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Why doesnt NA give youngsters chances
United States Haydog322 
Na seems to have a problem now like the French do of never wanting to call up younger players. In the early days we had stewie and tarik but lately seems like NA just wants to recycle its old players like stain. When TL need a awp IGL, vanity was playing well on chaos and was playing AWP IGl, but instead got a washed fallen. TL is looking at shox for a lurk,support,hybrid when NA has fang or vini who could fill that role. Why is NA so hesitate is investing in younger talents. Seems like Tenz and zellis where the last two up and comers who were given a real tier 1 chance. Maybe Obo, but he joined a teir 2 COL that was converted into a tier 1 team with EU imports. EU give youngs chances all the time with Bymas,spinx,flamez,yenk, mezzi all being picked up. discuss
2021-12-08 22:27
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because all zoomers have no brain and will get bored of any game without 28592340534279 abilities
2021-12-08 23:45
cause either they don't exist (the game is dead in NA) or the ones who exist are matchfixers or have bad discipline
2021-12-08 23:47
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sh1ro | 
Namibia _aki
2021-12-08 23:48
2021-12-08 23:56
torzsi | 
Hungary anw_
2021-12-09 02:29
The game isn’t really “dead” there are still a shit ton of players that play. Obviously some of the bigger names in the scene switched to Valorant obviously. But there are still a lot of players with potential, it’s just new players no one has heard of. But the tier level of players between t2-t3 is pretty big. Extra Salt compared to other teams in premier and especially adv teams are just another level.
2021-12-09 02:34
anjing | 
Indonesia Fazaa
Same reason that french cs keep recycling players. The tier 1 scene just gatekeep the scene to themself
2021-12-08 23:48
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Exactly. NA CS created a bubble for itself and it’s just the same players cycling between rosters and when Valorant came out it just fucked the scene along with Covid because all the new players never had the opportunity and experience before that.
2021-12-09 02:36
Turkey rs6a
no scene in NA, everyone fucked off to valorant
2021-12-08 23:54
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More of the more known players in the NA scene switched. There is still plenty of talent but they are all newcomers. The NA cs scene before Valorant came out created a bubble for itself where it’s just constantly cycling between the same players. No new players were given a chance till now. Just everyone is behind now because lack of experience.
2021-12-09 02:41
Well, same reason as in french scene - difference between tier 1 and subtop is so large that youngsters need too much time to grow up, and big orgs don't want to wait for them
2021-12-08 23:56
Because there are no worthy youngsters. The NA Scene is laughable, imagine taking a "youngster" to T1 tourneys in Europe. It'll be a massacre and you cant develop good players in NA because no good opponents
2021-12-08 23:58
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Sweden scene is laughable as well.
2021-12-09 02:37
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At least we have NIP and success in the past. Canada has 2 players EDIT: Make it four actually, stevenson was pretty good back in the day but that was before your time. EG and DZ were jokes back then. Shaguar was a beast too
2021-12-09 07:46
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I was joking. I just found it ironic when you said NA scene is laughable when the Swedish scene isn’t so hot right now. NA CS is in a rebuilding phase. Valorant didn’t help but Covid fucked it more than Valorant imo. Cs needs NA in the long run
2021-12-09 11:31
probably no talents in NA
2021-12-08 23:59
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Peru has toritow0w
2021-12-09 02:42
Turkey turkfx
There are a lot of young players in the scene in Advanced and premier level. But hard to break out above it since there are 2-3 teams competing highest level.
2021-12-09 00:08
United States Waagz
idk. I feel like the US only has a couple of tier 1 teams, liquid, and EG. I think liquid is getting Osee and maybe floppy if we are lucking. But otherwise, there is no other tier-one teams to build. Some of the 'old' US players are still so much better than the tier 2 players right now that you just have to recycle.
2021-12-09 02:34
Zulu | 
Uganda DRM7MD
Because all NA kids are playing POGGERS games like fortnite and roblox, and new games like valorant.
2021-12-09 02:37
1500km to go to a lan is impossible to keep up. USA is HUGE and you dont have other choices than to go by car or planes. Not enough org willing to spend on that. Professionnal gaming is not considered a career possibility in America, so very few are the parents willing to help on that and with how much the education cost, studying and working is much more important. With all the time it takes, the travel expenses and the lack of financial support, you only get a few good player with the potential and the resources to do it. As long as orgs dont get serious about that, NA cs is doomed.
2021-12-09 02:47
NA not willing to take financial risks
2021-12-09 02:48
Heres how i think we can fix NA faster/more efficiently. Orgs dont want to shell out as much money since its a "risk". the easiest fix is to offer a lower salary. in truth, we dont need to be paid exorbitant amounts of money, just enough to live off of/pay rent. with that, more orgs can enter back in. the orgs can then spend more on accommodations (ie paying for travel to EU). more orgs means more teams to have a shot, more teams means more and better talent to be thrust into the limelight. once this happens, thats when NA can truly be healed and put back on top.
2021-12-09 03:03
I looked into starting a esports club for csgo in 2013 in Montreal but mon francais n'est pas bon and most NA events are in USA :(
2021-12-09 11:44
Europe S0me_dude
Because currently NA have no talents, any NA t1.5-2 team that came to EU in last 2 years have been annihilated by T2-3 EU. Let's look at recent NA guys who had opportunity to play at t1 - Furia took 1.30 junior and look what happened to him, 0.92 omegalul; 17y Obo fucked up complexity hardly because he wanted to see his family; Grim 1.26 in Triump, 0.98 in Liquid (I know he has different role in Liquid but who cares); Also orgs are not taking risks anymore.
2021-12-09 11:55
NA has no young talents and no orgs willing to develop them
2021-12-09 11:54
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