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Overpass Smokes
Australia B_Tannen Here are some 128 tick Overpass smokes. I hope the video is helpful.
2022-01-15 16:15
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smokes are useless in this meta because you'll be spammed by m4a1-s abuser anyway
2022-01-15 16:17
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They are still usefull on CT side.
2022-01-15 16:19
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Australia B_Tannen
I find most of these useful on T side.
2022-01-16 16:51
Ukraine Loomian
2022-01-15 16:21
Australia B_Tannen
You can spam with any guns.
2022-01-15 16:30
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but you can't shoot back aganist m4a1-s (no bullet trails = you can't guess where is your enemy)
2022-01-15 16:34
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Australia B_Tannen
Good thing you can prefire common spots, or swing and trade. Also you can force people out of position with molotovs and push smokes with flashbangs. “m4a1-s abusers” won’t kill you while blind and burning, or you trade 1 for 1 which is a success.
2022-01-15 16:42
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remember that 1 for 1 is a success only for terrorist
2022-01-15 16:43
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Australia B_Tannen
I was referring to your context about getting spammed through smokes by m4a1-s abusers. And this usually happens on T side when it does.
2022-01-15 16:59
nafany | 
Sweden hoey
the bank smoke is bad since its way too deep and CTs could play ahead of it with an awp for example and then just run into the smoke to escape and you are standing in a very open spot when throwing it, you would likely die 9/10 times whilst lining that up there. the left side site smoke is also lined up in the open. the stairs smoke is also bad since the CT can push through it and get to truck immediately since its way too shallow. the bridge smoke on B is also bad since the CT will use it to play on the site box and oneway. the resmokes from A site to short are also pretty useless
2022-01-15 16:54
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the story of my life is actually pretty interesting
2022-01-15 17:05
Australia B_Tannen
Typically people throw the smokes in combination with each other and they work better.
2022-01-15 17:09
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