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selling soul
Jesus | 
Hungary SYM3iOTiC 
countless of artists claim to sell their soul for material things, or skills/fame. Which leads to demon possession, thats why you see celebrities with soulless or 'reptilian eyes' after they blow up (and they look evil af too) do you think skilled musicians and industry plants being forced by some sort of magick to do these kind of things or they do it by free will?
2021-12-02 01:32
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they sold their soul to rothchilds and illuminatis not to demons,which would ironically be better than those pedos
2021-12-02 01:34
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Is that satire or an actual conspiracy? LOL
2021-12-02 01:43
I stay up every night all night smoking pot and pulling psychedelics every two weekends making music and there's no demons to offer me any deals, what am I doing wrong
2021-12-02 01:35
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make a cerimony
2021-12-02 02:12
Romania Horia_Sima
nah but maybe drugs or mental problems
2021-12-02 01:38
2021-12-02 01:38
Frankie | 
Brazil qrii
It makes sense otherwise how do you think ppl like Travis Scott would make success?
2021-12-02 01:39
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Of course not thanks to hard work and sacriface NO! Because of that coz some fantasy creature clicked his finger and BOOM he is famous. That's how it works XD
2021-12-02 02:29
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2021-12-02 02:32
2021-12-02 02:36
Yep. Smart pol
2021-12-02 09:09
Ask that question to people who like his music
2021-12-02 12:38
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no use, they are in a state of hypnosis and im still not in the level of snapping them
2021-12-02 14:03
the only soul I've ever sold was my Kia soul, what a shit car
2021-12-02 01:40
Europe JohnMurphy
better satan than catholic church after all
2021-12-02 01:42
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Chile jotler
2021-12-02 15:58
They do it for fame and money. That is why I only listen to Indie music cause they are just small wholesome bands who tour small venues across the country
2021-12-02 01:48
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Give some examples
2021-12-02 02:31
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It's a lie, all music is demonic and a distraction, but those bands are just smaller (I only listen to female singers like Japanese Breakfast, Snail Mail, Mitski)
2021-12-02 02:35
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This music sounds very satanic and not wholesome to me. I think you are the devil in disguise trying to tempt me to listen to this filth. No thanks.
2021-12-02 02:38
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that is what i said in my comment lol
2021-12-02 02:38
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Thanks for exposing yourself.
2021-12-02 02:39
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stop xd
2021-12-02 12:46
check this out if you car
2021-12-02 01:51
There are a lot of illuminati symbols in Lady Gaga's clips. Some of them are easily visible, some of them are well hidden, appear for 1 sec, etc. I doubt anybody would bother using those symbols if didnt have the reason. Weird stuff.
2021-12-02 01:52
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most big artist has occult symbolism in their videos smh
2021-12-02 01:54
It's supposed to be metaphorical: in order to achieve access in the mainstream, one needs to change their principles/sell out, do things they might have considered lame before "making it". Just one example: when Madonna moved to NYC from the Rust Belt, she was in a ska punk band and did "indie movies" with nudity and then went full pop and became famous. Also: Black Eyed Peas changed their core message (and roster) before making it big as well.
2021-12-02 02:01
If you ask random guy on the streets will he eat kilogram of shit for million dollars most will say yes. That's what capitalism doing with people's moral values.
2021-12-02 02:07
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You dont want to know what communism does
2021-12-02 02:08
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Did I said something about communism? That Marxist Communism is shit as well. Real communism ( I mean where there are no money, governments, jobs etc.) is supposed to be good but it's just utopia that will never be achieved.
2021-12-02 02:11
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Real communism, real islam, real this, real nothing is real in this world or what ?
2021-12-02 14:08
Germany Sonnabend
It isnt immoral to eat shit for money in my book. Nobody gets harmed, only profit for your for quick work that will have no further impact on your life.
