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What if Vita wins? (dupreeh, Magisk)
ZywOo | 
Canada BayaGoodAdam 
If they win IEM Winter, do you think +dupreeh +magisk should still happen? If your team works, then should you really risk it and add 2 non-french players to the team instead? Perhaps they could bench Kyojin, because he is not a tier1 material atm, but benching a 2nd player might potentially ruin their team's chemistry. And Magisk and dupreeh are a package deal, so you can't really pick only one of them.
2021-12-06 05:29
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Europe bad_at_life
theyre not gonna beat navi either way
2021-12-06 05:30
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With Kyojin, no.
2021-12-06 05:34
Romania SanitySP
navi isnt at iem winter
2021-12-06 05:46
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United States post_poster
Navi IS at the other tournaments... And vitality wants to win those
2021-12-06 05:59
I think yes, +dupreeh +magik will happen.
2021-12-06 05:35
They thought about the changes prior to major I guess. So the changes are inevitable regardless of how well they do in IEM Winter and Blast world finals. Even if this team looks promising, dupreeh+magisk is a clear upgrade.
2021-12-06 05:38
ZywOo | 
France Nwdn15
Even if they won the major the roster move would still happen they said
2021-12-06 05:53
honestly I'd like to see what happened if they got amanek, jackz or any of the LDLC guys
2021-12-06 06:14
-Kyojin +Someone from LDLC / DBL Poney +Grind tier 2 / 3 tournaments to gain some more consistency. The only fix that would work.
2021-12-06 06:29
contracts are already signed per neL(french insider)
2021-12-06 06:47
Asia M@GNU5
either way win or not, it's inevitable
2021-12-06 06:51
United States Azaqa
Think they want to be the best, and unfortunately with bot kyojin they can't be the best. Plus shox is rumored to be close to a deal with liquid. I doubt it gets cancelled just because of 1 event with some dead teams and without NAVI.
2021-12-06 06:53
Romania wadd
If either g2 or vitality win they ll still make changes
2021-12-06 07:07
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g2 winning wont actually mean anything as far as their current roster plans go since they are using a stand in anyways, i mean its good for their confidence but it doesnt prove than their real 5 man lineup works so they will and should continue looking for changes to improve
2021-12-06 07:13
It will still happen, remember when c9 by fluke won Boston and then disbanded a week later. Zywoo isn't going to be capable of carrying the team everytime, when he has his down time someone needs to step up and the current line-up isn't capable of that.
2021-12-06 07:25
I really liked their style on D2 yesterday vs Gambit. Just straight in the face Counterstrike, not afraid of taking duels and they completely destroyed gambit. If the change with Dupreeh & Magisk comes I don‘t know what to expect of them. Still looks weird on paper to me to put in 2 or 3 Danes (Zonic) next to the frechmen. Will take a lot to bring this lineup into top5, they will drop off big times I assume.
2021-12-06 07:33
it will and should happen. vitality had pretty disappointing year and 1 tournament win(without navi) doesnt change that. kyojin isnt t1 material imo(at least for now) and shox just isnt reliable star player. he has almost all favourable roles and he just isnt able to perform consistently on good level. this team just lacks firepower, there isnt imo good option in french scene(maybe amanek if g2 will replace him but he isnt that firepower guy anyway) so going international sooner than later is way to go for vitality so zywoo can adapt on english speaking team and opportunity to have magisk, dupreeh and zonic for free is way too attractive to let it past bcs of 1 tournament win
2021-12-06 07:37
United States raymoney
Do I think they should change players? Yes. Do I think they should bring in the Danes? No. Bringing in a player like Magisk who likes to IGL and a coach like zonic will impede apEx's ability to call considering Danish players and French players have traditionally played very differently, and I can't see either side likely to switch styles to accommodate. In addition, comms may be a pretty big issue. Hopefully, this roster succeeds, but I can see a world in which it doesn't.
2021-12-06 07:44
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