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dead artist?
Iceland bambusbjorn 
how come dead artist release more than when they are alive? is there in contract, that they can continue releasing unpublished stuff from dead artist?
2021-12-03 12:14
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nah just relatives trying to milk a dead person
2021-12-03 12:15
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but how is it allowed? like do family members get the money or who gets it?
2021-12-03 14:36
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Indonesia woooi15
2021-12-03 14:41
Sweden piCt
Copyrights are inherited, yes. (And they last 70 years). However, most of the time its the label who owns the rights - and the author gets royalty. (And the right to royalty is also inherited).
2021-12-03 14:43
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so basically killing off ur best up and coming talent, would make them more money than when hes alive? makes u wonder.
2021-12-04 15:14
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Sweden piCt
Well, i mean - with that logic, killing off anyone who you will inherit would make you more money. No. If they are alive, they produce more. Eventually they die anyway, and there will be more material to benefit from.
2021-12-04 15:17
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but most artist nowadays have 1000 unreleased tracks. so produce is never really the problem.
2021-12-04 15:19
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Sweden piCt
Idk man. I dont really see any other legal sollution than that the copyright owner can profit from their copyright. Maybe something similar to patents who runs out rather quickly, but that means the artist cant benefit from their early work, later on in life.
2021-12-04 15:23
You're not the first one to think about that bro
2021-12-04 15:17
Brazil Brunoow13
Marilia Mendonça
2021-12-03 12:15
Belgium Woke!
Labels are shitty
2021-12-03 14:38
the main reason is always - money
2021-12-03 14:39
cuz morons will listen to crap more if they think people will give them brownie points for saying they listen to the dead person's music and saying shit like "rip (insert trash musicians name here) you were gone too soon"
2021-12-03 14:40
Sweden piCt
Honestly, i dont mind it. The artist probably would have wished for their unfinished work to be finished and published.
2021-12-03 14:44
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finished (by someone else)? probably no.
2021-12-04 15:37
Mongolia 7DoA
they usually record the songs beforehand also dead people tend to get more recognition and popularity than they were alive. Like all those rappers who im not familiar with enough
2021-12-04 15:21
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even more reason for record labels to murder them
2021-12-04 15:28
Brazil tmmart_
if i'm not wrong Michael Jackson sold more stuff after his death than in his lastest years of life...
2021-12-04 15:22
An artist might have a mountain of unfinished work, and only a fraction of it will they actually think of as good enough to put together into a completed album. The labels don't give a shit about that though, so once the artist is dead they'll use all of it.
2021-12-04 15:24
Sweden Skunk2
unlreleased songs, demos.
2021-12-04 15:25
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
mac miller? also, alot of artists have unreleased things they dont want to get out because they arent happy with it. people turn into perfectionist when they are creative and just trying to outdo yourself every time
2021-12-04 15:32
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