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what happened to nex?
South Africa CRMN1 
It's been 2+ years since he was last active on instagram and 1 1/2 on twitter. He completely vanished from the pro scene as well. Does anyone know what's up with this guy? Was just now re-watching the nex is full of sex clip, now I'm curious.
2021-12-04 07:39
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nexa > nex
2021-12-04 07:41
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South Africa CRMN1
but is nexa full of sex?
2021-12-04 07:46
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Yes look how handsome he is
2021-12-04 07:47
2021-12-04 08:01
-1 that is a lie
2021-12-04 07:55
Europe S0me_dude
Injury > kicked from big > retired
2021-12-04 07:41
South Africa CRMN1
don't wanna be making any comparisons but out of 2 players from the pro scene I followed that did the same, one of them ended up homeless living on the streets of a completely different country and with mental problems so i'm a bit apprehensive but hope hes alright
2021-12-04 07:45
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+1 I hope he is doing well, though he always seemed to be more of an introverted dude so it doesn’t surprise me that he isn’t active on social media after his pro career
2021-12-04 07:57
believed german cs wasnt good enough for him to come back retired
2021-12-04 07:56
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South Africa CRMN1
what is he doing tho thats the question
2021-12-04 15:26
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