2021-12-02 09:18
United States Pixxelgam
Chase the bag worth it
2021-12-02 02:13
0/8 soul doesn't exist. If we could get fame and stuff like that for nothing welp.... where can i sign? XDD BTW it's conspiracy nr. 666 u need only a helmet.
2021-12-02 02:28
2021-12-02 02:31
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firebox is firebox dont let the devil trick you by calling it triple
2021-12-02 02:44
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Nt devil agent sent to deceive the world
2021-12-02 02:44
only way you can truly sell your soul is playing vaLULrant or any Riot game for that matter
2021-12-02 02:40
33 replies when I clicked
2021-12-02 02:45
every human has a reptilian aspect to his psyche, some choose to enhance it and some choose to suppress it but both options come with an expensive cost.
2021-12-02 09:13
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Tell me more please.
2021-12-02 10:13
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unfortunately, this topic has no place in western materialistic tradition like their science, religion, culture, etc. If one is willing to break through these barriers set in their respective tradition then you could truly investigate into this "dimension" as some would call it. If you aren't trolling the best place to start is with Zen Buddhism (more specifically about Qi and Qi energy) which is probably the most appealing tradition that can penetrate a westerner's mind, but most tradition east of the middle east tend to interpret this dimension or energy or choose any buzz word in their own subjective way but at it's essence they are talking about the same thing.
2021-12-02 11:59
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Interesting, I have delved into buddhism a few years ago but very superficially (what a surprise, eh?). I have rejected the local tradition, religion and culture where I live for my whole life pretty much, tho lately I feel like I'm more inundated into it than the rest of the country, ironically. What did you mean with expensive costs with both options?
2021-12-02 12:38
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by expensive cost I mean, a metaphysical, emotional and spiritual experience which may be positive or negative and may lead to your death if you cannot handle it. eastern religious traditions deal with everyday life as in every second/milli second/nanosecond/etc of your being in this world. Whenever we talk about eastern spiritualism things get into a muddy area where ambiguity in meaning is king hence most truthful gurus of India, eastern buddha, and the rest of the gang say spirituality is a lone wolf's journey whereas scriptures and self acclaimed godmen can only give you a map which may not lead you to the same destination for the same reason as I stated above (ambiguity in the meaning of the words). Hence this is why most buddhas or gurus tend to spend long time alone in a forest or a mountain so their aren't influenced by other human beings and due to the natural spirit that exist in these areas. To be fair, if you are interested in the reptilian part of your psyche I'd suggest looking into kundalini yoga and the Qi force which are basically the same thing but both of these schools do not really find any common ground in their philosophical grounding.
2021-12-02 12:49
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Well, thanks, I do appreciate the share. I practice bodyweight training at home which is not the same, but I'm a completely different person when active with it. Honestly the way you worded your original message was intriguing to me, "reptilian aspect" how would you define this (just basic greed, short-term selfish thinking, overblown survival instinct and paranoia?), what is enhancing and suppressing it, what are the expensive costs.
2021-12-02 12:53
devil worshippers idol nothing new for fame and for brief moment of life and then forever suffering if too late to repent to God
2021-12-02 09:17
NiKo | 
Poland marrcn
where do i sign?
2021-12-02 12:00
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I was about to ask the same thing.. but more thinking about it, rather kill myself and have a higher chance of not spending the rest of the eternity with demons..
2021-12-02 12:42
Japan Legoshi
s1mple sold soul to be best awper not fair
2021-12-02 12:03
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Chile jotler
2021-12-02 15:56
Switzerland Tyrsk
These celebs sold their ass / morals / values / opinions / platform to the NWO puppet masters not to demons.
2021-12-02 12:37
Ill buy your soul how much you selling for
2021-12-02 12:39
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
he still thinks celebs are real people LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
2021-12-02 12:42
very courageous of your part talking about this subject here
2021-12-02 13:41
Chile jotler
they are just trolling lol
2021-12-02 15:56
those reptilian eyes are due to drugs which you also do probably.
2021-12-02 16:09
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