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HLTV ranking logic
smooya | 
Europe Fatalist 
Guys, I want to understand what logic hltv is still guided by. Sh1ro top 4, right? Mainly because low impact = rating in big matches + LAN. Niko, without a single MVP with an excellent rating in both categories = top 3. Then why is electronic top 7 hltv, when he has 1.22 raiting in all the most important matches + LAN this year, and Ax1le has 1.14 and he is top 5? MVPs don't solve anything, otherwise sh1ro would be top 3 with his record for personal awards this year. So, why electronic top 7 if you focus on these factors? It seems to me hltv contradict themselves in this case.
2022-01-20 16:38
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Choko zero achievement, lost to mad lions and 0-5 in EPL - #3 200 iq logic
2022-01-20 16:41
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Individually, Niko had a good year. However, whether he deserved the top 3 is of course very controversial, rather not. Well, if there is an argument in favor of rating in important matches, then in the case of electronic, I don't quite understand why.
2022-01-20 16:46
Egypt BomberMan_
dont think too hard about it. This logic is 100x better than in the past where they overrated team achievements way way too much.
2022-01-20 16:41
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
The gap of statistics between NiKo and sh1ro was greater than that of Electronic's to Ax1Le/Hobbit; so the rankings make sense to have Electronic 7th and NiKo 4th in terms of raw statistics given how Electronic suffered for the first half of 2021 and Gambit players absolutely did not. NiKo was a god throughout the entire year and sh1ro only hard-carried Gambit towards the end of the year when Ax1Le hit a cold spot and Hobbit never really carried, he was always Mr. Consistent throughout Gambit games.
2022-01-20 16:41
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+1, smart guy
2022-01-20 16:51
it sounds reasonable, but given the overall 0.03 rating difference for the year and the difference in big matches, I think it's controversial.
2022-01-20 16:53
2022-01-20 16:43
If sh1ro didn't save all the time, NiKo would be better than him in every single statistic.
2022-01-20 16:43
Hltv logic is that hltv has no logic.
2022-01-20 16:50
Impact rating
2022-01-20 16:53
Argentina atriX^
What bothers me is the lack of clarity in their criteria which makes it super hard for people to understand how it works. And no, that summary text in the introduction is not very useful. We see some of the stats but they don't clarify where some values come from. For instance, we have Big Events but it's unclear which events are included and it doesn't match the filter on the stats page. It seems gold and silver events (as shown in the EVPs/MVPs) are the "BIG Events". We also have "Elite Events" which I thought would be the actual Big Events filter but it's not because electroNic has a 1.23 rating and in his top7 it says 1.21. All I want is clarity and that should be provided in the Introduction. Such page should include what events are included where, which events are removed from the calculation and a summary of every stat that is being looked.
2022-01-20 17:33
There are no logic. If there are, the logic is highely drived by own opinion and preferanse
2022-01-20 18:03
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