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does Headsets cause hair loss?
k0nfig | 
United States dualian 
NGL after wearing them for 2 hours it goes from comfy/barely noticeable to my hair being pulled forward. so much so that even after i put them away i can still feel the tension around the scalp. and im starting to notice that my hair is weaker than usual/losing a bit more hair during hair wash. what do u think fellow mens?
2021-12-01 04:10
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if you keep pulling up the hair by doing so, yes it may affect it, if you just wear it normally, not really unless you literally have it on 24/7, i do recommend adjusting the position of the band area and to move it little bit from time to time
2021-12-01 04:12
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yea i have to do that because the tension becomes too much
2021-12-01 04:22
everything in your head can cause hair loss, wearing hat all day, cap, etc.
2021-12-01 04:11
when I was young (14) , I wear the steelseries Siberia like 8 hours a day and no hair loss maybe its genetic cause my friend is balding now without playing game
2021-12-01 04:15
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rip mens, at least we are balding together
2021-12-01 04:22
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Russia arc_
He is not balding wtf
2021-12-01 04:52
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he is lol he is referring to himself. "my friend" was addressed to me
2021-12-01 04:55
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lol, no my friend is my friend not me man ITS GENETIC GO SEE THE DOCTOR
2021-12-01 06:20
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Vietnam Christoo
It's OK to be bald
2021-12-01 06:22
It might but it might not. I think it can mostly be genetic based. I know wearing hats and man buns can accelerate it or cause it but yeah. If you massage your scalp in the shower supposedly it increases blood flow and minimizes hair loss according to these hair YouTube videos I used to watch on YouTube.
2021-12-01 04:15
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ty mens will try the massaging method tonight. though my dad is half balf so i think its mostly genetids :/
2021-12-01 04:23
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2021-12-01 04:37
No, it's genetic
2021-12-01 04:26
Canada firtlast
this leads me to wonder - is thin hair genetic or mostly just a nutritional thing?
2021-12-01 04:57
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Both. Unhealthy diet, pulling hair frequently also thin the hair or recede the hairline gradually.
2021-12-01 05:00
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Canada firtlast
i do enjoy touching my hair a lot. should probably jam my hand in a door when i do that
2021-12-01 07:35
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Haha, touching is fine, as long as you don't pull or try to stretch the hairs. As others in this thread have mentioned, you can massage your hair scalp while showering with a scalp massager. This will improve blood flow to head and thus hair follicles (or whatever it is), and keeps hair healthy.
2021-12-01 08:19
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Canada firtlast
i mean its all good. lately when i havent been cutting my hair i can tell its thin on the sides. also, i have 2 hair whorls that makes it go all wacky, so long hair is just not possible for me :(
2021-12-01 14:36
Mongolia 7DoA
just use speakers or earphone mens
2021-12-01 05:02
Either genetic, unhealthy lifestyle or stress, maybe you got stressed so much for that 2 hours?
2021-12-01 06:29
no, i use my headset for like 12 hours per day for like 6 months or even more now and my hair are fine. it just genetic
2021-12-01 06:31
2021-12-01 07:45
I've never had issues with hair loss with them but I always get a very severe headphone "dent" on the top of my head. I used to think it was just my hair and would try to wet it to bring it back up (to no avail) but I actually found out earlier this year when I shaved my head that it literally makes a dent in my scalp
2021-12-01 07:51
Yes, so play games without headset kids
2021-12-01 07:57
Go to turkey, eat some kebab and recover your hair. Ezpz
2021-12-01 08:06
United States D1ngusboi
Easy solution- quit playing games
2021-12-01 08:07
yes, stop playing and u stop balding))
2021-12-01 08:10
No, it doesnt. I just ruins your hairstyle by pushing them down and making them greasy. However it shouldnt be very obvious, if it is you might be naturally balding. I am thinning on the crown and after wearing the headset for couple hours it looks twice as bad. I use minox+fina since few months.
2021-12-01 08:26
Sweden Barbarozza
Wtf? Don’t wear them so tight then.
2021-12-01 09:01
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