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United States AppliedMathematics Why do a large majority of Polish people like USA compared to other countries? Apparently it stems from America helping Poland when left the Soviet bloc. Only South Korea and Israel are 1st world countries that like us more. Should I visit Poland and make some nice friends?
2022-01-22 01:02
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ye you should, all my polish friends are big fans of USA, i know cause i live in pl
2022-01-22 01:03
Poland moonspell1
Poland like US in general so you're welcome here
2022-01-22 01:03
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Very nice I will go to Krakow and make friends as I am studying in Europe this year
2022-01-22 01:11
United States TrashPanda
Because Polish people are nice.
2022-01-22 01:04
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from my experience on hltv yes, they are extremely nice compared to other flags.
2022-01-22 01:11
France d0py
" Poland's positive attitudes toward the United States is rooted in President Reagan's stance against the USSR and America's help when Poland left the Soviet bloc."
2022-01-22 01:05
Reunion iowan
2022-01-22 01:07
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If you cannot pull girls in your state you will have a hard time in another country. I despite sexpats, very creepy and give their home countries a bad name. This is why I will never visit thailand
2022-01-22 01:14
Petra | 
Poland 138|
I'm nice to people that are nice to me (lol i thought it was common sense) and flag/nationality has nothing to do with it.
2022-01-22 01:19
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very nice +1
2022-01-22 02:57
As a Mexican, should I visit Poland? Planning to visit Europe this summer if possible, and I am thinking of staying in Warsaw for 2 days.
2022-01-22 01:42
propaganda... they dislike russians, even though the soviets really did 80% of the work during ww2
2022-01-22 01:44
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wtf mens
2022-01-22 01:52
OK | 
Scotland B0OMER
hahaaaa good one dud
2022-01-22 02:27
Poland Ence_Pence
yes poles love america and thats delusional they see propaganda in tv and they think that if anything happens united states will help them xD in reality they wont do shit, usa will sell poland like they just sold kurds to turkey, and know sold ukraine to tussia average american would have trouble pointing out Europe on map, not talking about specifically Poland xd
2022-01-22 01:56
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Nah bro, USA is known for defending their allies. Their wars are dogshit most of the time, but they always defend their allies. Only Trump is an isolationist dumbfuck and is now gone, he is the one that did the kurd and ukraine betrayal unfortunately. . Democrats always defend the allies and we have sleepy joe.
2022-01-22 02:02
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Yeah, just like Democrats defended Afghanistan well, how Biden is giving two fucks about Ukraine and how he talks about Taiwan's independence (, etc, very protective of his allies, isn't he? But I guess you'd like having your tax money spent on meaningless wars overseas, which is basically just a perfect money laundering tool for the elites.
2022-01-22 06:33
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Afghanistan war failed due to the Afghanistan army giving up... It was a useless forever war started by george bush the republican. It's up to dems like Obama and Biden to end their dogshit wars and take the blame for their failures. And everything else you said is braindead conspiracy shit. Don't worry I believed in the same stuff when I was 14.
2022-01-22 07:11
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Yeah, Afghan army didn't have motivation to fight, but the US entered the war anyways and maintained the conflict, spending your fucking tax money on nothing (guess why), American citizens did not receive any goods from the 20-year tenure of US forces there, I don't understand how you can be cool with that. I don't care if it was a Republican or a Democrat who started it, meaningless wars aren't something, which is supported by only one political party in the US. But if you're riding Democrats' dick, then tell me who intruded in Vietnam? Coming back to Afghanistan, wasn't Obama the one to increase the amount of soldiery and the amount of military operations in Afghanistan? What about Obama's decisions during the Iraqi war? I can go on, and on, and on. Also it's very hypocritical of you to initially insult Trump because he's isolationist and doesn't want to enter stupid conflicts, but then you shit on Bush for his useless war in Afghanistan and praise Biden that implented a withdrawal from Afghanistan (a very good implementation by the way, probably the most shameful and disgraceful thing America's done in the last 50 years at least), but Trump wanted the withdrawal way before and his plan was much more detalized and better, nah? How come he's a dumbfuck, and Biden is the smart guy here? Elaborate, please. >And everything else you said is braindead conspiracy shit. Yeah, pal, that's probably the dumbest reply you could post. How come corruption among the establishment is a conspiracy theory? Do you think corruption on a federal does not exist? Do you believe that politicians are pink ponies from a fairytale that do not steal anything and do not launder their money? That's coming from a country where state lobying is an official practice, lol. You sound like a 14-year-old here, not me.
2022-01-22 07:46
Lots of Poles fought during American Independence War while their own country was torn apart between Russians, Germans and Austrians. America was for them like an embodiment of freedom. Its still rooted in their mentality.
2022-01-22 02:03
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damn i didnt know that
2022-01-22 05:01
israel first world country kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2022-01-22 02:03
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Reunion iowan
it is
2022-01-22 02:28
Well, if You visit Poland just don't talk about "American football" and call it football. You don't want to see Polish football fans. Btw, entire world knows what real football is so You should call ur sport "American football".
2022-01-22 02:05
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wtf i dont watch sports? only esport csgo
2022-01-22 02:23
They are afraid of Russia and they know only USA can save their ass
2022-01-22 05:07
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2022-01-22 06:12
Polish people rock
2022-01-22 05:41
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