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top 10 rosters of all time (one per team)
Sweden captaingurgo 
1. dev1ce, dupreeh, gla1ve, xyp9x and magisk (3 majors, 13 big lan event trophies, 4 big lan event 2nd places, 9 big event top 4s, 3 big online trophies, 2 big online 2nd places.). 2. olofmeister, jw, flusha, krimz and pronax (2 major titles, 1 big lan trophy, 11 other lan trophies, 5 lan 2nd places, 7 lan top 4s). would've lasted longer if the lineup stayed together. Sure dennis brought short term success but it led to the eventual collapse 3. GeT_RiGhT, F0rest, xizt, friberg and fifflaren (1 major, 4 big lan trophies, 2 major grand finals, 14 smaller lan trophies, 5 lan grand finals). really tight but they narrowly lost due to smaller competition. 4. Fallen, fer, coldzera, taco and fnx(2 major titles, 1 big lan event trophy, 5 big lan events grand finals, 4 big lan event top 4s). not an era but fantastic team nontheless. 5. S1mple, electronic, b1t, perfecto, boombl4 (1 major, 3 big lan trophies, 3 big online trophies, 2 big online trophies). probably passing the lg/sk squad soon. Depends on how long the big spenders take to catch up. 6. nitr0, elige, naf, twistzz and stewie2k (7 big event lan titles , 1 big event lan 2nd place, 2 smaller lan 2nd places, 1 big event lan top 4). shame astralis went on vacation and didn't come back in relevant form until the major. 7. karrigan, NiKo, rain, olofmeister, guardian (4 big event lan trophies, 4 big event lan 2nd places including a major grand final, 2 big event lan 3-4th). imagine if they won those 4 grand finals they really should've. 8. hobbit, sh1ro, ax1le, nafany and interz (5 big online trophies, 2 smaller online trophies, 3 big online finals, 1 online grand final and 1 major top 4). shame they never truly showed up on lan. 9. zywoo, shox, apEX, rpk, nivera and misutaa (2 big online trophies, 1st in the fall blast groups, 4 big online 2nd places and 2 big online tournament top 4s). Shame this roster broke apart so fast. kyojin was such a massive downgrade 10. kennys, shox, nbk, apEX, bodyy - 2 big event lan trophies, 1 other lan trophy and 1 big event top 3. I'm putting them here because honestly, they were mad underachievers for the performances they put up. They always beat sk and put up a great fight against any other opponents but kept underachieving despite good overall showings. similar to karrigan's mousesports.
2022-01-19 02:43
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[honourable mentions] - - probably should be the number 10 tbh, karrigan's mouz, envy/ldlc of shox, happy, kioshima, nbk and smithzz
2022-01-19 02:45
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
was gonna mention vp. Only argument against it is compared to how long they were together they didnt win that much. still deserves #10 great post otherwise. very unbiased, and very accurate.
2022-01-19 03:02
Fair list honestly, a bit of swedish bias seeping through but you know
2022-01-19 02:48
5 replies
swedes won a lot more so makes sense
2022-01-19 02:54
3 replies
name checks out XD
2022-01-19 02:58
2 replies
doesn;t change the fact that they dominated the first few years of csgo
2022-01-19 11:00
1 reply
not saying otherwise :DD
2022-01-20 06:59
I don't think so, in the early days cs was completely dominated by swedes so the list makes sense.
2022-01-19 12:03
grr how dare you list their achievements and reasons on how you would rank them grr how am i supposed to flame this now grr
2022-01-19 02:49
2 replies
2022-01-19 03:07
hahah, very rare indeed to see a thread were one's opinion is reasoned.
2022-01-19 12:05
United States Azaqa
ok current navi being #5 is just ridiculous, its really likely they will deserve that spot soon but they just don't deserve it yet. Also IMO gambit just really don't belong here... if they win some more events then sure but all they did is win 50% of the online events and then flop when lan came back
2022-01-19 02:50
8 replies
+1 envy, ldlc and vp before navi and gambit. but navi should be somewhere on the list, one more major and they are top2/3 teams of all time.
