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for help you in college or school
yuurih | 
Brazil chamanoxesque 
2021-12-08 02:29
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thx men!
2021-12-08 02:30
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Pomodoro Technique helped me a lot in statistics and econometrics.
2021-12-08 02:31
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obrigado amigo! its not always ez to study
2021-12-08 02:46
Ukraine Slavv_Boss
I have heard about this technique, and I heard its working very well. But i will be slacking off even after those 5 mins... :(
2021-12-08 02:34
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You need more focus and consistency, it takes time, but there are many ways to improve it.
2021-12-08 03:52
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Ukraine Slavv_Boss
No, I’m just addicted to hltv. And maybe twitter. If those 2 are deleted from existence, I would nail everything. Now jokes aside, I’m just generally lazy. For me the hardest thing is to start, once I start I go till the end. But for the to start is the problem. Also I don’t usually like taking breaks, it kinda fucks me up a bit
2021-12-08 04:18
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not a joke just delete twiiter mens)))
2021-12-08 05:59
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Ukraine Slavv_Boss
I would, but there are so many good memes :( I cannot miss those.
2021-12-08 11:19
Egypt BomberMan_
interesting I will try this at some point
2021-12-08 02:47
what am i supposed to do in those 5 mins? it takes me even more time just to get comfy and find something to watch
2021-12-08 03:57
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fap, idk. just relax, I listen musics (like and close my eyes.
2021-12-08 04:28
Sounds like a cig break every 25 min I did @ the library no wonder StrraightA'zz
2021-12-08 03:57
Poland Neo[T]orius
I want pomodoro sauce
2021-12-08 04:04
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me too
2021-12-08 05:49
Does this actually helps or it's just another cope mechanism for the dumb(myself included)?
2021-12-08 11:26
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