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Faceit ELO system is heavily flawed.
England TheWizardofUh27898 
Lets say you are a level 7 and you play with your friend who is a level 10, lets say his elo is stagnant and stable so he's winning 50% and losing 50% roughly, this means on average if you play with him and perform to the level of a level 10 you will actually end up gaining almost no ELO as the system doesnt give you extra elo for performing above you level. If as a lower level you are in lobbies of an average elo higher than yours your should gain more for a win and lose less for a loss.
2022-01-22 04:28
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if u have below 5000 elo u should just uninstall tbh
2022-01-22 04:30
2022-01-22 04:31
You're about 5 years late to this conclusion
2022-01-22 04:34
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I know this is an obvious thing, so why not fix it? It just appears to me that the options we have to play this great game are all shit.
2022-01-22 04:35
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because they want money. they don't care if it's fair or not. you pay premium to select 3 maps so you only have to play fucking Mirage everytime, It's unfair but it's ez money so why fix it?
2022-01-22 04:38
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Because you would get more if more people used your service. I mean lets say if you are level 5 playing in a lobby that averages out to level 8, you should get an extra 10% per level, so a level 5 in level 8 should get 1.3 times the elo.
2022-01-22 04:41
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I can see that being abused very easily
2022-01-22 04:42
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But its better that then the current system, you can use it to boost but it will also help alleviate smurfing when you have a level 10 and level 5 and the level 5 is the smurf, he will level out of the lower ranks faster, he wont get to hang around as long.
2022-01-22 04:43
United States PRLiN
ok say its flawed yes... what now can do anything about it
2022-01-22 04:34
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Yeah if I was given the ability to I think I could make a system that would reward players for performing well. The main thing is more than the win has to effect elo, I see bad players are level 10 who got there because they played with good players and the same players since level 3, meanwhile I see people at level 6-7 who are good players who with level 10s and compete neck and neck with them but because of this gain no elo, its fucking broken.
2022-01-22 04:37
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United States PRLiN
ok so fix thanks
2022-01-22 04:39
wait i dont understand but if u have a team of 2 lvl 10 3 lvl 7 u should get similar opponents you wont play against 5 lvl 10s so i dont understand what you want from your lvl 10s,what does his win percentage has to do with you,u will gain and loose as much as him but you guys need to win in order to get elo like everywhere else it doesnt matter if u play against lvl 10s or 7s,you should get opponents of similar elo
2022-01-22 04:42
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No, if the lobbies average elo is 1800 and you have 1500 you are below average for that lobby meaning if you play well you should get more as thats how an elo system works.
2022-01-22 04:44
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but there is higher chance that you will play bellow elo average since you should be worst player there if others have 300 elo more how is your logic that you will play better than them?
2022-01-22 04:46
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I didnt say you would but if you did you should be rewarded this is the issue with this win = elo system, its broken.
2022-01-22 04:50
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yes but then you should get less then them when lvl 10s carry you in the end you would come to same result as what faceit is now u just want to gain from your logic,you dont want the bad side this system is perfectly balanced yours logic is to boost low level players
2022-01-22 04:57
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No its not, no its not to boost low level players, its to boost good players at the wrong rank, something that is very common, it would also punish highly ranked players who play badly as it should. The system we have right now is not balanced, I've had games that I have won 16-14 and had someone on my team get 4 kills in 30 round meanwhile someone else on my team gets 38 kills plays the game of their life and meanwhile the bot who did nothing all game but make mistakes and almost throw the game away get the same elo. The ELO system in faceit ranks you as a player not a team, its broken you are ranking an individual on team performance.
2022-01-22 05:01
16 replies
but how would calculate who played good who played bad if its by kills,everyone would start baiting as soon as that rule is applied and people wouldnt play for wins,they would play for kills And you should be ranked as a team,csgo is a team game,there is no player who can win solo if he matches against similar enemies.