2022-01-19 03:04
7 replies
does winning really count if JW is not playing? no i dont think
2022-01-19 03:11
No, they won't be, with 1 more major they will still have less achievments than NIP/Fnc Right now I'd put them even below liquid even tho they don't have major
2022-01-19 03:14
5 replies
Below liquid 2019??? Navi 2021 is better than liquid 2019
2022-01-19 11:44
4 replies
In terms of achievments? Imo no, they are below cuz navi did half of wins online.
2022-01-19 11:59
3 replies
Navi literally have IGS and major How the fuck liquid above navi???
2022-01-19 12:02
2 replies
Longer period of dominance
2022-01-19 12:19
Liquid have IGS too????????? And I literally mentionted that liquid doesn't have major They achieved all on lan, that's why I'd put them above navi
2022-01-19 12:23
Canada Zenrod
Dam, only 1 international team in that list.
2022-01-19 02:52
Japan Arifureta
gambit there kek
2022-01-19 02:56
Having Gambit and Vitality but not VP’s Golden Five is wild to me
2022-01-19 02:59
1 reply
man, it seems like the gold vp lineup was 20 years ago, sad
2022-01-19 11:07
virtus pro, 2018 mouz, faze, ldlc, envy, fnatic with dennis even
2022-01-19 03:05
i think 2015 envy should be top 6-7
2022-01-19 03:07
1 reply
It's my favourite lineup but it only won a few events and had a small period of being really good. It collapsed quickly afterwards
2022-01-19 03:31
GeT_RiGhT, F0rest, xizt, friberg and fifflaren as a third when cs was just beginning to crawl. Also having there gambit and Vitality over old envy and vp means u are either newbie or do not remember the past
2022-01-19 03:08
4 replies
Gambit and vitality were more consistent in a more competitive era.
2022-01-19 03:31
3 replies
VP finished 1st, 5th-8th, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 5th-8th, 5th-8th, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, in consecutive majors, and they been to every major that was played when the Golden Five played for VP. That’s 7/10 times they at least made the semifinals of a Major over that period. And that’s just their achievements at Majors. And all of those placements occurred during the time of OG NiP, both versions of Fnatic, VeryGames, Envy, near the end, Astralis and Liquid. To put Vitality, an actually very inconsistent team, and Gambit, a team that’s only existed for a year, above the likes of VP seems crazy to me.
2022-01-19 05:12
1 reply
I was referring to envy there. I have already acknowledged vp a number of times already
2022-01-19 10:26
yeah "they were more consistent in a more competetive era" meanwhile u are placing 2013/2014 nip as a third best ever team to touch this game when 3/4 of GODLIKE pros were nowhere near in a scene LMAO. This list is biased that's all i'm gonna say. Have a nice day
2022-01-19 13:11
how are gambit on the list? how are vitality on the list?
2022-01-19 03:12
2 replies
Over whom exactly? Only vp makes sense to me
2022-01-19 03:35
1 reply
mouz 2018
2022-01-19 14:06
Tried to sneak in gambit hmm?
2022-01-19 03:15
United States gweees
-G2 -Vitality -Gambit +envy +C9 2018 +Polish VP
2022-01-19 03:16
1 reply
C9 is just stupid and you know it bro. G2>envy. Yeah polish vp over g2 I guess.
2022-01-19 03:32
Australia opzy
VP has to be there. Just from majors, 1 win, 1 2nd place, 5 3/4th
2022-01-19 03:16
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb
how fnatic dennis squad, EnvyUS squad, VP squad didn't even make the list.???? Only this gambit won that is worth is katowice online and vitality never won an elite event like majors,katos etc. and LLDC or EnvyUS squad is better that that G2 squad lol
2022-01-19 03:19
United States TARIK_GOAT
no roster with TARIK
2022-01-19 03:21
1 reply
Tarik content goat
2022-01-19 12:05
no vp T_T but good list
2022-01-19 03:35
Polish Virtus pro deserves a spot, so does Envy Us/Titan/Very games with Happy, Shox, KennyS in the roster. This post may have recency bias.
2022-01-19 05:20
2 replies
Tell me one specific titan roster that was consistently good/won a lot. Same with envy. Verygames was briefly number 1 in a far weaker climate
2022-01-19 10:23
1 reply
They won major, 2 majors if I am not wrong.
