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people who call awp "op"
WolfY | 
United States Heatjkweird 
Just because a gun is better than another gun doesn't make it 'overpowered'. Awp is intended to be "op" and the most expensive gun. If you think there's a problem with there being one good sniper that costs the most money, I don't know what game you're playing. If awp is 'too op' or such a problem in the game how come theres so few teams with dedicated awpers? Case closed.
2021-12-05 03:34
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f0rest | 
Romania CSm1n
It is op. How do u call it? A v p?
2021-12-05 03:36
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2021-12-05 03:36
+1 true
2021-12-05 04:14
DD | 
United States breasts
eh we pee
2021-12-05 04:16
ah ve puu
2021-12-05 04:38
aye double you pee
2021-12-05 04:42
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ayy double the pee
2021-12-05 04:43
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2021-12-05 10:15
I call it sniper or binocular
2021-12-05 10:08
ay double OP
2021-12-05 13:18
Mongolia heedblank
nt but m249 is the most expensive gun
2021-12-05 04:08
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Japan Icebu
2021-12-05 04:09
just wait until ZywOo starts buying m249
2021-12-05 09:24
buy me an op i'll go for a pick i'll buy you a vandal
2021-12-05 04:13
People who say AWP is op probably don't play in higher ranks where AWP becomes completely obsoleted by spam or by guys with insane aim.
2021-12-05 04:16
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Namibia _aki
As a Rank G player awp is 100% op and getting rank g would’ve been harder as a full rifler
2021-12-05 09:16
only thing that counters awp is good utility useage, dont type if ur clueless pls
2021-12-05 09:36
i wanna know, do you say a - w - p or "op" because i say a w p a lot these days
2021-12-05 04:16
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I say awp not 'a double u p'
2021-12-05 04:25
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxyownz
so you agree that it's op right? so people who awp abuse should have their ratings nerfed, yes?
2021-12-05 04:18
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2021-12-05 04:38
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Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxyownz
2021-12-05 07:27
Namibia _aki
2021-12-05 09:17
I'm calling it op for 15years, because this is how it's called since I started playing in early cs series. Sometimes people said awm / magnum If I play with ruski, then I have to say "davay mnya avik blyat", +10 to blyatiness
2021-12-05 09:50
oh pe
2021-12-05 09:59
Morocco Snafuuu
mens drop awoope plz mens awope
2021-12-05 10:03
> so many teams without dedicated awpers > Two teams of the top 10, both of which are very likely making roster changes soon to get dedicated awpers because it's a clear gap in their play that is costing them games
2021-12-05 10:05
India skyl4rk
Awp A w p Op Oup Avp Sniper Operator Dats all what I have heard
2021-12-05 13:14
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