT ARE NOW TOP #27 CAN MOUZ NXT SURPASS THEM NEXT WEEK OR NEXT 2 WEEKS ?
2021-11-30 13:37
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Lithuania ZezzyCS
2021-11-30 13:38
Netherlands PawnyCS
depends on the results of mouz on iem winter, if they win a few games nxt arent gonna surpass them
2021-11-30 13:40
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They're playing vitality and nip/Astralis i don't think there's a chance they even get 1 win lol
2021-11-30 13:44
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still BO1 so they might surprise :D
2021-11-30 13:46
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Sure, although odds are against them
2021-11-30 13:52
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yeah but they might have prepared something by the time they were not playing blast and before yeah :D
2021-11-30 14:00
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Only thing they've prepared is documents for disband
2021-11-30 14:03
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dont be that harsh :D but maybe :o last dance I guess anyway for this roster
2021-11-30 14:07
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Well, Ropz and Acor are most certainly leaving and with NXT becoming more successful i can definitely see one of the rosters dissolve and merge with the other
2021-11-30 14:09
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yeah they should replace acor obviously and ropz might not leave until march 2022 or? :D unless someone buys him out ( hopefully Faze from my perspective) :D
2021-11-30 14:13
s1mple | 
Norway onsar
mouz nxt farming on tier3 events while main mouz playing pro league, major, katowice, cologne etc so nice try
2021-11-30 13:41
Europe nikyyy
Best academy team for sure.
2021-11-30 13:41
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lolli | 
Belarus pop21k
right now yes but there have been much better academies in the past
2021-11-30 13:44
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Europe nikyyy
The past is the past.
2021-11-30 13:48
gambit youngsters was one and only better academy team than MOUZ NXT
2021-11-30 13:55
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pure team wise: Gambit Youngsters and Espada project accomplishment wise: -Gambit Youngsters for obvious reasons. -Espada for winning more prize money and promoting 3 players to main roster with less resources and investment. -Fnatic AC/Rising for winning more prize money with less resources and investment. -NAVI Junior for promoting B1T and potentially selling m0NESY for ~200k-600k USD
2021-11-30 16:32
they will lose 2-0 to ES today lmao
2021-11-30 13:46
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2021-11-30 13:50
they need to promote siuhy and torszi to the main team or other team could snap them up.
2021-11-30 13:53
mouz ac in 2022 will be new gambit. Just put ropz in mouz ac and ez
2021-11-30 13:55
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Macedonia ninetb
2021-11-30 14:46
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JDC | 
Denmark TrustE
2021-11-30 15:38
nxt gets jerked way too much. They are good but still lose to good tier 2 teams like Lyngby and 1WIN
2021-11-30 14:10
Mouz Nxt already better than current mouz
2021-11-30 14:20
I hope they will not destroyed by the main team.
2021-11-30 15:26
2021-11-30 16:32
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