2022-01-22 05:05
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Its why you strike the middle ground. "And you should be ranked as a team,csgo is a team game" But we arent in a ream team, we dont practice with eachother, we dont know eachother, we could have playing styles that just dont work meanwhile the other team by happenstance gels great, you can rank teams as teams like the HLTV rankings but when you rank players you have to rank them on their ability otherwise the system you have is flawed and isnt even really ranking what it says its ranking, its ranking if you win or not, not how good you are even though it says it ranks how good you are.
2022-01-22 05:12
Take into account these. Winning. ADR. KDR. DPR. Impact. Opening kill. Util damage. Flash time. Flash hit rate. Trades. opening kills. 1vX's. All the things we look at on HLTV.
2022-01-22 05:14
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The issue with this is that it’s so abusable
2022-01-22 05:17
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yeah this is too flawed to have any kind of impact
2022-01-22 05:19
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No it would mean skilled player would be ranked higher then less skilled players and you wouldnt get bots at level 10 who got carried.
2022-01-22 05:26
The current one is abusable, get 1 level 8, and then stack as many smurfs as you can and farm to 2800 elo without issue, or take a shit level 3 whos a mate, all get smurf accounts and boost him and it wont be able to detect that hes a shit player.
2022-01-22 05:19
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smurfs will always be issue for any competative game u cant fix that by individually ranking players
2022-01-22 05:22
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Yeah actually can, lock account to people have a more stringent process for getting new accounts.
2022-01-22 05:23
i dont know man u are probably a bit subjectiv now cuz some recent issue i still dont think that ranking players individually is good solutions,best way is to rank by wins and losses maybe it seems flawed to you,but if u take all parameters in account,ranking individual players would be worse than whole team
2022-01-22 05:18
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This is why you include winning you also look at trades, and openings this help your team, see playing well helps your team, flash assists help your team mates get kills, util damage helps your team so no you are ranking players more accurately, you can then start to get more nuance in the system.
2022-01-22 05:20
This is how dumb this current system is, lets say we used it to rank pro players, it would say b1t and s1mple are the same level, it would have said that Zywoo and RPK are the same level as RPK and B1t win all the game that Zywoo and s1mple do, its that backwards.
2022-01-22 05:18
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yeah but every player has different role,someone is put in sutatuons to succesed and have better rating,doesnt mean that xyp9x was worst part of dominating astralis,maybe he was key factor to them winning so much,u cant relly tell value of a player just based on rating
2022-01-22 05:20
3 replies
I hate to break it to you Dupreeh was more important to Astralis then Xyp its a fact without that man their T side would not be half as good, infact apart from clutches Xyp was probably the most replaceable on the team and he was not as good as device. Again under this current system in faceit it would say that Zeus in 2018 was as good as s1mple thats what it would say.
2022-01-22 05:24
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But elo doesnt tell how good of a player you are,it just puts u in different tiers of skill groups.You can still check peoples rating on faceit finder website.And lets not talk about pro cs and compare it to faceit cuz there is not much overlap there.
2022-01-22 05:28
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"But elo doesnt tell how good of a player you are,it just puts u in different tiers of skill groups." This sentence is a complete contradiction, skill groups exists to separate players based on ability so no the elo is there to determine how good YOU are as it an elo scored tied to YOU and YOUR account, so this is a false statement. "You can still check peoples rating on faceit finder website." Ok why does this not contribute to rank, of they record this then apply it, use the info you have. ".And lets not talk about pro cs and compare it to faceit cuz there is not much overlap there." I agree so lets not rank people like they are playing in a team, lets rank then as 5 individuals who want to win a game, so lets take into account their individual performance.
2022-01-22 05:31
Honestly only good thing about valorant is the rating system. Faceit should just try something like that.
2022-01-22 05:21
if you are level 7 playing as well as a level 10 than you will gain more elo per win because the game is still counting your skill as a level 7. For example the scenario you provided makes it seem as if it was 5 level 10's vs 4 level 10's and one level 7. The team with the level 7 would get more elo and lose less elo than the team with 5 level 10's. It is fair and balanced.
2022-01-22 05:46
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