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CIS carnivoorecs 
hello mens my fantasy draft updated over night and no more fnatic to find on MALTA VIBES KNOCKOUT SERIES 5, anyone knows what happened?
2022-01-20 07:57
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2022-01-20 08:15
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2022-01-20 08:16
wtf same had mezii and brollan and now i got fashr and mankz?
2022-01-20 08:19
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Fnatic withdrawn from this event and replaced by ECStatic
2022-01-20 08:19
Not a downgrade tho Imagine someone paid 234k for smooya and got Wolfy with 1,10 rating
2022-01-23 11:52
You got FASHR, new best pick now Fnatic is gone
2022-01-23 11:54
Ok so instead of KRIMZ and Brollan I have Daffu and maNkz? Not a deal I would agree with tbh.
2022-01-20 08:20
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Other 88MPH
Settings -> Edit Lineup
2022-01-22 04:08
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It's live already :(
2022-01-23 11:36
Korea mercvry
Yo, better get FASHR. He is FLYING right now..
2022-01-22 15:38
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It's live already :(
2022-01-23 11:37
Whos that
2022-01-20 08:21
yeah I realised that ecstatic replaced them, too bad I couldnt edit my team on hltv mobile browser this morning as there is no settings in fantasy tab.. now I'm stuck with mankz and birdfromsky who will most likely lose to k23...
2022-01-23 11:40
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Czech Republic forseti12
Use Firefox it you ever need the desktop version of some site on mobile phone, they have a feature for that.
2022-01-23 12:01
Israel who_asked
I head the same problem, it was some bug I guess and I'm glad that I noticed it. Firstly I had just Fnatic and picked their players, and when I bought that team, all my Fnatic players got changed to ecstatic but still as a part of fnatic and for the same price lmao (birdfromsky for $230k in the price of smooya wtf). But after a couple of f5 refreshes, ecstatic roster appeared
2022-01-23 11:45
Lol i just realised that i have birdfromsky in my fantasy))).
2022-01-23 11:45
I forgot to make fantasy
2022-01-23 11:50
so instead of smooya and krimz i got wolfy and daffu... nice
2022-01-23 11:51
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I got BIRD FROM SKY!!!! lol
2022-01-23 11:52
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ahahahah this is both hilarious and sad at the same time
2022-01-23 11:56
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i hope he will cheat otherwise it's gg My team looks so weird now
2022-01-23 12:00
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man you have a lot of faith in 1 win that's some big balls this is mine lol
2022-01-23 12:34
3 replies
Wolfy instead of smooya? You actually got robbed so hard(((
2022-01-23 12:40
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i was actually confident i would get a good placing on this fantasy, but now? top 50% would be great lmfao
2022-01-23 12:53
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I was very confident about my Funspark fantasy and currently i'm top 68% xd Not a best way to start fantasy.
2022-01-23 12:57
Well 234,000 for wolfy is truly not worth it but ecstatic is a great team and can surely win the event
2022-01-23 13:13
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