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Hawaii or Phuket Major
Canada xXbananamanXx 
Great Location for holding a major People can watch games while enjoying beach and sun People in that region don't play CSGO so you don't have to worries about the toxic crowns Pros can go on honeymoons with their girlfriends and gain the best mood
2021-12-01 02:03
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Belgium Woke!
Infrastructure can’t handle that
2021-12-01 02:06
United States Azaqa
Ok but they have no stadium and will have no crowd lol, place like Australia is the best imo and the US is also really good. Any place like Poland that doesnt have a huge scene rn is also really good: they have tons of CS fans but no team to pull a copenhagen on.
2021-12-01 02:07
United States hondayzx
good in theory, probably wont work in practice
2021-12-01 02:07
Europe JohnMurphy
Europe is the best place/eot
2021-12-01 02:08
they should play on a yacht too
2021-12-01 02:11
Cyprus Swishh_
if they dont play csgo who's gonna be in the crowd bro
2021-12-01 02:14
Come to Brazil
2021-12-01 02:22
do another one in atl no bias tbh
2021-12-01 02:26
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