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kraghen | 
Denmark Kanstrup 
Seeing Luken join 9z made me think of Meyern. Him and Luken was huge talents and both carried Sharks back in 2019. With Luken returning after 15 months of not playing it made me think, where the fuck is meyern? I can see him playing in Furious, with decent rating, aswell as good rating in 9z a year ago. He is still only 19. Do you think he can go somewhere? Such a good aimer, just think he was used wrong in MIBR tbh.
2022-01-22 15:50
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If I remember correctly, after MIBR he had some mental issues, and his father said that MIBR destroyed completely his career. I think he have the potential to be a great player in the SA scene, but at the same time, after the MIBR fiasco, he's not mentally prepared to play for a "big" org again, and give all of himself for this objective. Unfortunately, his best opportunity to show to everyone the great player he was, was also the worst moment of his career. Feels really bad for my boy Meyern...
2022-01-22 15:57
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Really great answer, thanks! Understandable, unlucky timing on his worst period of play.
2022-01-22 16:02
was on 9z for awhile but he got depressed and left rip
2022-01-22 15:58
Spain x676
Basically teams from Argentina dont want to deal with him since he is unreliable as fuck. 9z qualified to a big tournament with him and the day before he told them he didnt want to play that tournament for no reason, then with Furious he did the same when he was on loan with them, stopped playing out of the blue for no reason. Since he left mibr he had serious mental issues, even meyern and luken blocked eachother on twitter at some point because meyern was looking for trouble with anyone (now they are friends again). But you basically cant make plans with him sadly. Also his individual performance dropped drastically since last year, I was listening an Argentinian cs podcast a couple weeks ago and they said meyern is not even top10 player in Argentina nowadays... I was so shocked to hear that since Argentinians have such huge pride of their players.
2022-01-22 16:12
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If he comes back for real he probably is though... we don't have many players that have potential Luken, Try, Deco, Rox, NikoM, Tomijed, BK1, Fakzwall, Reversive, 1962, JonY, Noktse, Tiko, Kaiser He can easily be in top 5
2022-01-22 16:32
give podcast link pls
2022-01-22 16:37
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Spain x676
it was a strib podcast if I remember correctly
2022-01-22 17:05
fnx | 
Brazil shoyera
imagine being a rookie and playing with ragezera when they were failing over and over again.....
2022-01-22 16:04
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LOL Cold must have destroyed this boy mentality
2022-01-22 16:35
Of course he can become something, he is still just a kid.
2022-01-22 16:05
I dont know, no matters btw
2022-01-22 16:38
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