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NA talents
KoRn | 
Cuba Thuggin_Since_A_Jit 
So, if you a lil bit familiar with NA scene right now, team ATK from South Africa is playing in NA. Few weeks ago they picked up guy called Minus. I have watched some highlights in his twitter and definitely can say, that guy has a brain and playing pretty smart. Moreover, his mechanics are on the high lvl too. So, if oSee about to go the Liquid, it's nice decision for Extra Salt to pick Minus up, but if they want experienced guy like junior, BnB better to take Minus instead. tldr: Check out the guy called Minus. Next to blow up.
2021-12-06 07:40
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kYO | 
France J!n
2021-12-06 07:42
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Canada firtlast
if electronic was NAnese he’d be called 3lecktr0niQ or something
2021-12-06 07:53
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2021-12-06 08:52
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Canada firtlast
you think I don’t know the struggles of my own people?
2021-12-06 15:52
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Apparently the struggles of your own people is english grammar.
2021-12-07 06:14
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Canada firtlast
crikey mate who stuck the gecko in your ass
2021-12-07 06:38
Looks more russian than original nickname
2021-12-06 09:22
Finland Eestu
Thanks for making this thread; checked him out and will definitely keep an eye on him in the future.
2021-12-06 07:43
either way he will end up in valorant cuz NA players dont have mentality
2021-12-06 07:50
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But I don't understand the logic of it. The first guys, who started this Valo-Cs migration was guys like swag, that had no future in CS cause of the ban, then guys that had no org, but I don't understand those kids who is getting paid do that retirement
2021-12-06 08:02
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Sweden SamBbbb
Valorant new game, better offers in Valorant than CS
2021-12-06 08:12
United States hondayzx
because all the orgs pulled out of NA, so all the people in MDL or people at the tier3/4 level realistically wouldnt be able to climb to a liveable level. look at all the young valorant pros like s0m, asuna, or TenZ, and they didnt make it very far in CS, but now theyre considered among the best in valorant for NA.
2021-12-06 08:23
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kYO | 
France J!n
i think they would be considered one of the best if they switched to roblox cs too
2021-12-06 10:10
Nt minus
2021-12-06 08:09
ooh he looks good, ty mens
2021-12-06 08:10
None /closed
2021-12-06 08:38
why are you lying?
2021-12-06 08:39
highlights =/= proving skill
2021-12-06 08:43
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I mean how is he moving, what positions he is taking, not overpeeking, statistically he is well too
2021-12-06 09:44
Wolfy very talented, pick him up
2021-12-06 08:57
cynic, cxzi, bwills, infinite all better and more experienced
2021-12-06 10:14
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I mean, I agree, but not a lot of mens have heard of that guy that I'm talking about
2021-12-06 15:55
North America notawaffle
they are probably better, but none of those are true awpers
2021-12-07 06:42
British Virgin Islands Fingy123
Minus has lots of hype on him right now
2021-12-07 06:15
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British Virgin Islands Fingy123
Excited to see what happens
2021-12-07 06:16
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