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Good that FaZe lost
tarik | 
Canada Zenrod 
Hopefully this motivates them to make a roster change to replace olof, if not, then they should disband sooner rather than later.
2021-12-05 04:47
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2021-12-05 04:56
nah olof good
2021-12-05 04:59
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tarik | 
Canada Zenrod
I don't doubt that he is an extremely selfless individual who adds a lot to the team, which is clear as FaZe have been in the top 10 for the last 4.5 months. But it's clear that this FaZe roster has already peaked. It's time for olof to go.
2021-12-05 05:04
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i doubt that. olof still got the talent he had back in 2015. he just need to not choke on some situations. also faze tactic is a bit of easy to counter, as far as their opponent have good IGL/ in the top 15.
2021-12-05 05:13
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dude do you actually watch the games if you did you'd see how many scenarios where he just whiffs on free kills, the guy is done how hard is that for people to accept.
2021-12-05 05:16
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i still believe he can do better with the org. welp let see then shall we?
2021-12-05 06:31
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I really hope we won't see I want him to replaced so if we are seeing then that means no changes happened :/
2021-12-05 18:15
I agree, i think this is faze's limit, just a constant almost out of groups team or early playoffs exit team with occasional highs like cologne or a 3-0 at challengers stage major. They are the gatekeepers of the top ten where if you want to be worthy of top 10, you gotta get past faze. I don't think the lan buff is as effective anymore since a lot of teams have adjusted or shaken of the lan rust like liquid at blast upsetting nip and destroying astralis at iem winter. Or heroic proving their lan at blast and major. For this faze team to be an actual scary contender (the likes of heroic, gambit, virtus pro, vitality, g2 & navi) they need more consistency. Twistzz and broky are good so no complaints karrigan is their igl and occasioanly pops of so cant really get more out of him olof is very inconsistent but sets the vibe rain is the x factor and recently has been playing well Id say there isnt really much to add other than ropz for olof because rain is starting to get into foorm besides this iem winter but karrigan twistzz and broky is irreplacable This team is in a weird place, you don't want to change roster since trheir roles and players make sense but at the same time, if it makes sense why doenst it contend for titles but roster change can result in a key element lost like olof's experience personality. or rain's x factor peformance,
2021-12-05 05:36
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+1 Good summary of FaZe rn
2021-12-05 06:09
+1 tbh I'd say it wasn't as much that faze got a LAN buff as rain got one
2021-12-05 10:35
faze will NEVER win trophies with this lineup they need to replace olof asap if they want to contend
2021-12-05 18:19
2021-12-05 09:48
United States Waagz
Karagan has always talked well of Olof. I think he brings a lot to the team outside of the game that you cannot simply replace. Faze is doing well right now. I think as long as they stay in the top 10, they will not make any changes.
2021-12-05 05:07
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tarik | 
Canada Zenrod
No roster change is the worst decision FaZe could make rn. They are a consistent top 10 team with 3 inconsistent/washed players, this speaks volumes to FaZe's potential and capability as a team. I love olof, but it's clear that they need someone who can contribute inside of the server as much as outside.
2021-12-05 05:19
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Italy Skye620
#4 you're correct. Who can replace that? Answer is nobody at the moment and that's exactly why he is still on the team
2021-12-05 05:26
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Europe S0me_dude
nobody !? god sanji is free ! Bubzkji is waiting on bench !
2021-12-05 05:38
karrigan's interview on HLTV implied that olof improved the team chemistry, which I believe was the element that made FaZe better. This is why I think ropz is the perfect fit. karrigan has already played with ropz, so he knows how to use him, and ropz is young, so he could get along well with Twistzz and broky. So by adding ropz, they get a similar team chemistry and a massive upgrade in firepower.
2021-12-05 05:35
Portugal W!LDF1RE
Best players for that position are Perfecto, Interz and AmaneK. All not available rn
2021-12-05 10:06
U right and he is right too but man olof is his homie dont u tell me that u expect him to say olof is the problem or something like that Ik the synergy is so good specially out of the game but if you wanna be successful that thing is not the only factor
2021-12-05 09:51
they play to win the tournaments not to be top 10 team and be satisfied with it, even karrigan on instagram said that they have been disappointed with the results so roster change should come soon rather than later
2021-12-05 10:53
TaZ | 
Sweden Sneaken
Funny how these topics always arise when olof doesnt put up huge numbers.. I meant no offence but none of you guys would do better, most of you wouldn't even qualify to be a stand in at a semi pro showmatch. Yet your on HLTV making solutionstatements for PRO-level play.. it is hilarious. The game is not about stats, the sooner you realise this, the better your understanding of the game will get, alongside your own development as a player.
2021-12-05 05:42
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As I've said before in the other replies on this thread, I've no doubt that olof makes massive contributions outside of the server. However, he is a clear fragging liability and the number of times he whiffs free kills is painful. The only possible solution I see is adding ropz, as FaZe would keep a similar team chemistry and get an upgrade in firepower. Btw, you do realize HLTV forums a place for discussion right?
