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India pokedyo 
you think they can do something at blast tournament? flair checks out but i think they can exceed expectations, maybe not win tourney but still do good because theres nothing to lose
2021-12-07 06:31
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They could knock some teams.
2021-12-07 06:35
India pokedyo
2021-12-07 06:35
Probs the same thing as at Blast Fall Finals. Beat 1-2 teams and then lose
2021-12-07 06:36
they will reach finals like last time nvm that was global challenge
2021-12-07 06:43
Assuming the brackets are based on the BLAST world leaderboard, they will likely play NAVI in winners and either G2 or Vitality in losers. I doubt they'll manage to do anything here.
2021-12-07 07:00
Australia sh4ww
stewies already back in NA playing valulrant
2021-12-07 07:03
After they bomb out in the group stages Stewie will switch to valo the next day Ez money , ez life
2021-12-07 07:06
Europe JohnMurphy
yes they will be wonned
2021-12-07 07:06
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