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faceit enhancer
Europe DiVbAnG 
im using firefox and the faceit enhancer mod doesnt work for me at all. nothing changes....any ideas?
2021-12-07 03:12
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play matchmaking and you won't need faceit enhancer
2021-12-07 03:14
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play dust2 without prime
2021-12-07 03:17
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no thank you
2021-12-07 03:19
why you think prime will help you i dont know
2021-12-07 03:22
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less turks
2021-12-07 04:15
you have to go into the settings for faceit enhancer. in general, make sure it is on change the settings you want in appearance
2021-12-07 03:24
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Europe DiVbAnG
its definitely enabled but how do i get to settings?
2021-12-07 03:36
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click on it, then go to appearance. If you don't know how to click on an add on, I can't help you.
2021-12-07 06:11
Mongolia heedblank
why are you using firefox?
2021-12-07 05:01
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