2021-12-05 05:50
Europe S0me_dude
No dude, in the end of the day this game is about stats, whoever wins more duels wins, Na'vi are top 1 because they have 4 good individuals while Faze only have 2. I'll give you recent example, look at VP which dropped bot sanji 0.9 and took good player Fl1t, insta good results. Another example, Xantares left and was replaced by 0.9 gade = BIG went from t1 to t2.
2021-12-05 05:58
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But FaZe replaced coldzera, who was arguably playing much better than olof was, and yet FaZe improved drastically.
2021-12-05 06:02
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Europe S0me_dude
They definitely improved with olof but coldzera played with karrigan only 3 months, not enough time to adjust everything under new igl, usually karrigan teams takes almost whole year to produce some results.
2021-12-05 06:09
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Maybe, but karrigan seemed to imply that cold was a bit egotistical, and took to much space in the team.
2021-12-05 07:24
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Russia ImprIM_7
Much agreed, + he was completely silent in voicecomms, just go to karrigan's yt channel and find faze's teamspeak records from march-april 2021, everything was speaking for itself
2021-12-05 09:38
TaZ | 
Sweden Sneaken
CSGO PRO level gameplay is nothing like a PUG. The game is NOT about stats, but rather fewest mistakes made. Sure it helps if all of your teammates put up the numbers, but they dont have to be. The game at this level, is Not about stats. Yet the community only looks at it this way. I'll give you an example.. Let say a player has 32 kills, within 2 or 3 rounds from winning the game, the same person over peeks and dies, Thus the game is lost. In the end who lost the game? Was it the guy on top with 32kills or the one at the bottom with 9? People tend to focus to much on stats and not mistakes. In fact at a pro level its more important not to commit to mistakes, and win the game, Than committing mistakes and loosing while killing 32 guys. In order to adapt to mistakes made, you'll have to work on them as a team. Acknowledge them, understand them, come up with a plan on how to eliminate them and then execute it as a team. This can not, nor will it ever be accoplished through rosterchanges. regardless wheter you are 18 or 35 years old, the best teamplay comes from experience, dedication, determination, adaption and chemistry. I come from a former professional career within esports and i know what i am talking about. criticism is good, but should always be constructivly giving and based in facts. What i am saying is, there is more to Pro level play, then just stats. Having said this, i agree there are plenty of youngsters that would be good options as replacements, however it is not needed atm. Quality, reliability, and consistency are made out of time and effort, which make a rosterchange contradictory unless there is an obvious issue within the construct of the team itself, which again there is not.
2021-12-05 09:53
United Kingdom 4ngu5
every1 forgetting FaZe Ropz?
2021-12-05 06:12
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2021-12-05 06:32
This is what scares me, if FaZe don’t manage to get ropz, then I don’t see them achieving anything.
2021-12-05 07:25
Yeah im just disappointed and hopeless
2021-12-05 09:52
I think they should disband later rather than sooner.
2021-12-05 09:52
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Good suggestion honestly Im just suffering nothing else
2021-12-05 09:58
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If they disband later than sooner, you're gonna be suffering for a long time, better to get it over with.
2021-12-05 10:03
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U might be right but actually im numb rn so idc
2021-12-05 10:45
Why delay the inevitable?
2021-12-05 10:04
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because of the memes, ofc.
2021-12-05 10:09
Europe JohnMurphy
Org doesnt care about results Changes not needed at all
2021-12-05 09:59
The only problem is that that's what everyone has been hoping after every early exit they've made since the Cologne run and they still haven't made any change. So at this point either they're waiting on/going for a specific player which is taking ages or they're just not gonna change and are happy coasting at rank 8-10
2021-12-05 10:01
Ukraine futplxyer
-karrigan -olof
2021-12-05 10:08
AZR | 
Australia nsmai
Depends what they want to accomplish as a team and they have to be realistic. Winning a title with this roster isn’t impossible but it’s not looking likely. Let alone winning more then 1 title. How hungry are these individuals for titles? Olof has done it all. This is why he has motivational issues. I think the org should bite the bullet and look at options like Ropz,Jks
2021-12-05 10:14
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I don't think olof's achievements were the cause of his motivational issues. His wrist injury screwed him over in 2018, and he was largely in and out of the team alot of the time. The online era also seemed to burn him out. As of now, I think olof is still motivated, as basically came out of retirement to help FaZe.
2021-12-05 10:21
They need to kick rain and olof. Rain always was and is key player but he is so inconsitent. He can play like god from different earth but usually in most important matches he is so inconsistent and doing nothing.
2021-12-05 10:25
Canada Pyxelated
If olof had the firepower honestly faze would be a top 3 team without a doubt. Unfortunetly olof only goes 2015 mode if he is playing lulquid ;(
2021-12-05 10:31
Long term, remember!
2021-12-05 10:33
Get Ropz Kick the 3 washed up beyond their good days oldies. Build around Broky, Twistzz and Ropz. Get some decent IGL and entry. EZ
2021-12-05 10:58
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