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zywoo vs s1mple
WolfY | 
United States Heatjkweird 
I don't understand why it's a debate honestly. They are both good as fuck and s1mple even said zywoo is close to the same skill level. I'm sure both players respect eachother a lot. It's funny when people hate on them and argue over whos better. Remember there's always going to be a moron who thinks they have something meaningful to say. People argue about it because it's quite easy to make arguments on both sides since both players are phenomenal in many different ways. There is no contest between them. If you say they are equals some nerd will reply with some stat saying "this is why s1mple is better" or something but even if they arent equals they are damn near as close as you can get. They are both GOATS of cs. also the fact that Zywoo is only 21 years old and this good is really hopeful for cs overall. it's almost like people want there to be one player clearly better than the other. imagine how boring that would be. the fact theres another player even near the same level as s1mple makes the game 10x more exciting.
2021-12-06 06:45
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the thing is that s1mple used to be THE BEST, then Zywoo became THE BEST, and now s1mple is THE BEST again. the only esports athlete coming back to being THE BEST. When I say this, I mean of statistics and achievements in a season time.
2021-12-06 06:48
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Actually that's true for csgo. Cold had #1 in a row. But you never had a player coming back to claim that #1 again after losing it. I had no idea it was the first time in esports itself. Are you really sure about this? I hardly watch other esports. I do believe Zywoo has the potential for the aforementioned achievement. He has showed he got it with his peak, the only question here is whether he'll keep up the consistency. Some people ride off of the new god while disrespecting the older god who has been doing it for long. It's hard to not come across threads without disrespecting one or the other.
2021-12-06 07:44
United States Azaqa
Its always a thing in every sport and esport, fans love to argue whether their favorite best player is THE best etc. same for favorite teams. Just shut up everyone knows they're both gods that doesn't mean one can't be better than the other.
2021-12-06 06:49
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yeah like Messi vs Ronaldo
2021-12-06 07:02
still zywoo 0 major 0 grand slam
2021-12-06 06:57
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stay mad
2021-12-06 08:01
Europe S0me_dude
>They are both GOATS of cs. >Zywoo won 3 lans in his entire career and his peak is major quarter-finals Honestly, this isn't funny anymore, you guys put him among goats like s1mple, device and cold when Zywoo haven't won anything relevant yet and he can't even reach major semis xDDD
2021-12-06 06:58
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Europe gazxhe
2021-12-06 07:19
Would you have still said the same about s1mple with 0 major wins before pgl major? Reached the playoffs but never won when it mattered? You just pick the criteria when it favors s1mple
2021-12-06 07:42
true they're on the same level mechanically imo, only thing is s1mple has way more hours so he has a killer instinct and can read plays easily
2021-12-06 06:59
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Europe gazxhe
2021-12-06 07:20
define GOAT of CS. What makes a csgo player GOAT?
2021-12-06 07:05
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b1t | 
Greece Noocklas
Many mvps, majors, grand slam
2021-12-06 07:14
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and consistency too I think actually I wanted the guy who made the post to answer this as he said that both s1mple and zywoo is the GOAT of csgo GOAT greatest of all time --> time is important you cant be GOAT if you are in the t1 scene for 3 years s1mple has been at least top2 for 5 years and top4 and top8 before that and has many more trophies and mvps won. I think this year s1mple might have gotten the GOAT status zywoo needs to keep up his performance like he has now for some time so that he can be considered GOAT, also he needs a major too
2021-12-06 07:31
Russia Soawii
this will always be a thing. same as messi v ronaldo, and this is not bad most of the time
2021-12-06 07:39
I'd say they are both the 2 best players to ever touch the game, but I'd give an edge to s1mple for a lot of reasons. However, I don't think s1mple is the undisputed GOAT yet (my opinion). And ZywOo is not even in contention. Seriously, not even close. If anyone disagrees, write down the exact criteria for considering a team-based player as the greatest of all time. You'll yourself see how dumb you sound. This is not to say it can't change in the future. I'm talking about right now.
2021-12-06 08:03
Ain't reading that
2021-12-06 10:11
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