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How do you find csgo?
trace | 
Indonesia wakemeupwhenniveratop30 
I found it when I was playing a pirated version of cs1.6 and searched up counter strike
2021-12-09 10:38
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2021-12-09 10:38
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Netherlands arTvamp
Played cs1.6 back then and hldm. Missed source. Came back when i saw the arena's of 2014 on stream and got curious to csgo. Played it ever since. Basically I was searching for another good fps ever since hldm community died out due to cheaters ruining the game and community. There was also painkiller, doom and new quake inbetween but I didnt get the chance to really play them. Life . Work, gf, friends, daughter born.
2021-12-09 12:11
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Ok thanks for info
2021-12-09 13:02
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Netherlands arTvamp
Ok np
2021-12-09 15:47
playing CS since 1.5
2021-12-09 10:38
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Veri nice
2021-12-09 10:39
Latvia heywire
hmm my source team wanted to play csgo instead of source.
2021-12-09 10:39
India Lunat1c777
My cousin played it, so naturally I also liked it
2021-12-09 10:39
German youtuber made cod commentaries and collabed with bibanator who used CSGO gameplay. Had to be late 2013 or very early 2014.
2021-12-09 10:41
A friend gave it to me.
2021-12-09 10:41
Sweden SamBbbb
When I got my first decent computer. I knew my cousins had played a lot in 2015/2016 and I really liked Shroud when I discovered CS. I got it when it became free and played like only 20 hours, but last year I have started to play a lot.
2021-12-09 10:43
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What do you think about shroud now?
2021-12-09 10:51
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Not the guy you responded to but what does it matter?
2021-12-09 11:37
Played 1.6 and it was on sale for like 3€ over Christmas so I bought it.
2021-12-09 10:43
Heard about it from the owner of a 1.6 pub server where I was an admin. He tried the beta version in late 2011 and told us it was shit.
2021-12-09 10:44
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Yes beta version csgo is basically reskinned csgo source but with very clunky animations lol even cs1. 6 's animation feels smoother
2021-12-09 10:52
the beta was so crap it was dramatic
2021-12-09 10:55
olofboost got me to do csgo but i was already familiar with cs from my neighboor playing it back in 2007
2021-12-09 10:46
Hungary szia
2014 when I was seeing all the csgo trades on tf2outpost and lots of my friends were playing. i decided to check it out
2021-12-09 10:47
Sweden Barbarozza
When it released on Steam, but didn't buy it until 2014. Played pirated version of it instead.
2021-12-09 10:48
Internet cafes were popular, and the 1.6 was the hood’s favorite to play.
2021-12-09 10:50
Europe nikyyy
I was playing 1.6 and two players in the server talked about their ranks.
2021-12-09 10:51
United States AnnCoulter
I was really into PUBG so I went to IEM Oakland in 2017 with a friend who was into CS. I went to watch PUBG but it was so boring so we watched CS on the other side of the arena. It was crazy. So hype and we got some beers and watched video games in a roaring crowd. It was awesome. I remember watching NIP win and I remember all the hype about REZ. So I started playing that night after the final. I'm a little new by most of your standards but yea, I'm 1400 hours in and REZ is still one of my favorite players.
2021-12-09 10:54
Asia M@GNU5
2021-12-09 10:55
anomalys unboxing videos from 2015
2021-12-09 11:05
When I got my new laptop in 2018
2021-12-09 11:07
Europe JohnMurphy
december 2012 my friend asked if i remember our 1.6 times i said yes and then he told me that they made new cs game which i b ought later that day
2021-12-09 11:09
By playing 1.6
2021-12-09 11:13
Sweden frizzahh
Found it on Xbox 360 games and then started to play on pc
2021-12-09 11:14
Poland english
2021-12-09 11:22
I found about 1.6 really really late(in 2011), from my elder brother. He used to play lan with his friends in college, asked me to try this game. After being hooked for two years he told me there's a new version of the game. I only tried a pirated version and didn't like it so I kept playing 1.6 till 2014 and finally bought csgo in the end of 2014. I miss that time mannn, i had zero social life before csgo, but then I met some really cool people who happened to live close to me. I made a lot of memories with them and now I am at the same point of my life where i'm all by myself. Sorry guys for the paragraph, I just woke up sad today and this post just hit me hard for some reason.
2021-12-09 11:24
i didnt find csgo so far
2021-12-09 11:27
Playing 1.6 since 2008, it was only natural
2021-12-09 11:29
Europe S0me_dude
My friend from the school offered to play csgo in winter of 2013 so I bough it.
2021-12-09 11:29
I go to my steam platform and find it in the library, then click 'play'
2021-12-09 11:30
I have shortcut on my computer. I Just click and then its there..
2021-12-09 11:42
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+1 me too
2021-12-09 12:19
Other Zollbit
Only played Minecraft and flash games till I was 16. Some class mates told me to get csgo. Got vac banned before I got a rank because I had cheat engine running.
2021-12-09 11:45
Played offline vs bots at a friends house at the age of 10 (in 1999)
2021-12-09 11:45
on steam
2021-12-09 11:48
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Netherlands arTvamp
+1 xD
2021-12-09 12:13
United States EDBX
Saw a girl playing CS in an internet cafe and I asked if I could join her.
2021-12-09 11:50
I found it when I was playing a pirated version of cs1.6 and searched up counter strike
2021-12-09 12:16
DG | 
Spain 1sleep23
my friend had a tf2 hat but im more of a knife guy
2021-12-09 12:16
2021-12-09 12:17
Poland Fealis_
Played CS 1.6 for a long time and we were excited asf with friends when valve released CS:GO. It was just a big news for any CS player. I remember asking a friend to buy CS on steam for me because I didn't have a bank account (I was like 13-14 back then)
2021-12-09 12:18
India Kiyago
I didnt come from CS 1.6 or anything. but I did play Tf2.Around 2015 I was into knifing opponents in fps games. SO I searched knife kills and csgo showed up. FIrst clip I saw was kennyS knifing guardian. And thats how I found out about CSGO. Saw Envyus vs Fnatic(didnt understand anything but I could understand when someone died or when kenny flicked soo). I entered the game by watching the esports first
2021-12-09 12:29
was in 7th grade in 2015 and everyone was playing cs here then, even my teacher used to flex he was global. so bought it bc everyone was playing it but only played like 50 hours, then i started playing again in april 2019 bc of anomaly now ive wasted 4k hours in 3 years gg
2021-12-09 13:09
Chile jotler
my sister teached me
2021-12-09 15:55
winter sale 2014
2021-12-09 15:57
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