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hltv Top 20 players 2021
xartE | 
Finland Pensseliseta 
11th Top 20 players of the year -list in cs (source + GO) - First time with no Swedish players and first time with no fnatic players on the list in the history of cs - First time with 3 players from the same team in a row (HObbit, Ax1Le, sh1ro) - First time since 2016 with a NIP player on the list and first time since 2017 with VP players on the list - 11th time in a row NA'VI players are featured on the list as every top 20 contains at least one NA'VI player (No other team has achieved this) - 6th time in a row s1mple gets on the list (inside top 10 every time) - CIS dominated this year's top 20 with 35% (7 players) from CIS countries (all of them inside top 10) - 6th time in a row NiKo gets on the list - 8th time in a row device gets on the list (most appearances on hltv to 20) - YEKINDAR and broky are the first Latvian players ever featured on top 20 - 3rd time in a row ZywOo is inside top 3, him being the only French player to make it on the list since 2017 Was there any other interesting facts I missed?
2022-01-21 15:06
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First time all the navi players are on the list
2022-01-21 15:08
1 reply
Korea Axiotimos
name doesn't check out
2022-01-21 15:09
you forgot that dupreeh's and magisk streak ends here
2022-01-21 15:08
4 replies
magisk streak? lmao
2022-01-21 15:13
2 replies
ye 2018-2021
2022-01-21 15:19
1 reply
2018-2020* and it is not something worth noting
2022-01-21 15:20
Good point, dupreeh had a streak of 4 consecutive appearances on top 20, Magisk had 3. Because of this, device gets the top spot in the number of appearances on top 20 as dupreeh was previously tied with him.
2022-01-21 15:15
If fnatic kicked jackinho sooner
2022-01-21 15:09
Top 4-10 all speak russian
2022-01-21 15:10
1 reply
True, still couldn't include Yekindar as CIS player :D
2022-01-21 15:12
Greece RedWinter
Isn't Yekindar considered CIS?
2022-01-21 15:15
5 replies
Latvia, no
2022-01-21 15:17
3 replies
Greece RedWinter
Neither is Ukraine but 99,9% of people consider them to be CIS in esports
2022-01-21 15:27
2 replies
Ukraine left cis in 2018 while Latvia was never a part of it so Ukraine was considered cis before and it just stays that way now
2022-01-21 15:31
1 reply
Ukraine was never a member of CIS
2022-01-21 15:45
Egypt BomberMan_
He speaks russian in game and is in a CIS team, but latvia isnt really part of CIS I believe.
2022-01-21 15:18
"- CIS dominated this year's top 20 with 35% (7 players) from CIS countries (all of them inside top 10)" But EU have 8 players in top20
2022-01-21 15:24
7 replies
Guess cuz there's only 3-4 relevant CIS teams.
2022-01-21 15:30
3 replies
Ok, and what about it? Does it change the fact that EU has more players in top20?
2022-01-21 15:33
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Of course not, lmao. Just highlighting that there were only 5 CIS teams in Top20 Rankings, and qualitatively, they have done better than any other region in 2021 Tier-1 CSGO. EU had 3x more teams in Top20 but 1 more player in Top20, that's crazy.
2022-01-21 15:55
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Tbh I wouldn't look at top20 teams cuz few of these teams aren't T1 and had no chance for top20 players. CIS have 3 T1 teams EU have 6, maybe 7.
2022-01-21 16:30
Yeah, sorry man. Should've gone for Russian players or russian speaking players instead for this to make sense
2022-01-21 15:44
2 replies
But what would it change? 8 is still bigger than 7.
2022-01-21 15:46
1 reply
My point was, if only looking for players from a particular country, Russia got the most appearances in top 20. Edit: And as most of CIS, including Russia, is part of Europe, I felt like the fact about CIS was more like "which part of Europe dominated", if you get what I mean. Like there's also Scandinavian players and Middle-European players.
2022-01-21 16:03
First time Device out of top 5 since 2014
2022-01-21 16:34
1 reply
Good one
2022-01-21 17:06
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