2022-01-19 11:58
i think the old LG/SK lineup should be in third or second
2022-01-19 11:04
It still hurts thinking about Faze and those losses
2022-01-19 11:10
Jame | 
France masnoi
2022-01-19 11:43
Jame | 
France masnoi
actually Vitality is nowhere top in „top rosters” ranking,every lineup on this list is a real deal, very well working teams with stars and personalities. Astralis never was a one man army, neither SK, Fnatic, NIP and nor s1mple’s NaVi, and Vitality is, its one hypercarry zywoo and 4 guys who struggle to put up a 1.00+ rating, futhermore, the Vitality lineup is making roster changes atleast two times per year. There is completely no way to sneak Vitality into this ranking
2022-01-19 11:52
Don't know if pre-2016 teams would stand a chance against tier 2 today
2022-01-19 11:56
Jame | 
France masnoi
1.Astralis 2.Fnatic 3.SK/Luminosity 4.Ninjas in Pyjamas 6.NaVi 7.FaZe Clan 8.Fnatic with Dennis 9.Team Liquid 10.Team EnVyUs
2022-01-19 11:57
2 replies
Brazil ShalkanG
much better
2022-01-19 12:39
Envy us/ldlc, the roster with happy, shox, Kenny at the core, won 2 majors I guess, so should be 6-7, rest all good.
2022-01-19 14:11
You forgot to mention Intel Grand Slam for Liquid, Astralis and NaVi peepoH
2022-01-19 12:02
Not bad list But there are no Cloud9 (major roster), mouz 2018, LDLC 2014, Polish VP, Envy 2015; and Vitality are too high
2022-01-19 12:10
England DB_R20
1) prime astralis 2) prime fnatic 3) current Na'Vi 4) NiP 5) SK 6) Team Liquid 7) Mouz (end of 2019) 8)Pasha VP 9) Current gambit 10) major winning gambit
2022-01-19 12:07
+1 Not sure about Vitality, replace with classic VP, but very nice and informed list men
2022-01-19 12:14
Finland DTeeVee
1. Astralis 2018-2021 (device, dupreeh, Xyp9x, Magisk and gla1ve) 2. fnatic 2014-2015 (olofmeister, flusha, KRIMZ, JW and pronax) 3. Natus Vincere 2021-present (s1mple, electronic, B1T, Perfecto and Boombl4) 4. NiP 2012-2014 (GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Xizt, friberg and fifflaren) 5. LG/SK 2015-2016 (FalleN, fer coldzera, fnx and TACO) 6. 2013-2018 (Snax, NEO, TaZ, pashaBiceps and byali) 7. LDLC/EnVyUs 2014-2015 (Happy, shox, NBK-, SmithZz and kioShiMa) 8. Liquid 2019-2020 (EliGe, Twistzz, NAF, Stewie2k and nitr0) 9. Astralis 2016-2018 (device, dupreeh, Xyp9x, gla1ve and Kjaerbye) 10. FaZe 2017-2018 (NiKo, rain, GuardiaN, karrigan, olofmeister)
2022-01-19 12:15
1 reply
Europe _pedrin
Very good list
2022-01-19 12:47
2022-01-19 12:16
Estonia Naaputon
Accually a really good list and you posted you reasoning behind the ranking. Overall good post +1
2022-01-19 12:40
NiP 2 majors grand finals? LUL it is 4 or 5 if i'm not mistaken
2022-01-19 13:13
1 reply
Only the first 3 were the same lineup. The following two were with maikelele and allu respectively
2022-01-19 17:35
CIS elefiveS
you just give a ''honourable mentions'' to VP? 0/8 list
2022-01-19 13:17
Bahamas Jam18
Seeing Nivera on ur vitality list hurts my soul. 6/8
2022-01-20 07:04
Astralis Fnatic 2015 Nip 2014 Lg Liquid 2019 Navi current Fnatic with Dennis Faze clan in 2017 18 Astralis with kjaerbye Vp Sk with boltz Sk with felps
2022-01-20 07:18
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