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if g2 win iem winter with kennyS
Wales LimGardz 
i'm sure someone is getting drop and replacing by kennyS
2021-12-06 04:57
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i arent think that
2021-12-06 04:58
Unfortunately kennyS will get stomped by Zywoo in grand finals.
2021-12-06 05:00
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zywoo is like kennyS 2.0 lmao carrying his team in his prime
2021-12-06 05:08
ZywOo | 
France Nwdn15
kenny is making a new French team with shox
2021-12-06 05:01
Asia M@GNU5
don't, don't jinx it. I've had enough ever since I said it to myself when G2 was 1 map away from winning Dreamhack Masters Spring in 2020
2021-12-06 05:06
nah no way they will keep kenny he just doesnt fit
2021-12-06 05:07
Actually, G2 plays badly against CIS teams, for some reason. They need Vitality to eliminate VP. That way they would have a better chance beating Vitality, than beating VP. Besides, I don't think kennyS stays with G2, even if they win this event. Nexa or AleksiB will come on the roster, and they'll need a consistent AWPer.
2021-12-06 05:20
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sexa > alexib
2021-12-06 05:30
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