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Powerline adapter
United States 1for1discount 
Anyone using a powerline adapter ever had problems with csgo? Or even any other game like valorant?
2021-12-05 04:16
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2021-12-05 04:28
Powerline adapters are bad in general
2021-12-05 04:34
idk but bump
2021-12-05 04:45
Brazil MimAcher
Don't use this thing. Use a line filter.
2021-12-05 04:52
When I used one, I would get lag spikes all the time and my up/down speeds were reduced to like a third of what I was getting previously. I upgraded to a mesh network setup (w/ ethernet connection to the nodes) instead and it's way better, you can get the TP link one for ~100 USD on amazon
2021-12-05 05:03
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do you have a link? thank you for this information
2021-12-05 08:28
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Why don't you just use Ethernet?
2021-12-05 08:46
they were only ever good when wifi was complete and utter shit, they still have some use cases, but more than likely wifi will be better unless you cant be within 50 ft of the router, but you can use it. Probably does not make sense, just route an ethernet cable if you are in a house.
2021-12-05 08:45
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2021-12-06 00:19
Sweden wiz_jds
I've recently installed a Powerline Adapter for my PC, since I was having a lot of problems with wifi. So far I haven't noticed any problems, my internet runs fine and very stable. Keep in mind however that depending on your setup and electrical circuit, those Powerline adapters do tend to quite limit the speed of your connection (which is still fine for me cause we have 1000mbps down). Best option is surely just to get a LAN cable that runs from your router to your PC.
2021-12-05 09:23
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i would if that was an option. Ive had a powerline adapter for a while was just wondering how it fares with some people because ive been thinking of switching to something else like mesh wifi or such because ive had ping spikes since forever with mine.
2021-12-05 23:25
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it's probably the model or the cable. i got such a thing as well and it is working perfectly fine. at first i had insane lags, like input lags where the game would just freeze for some seconds and continue etc.. and that during an esea season.. xd upgraded the cable, resetted everything etc and it worked.
2021-12-05 23:34
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Thats what i figured but people on tomshardware were saying that it cant be the adapter because when pinging my router there was no loss or spikes but when pinging google servers there were lag spikes. could be the cables but i have switched between multiple cables so im not sure
2021-12-06 00:11
they have high jitter which is bad for gaming even though it was faster and had lower ping than what I used to play csgo, the jitter was too high and it was actually worse.
2021-12-05 23:27
Wifi 6 ax and it's basically like need for crappy Powerline.
2021-12-05 23:31
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is that a router or something i can buy?
2021-12-06 00:12
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It's the newest wifi standard.
2021-12-06 00:17
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I didnt know this was a thing turns out i have it in my laptop. Might have to get a wifi mesh or something so i can use this instead
2021-12-06 00:22
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If your laptop has it, thats already good. Now your Router needs to support the wifi standard too. Its far better than older standards, imo. I get full speed and +- same ping as with cable connected.
2021-12-06 11:18
Bulgaria KalzzGG
Powerline is an old technology nowadays, better to get a good wifi 6 card + wifi 6 router
2021-12-05 23:39
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2021-12-06 00:18
Australia bobolati
the one I use works just fine ez 30 ping to Sydney servers
2021-12-06 00:19
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which one od you have?
2021-12-06 01:05
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Why cant you use Ethernet cables?
2021-12-06 01:17
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Australia bobolati
some houses dont have easy access to ethernet meaning that power line can be the only solution to shit internet
2021-12-06 03:29
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i dont understand this. All the people who say "it looks weird running a cable alongside the walls" need to just try it for a few days. after a few days they wont even notice it anymore.
2021-12-06 09:12
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Australia bobolati
for some people the ethernet cable along the walls isnt feasible. for me, getting a cable long enough would cost too much and would need to be maintained but i can understand why its better for other people
2021-12-06 12:47
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Cost too much? Sorry but if 20-30euro is too much of an "investment" into having stable internet connection idk what to say .... "Maintained"? What.
2021-12-06 12:50
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Australia bobolati
for me to reliably have ethernet cables from my router to my room i would have to run the cable outside, to an extent. it would be exposed to the conditions, meaning i would have to maintain it to avoid replacement. powerline just becomes a much easier solution overtime
2021-12-06 13:55
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Why can't you run it inside?
2021-12-06 15:07
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Australia bobolati
not feasible
2021-12-07 02:53
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2021-12-07 06:19
Australia bobolati
tplink av600. cheap and easy to setup
2021-12-06 03:30
Portugal M4tr1k
I used to play with a powerline, it was horrible. Using ethernet cable from the powerline, I was having a lot of lag spikes in-game and when playing faceit, I had to always restart cs with clientport option. Since moving to ethernet from my router, I never had any problem.
2021-12-06 01:10
I use one and I dont have any issues with it, both in my old and new apartment it worked just fine
2021-12-06 01:23
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Which one is it
2021-12-06 07:04
I use one. It works just fine. Better than wifi
2021-12-06 01:26
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which one do you have
2021-12-06 07:03
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TP-Link AV1000
2021-12-07 02:48
I have one it works great no issues so far
2021-12-06 03:44
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which one?
2021-12-06 07:04
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ptp-link its just some generic amazon one.
2021-12-06 16:13
Used them for 15 years with no problems.
2021-12-06 07:06
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