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Latvia YungPan666 
Vitality vs G2 (5 star match, NiKo vs ZywOo, french derby, Upper Bracket final) - ESL B Stream Liquid vs NIP (2 star match, dead NA team, bot3tag, lower bracket) - ESL A Stream ???
2021-12-04 15:08
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Indonesia sTakaTaka
sweden production
2021-12-04 15:09
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The ESL Gaming GmbH, doing business as ESL, is a German esports organizer and production company that produces video game competitions worldwide.
2021-12-04 15:10
2021-12-04 15:10
2021-12-04 15:10
Sweden flippig
elimination match > upper bracket imo
2021-12-04 15:10
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Latvia LeeSsS
Vitality vs G2 tho
2021-12-04 15:19
Why does it matter? Only thing I can see as a downside is maybe worse casters and a tiny bit lower quality on the stream, but who cars.
2021-12-04 15:11
bro is for the views i think more people would like to see liquid vs nip than g2 vs vitality
2021-12-04 15:15
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