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Anyone else hate D2?
England TheWizardofUh27898 
I really find the map dull to watch and play, there is nothing interesting about it, it screams mediocre map design from the early 2000s.
2022-01-22 23:21
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Yeah that Tarkov extract sucks
2022-01-22 23:22
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red rebel or no reserve is my policy
2022-01-23 00:14
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+1 even with RR that map is horrible
2022-01-23 05:32
Egypt BomberMan_
-mirage +train -d2 +old cobbe or any other map
2022-01-22 23:22
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Italy PhilD06
everything but train please
2022-01-23 00:02
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Estonia simondoggo
2022-01-23 05:27
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Italy PhilD06
I hate train so much XD
2022-01-23 13:53
actually pog....old cbble was awesome, train is awesome, mirage is boring.
2022-01-23 00:03
I fucking hate dust 2. You either encounter a really rare species of a 'retardinho' or play against dust 2 only guys, or both.
2022-01-22 23:22
MSL | 
New Zealand MSLgod
its ok to admit you can't aim and can only get kills hiding in lame corners and shooting ppl in the back
2022-01-22 23:23
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Nothing but aim duels is dull, maps need to have a little more depth so you can actually master them rather than just playing the same strats from S1 all the way up to the major.
2022-01-22 23:24
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Austria Ostmark
there are no strats in pug anyway
2022-01-22 23:27
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No thats not true at all, you get some basic strats same really as in top level play on D2
2022-01-22 23:28
true, but I dislike Dust 2, because as a T, you don't really have a choice. especially at lvl 6 - 2k elo. You want to go long? nah, go B, no spawns for long. You want to Rush B because you have pistols? try again, you have long spawns. Same for CTs. You decide on where to go by your spawn. If you go to B from the furthest spawn, you will get axed. at maps like nuke, overpass, vertigo it isn't a problem
2022-01-22 23:29
when most of the action on the map is determined by spawn, I don't think it is going into the right way
2022-01-22 23:26
Slovakia depresia
worst angles ever made on a map and you pull out the aim card lmao
2022-01-23 09:33
Sand-themed maps are trash in general
2022-01-22 23:24
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United States shuck
+1 so boring
2022-01-22 23:54
Germany teure
nah i like it
2022-01-22 23:26
worst maps: 1. d2 2. mirage 3. inferno
2022-01-22 23:29
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I enjoy a 30 maps long mix of dust2/mirage/inferno constantly. No nuke, no overpass, no ancient, no train.....
2022-01-22 23:32
Mirage is easily the best map, Inferno also is very good, these are both maps with a mix of skill and tactical depth 2 things D2 lacks.
2022-01-22 23:33
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stopped reading at Mirage is easily the best map
2022-01-22 23:43
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It is, relatively balanced, allows for aim based and skill based play as well as tactical play, its good for executes and retakes, has a nice dynamic between mid and the 2 sites aswell as the window area that allows access to CT, its a fantastic map. It essentially allow you to fake and setup an execute on any site from any location, its a masterpiece of a map in every single way.
2022-01-22 23:46
India spiderCAKE
mirage is the most balanced map facts dont care about your feelings
2022-01-23 00:13
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stopped reading at mirage is the most balanced map
2022-01-23 01:22
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India spiderCAKE
facts dont care about your feelings
2022-01-23 01:22
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stopped reading at facts dont care about your feelings
2022-01-23 05:36
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India spiderCAKE
you had to because there was nothing else left to read after that
2022-01-23 09:25
+1 although Inferno is actually good it just needs some changes to make CT retakes more viable, Mirage is good too its just old (should've been reskinned years ago)
2022-01-22 23:56
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Another one I fucking hate is A site on Overpass, the site is just awful.
2022-01-23 00:45
I like it, it's so casual. No need to stress about anything because it's a simple map. B, mid & long. Whoever wins wins nothing more to it. And it's also really just an aim duel map so most times the better players end up winning.
2022-01-22 23:37
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No, better players and better aim are not the same, there are many players with amazing aim who dont get many kills for a wide variety of reason so this doesnt justify its shittyness.
2022-01-22 23:39
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But realistically you don't need the best coms or gamesense to play on dust. Like if you've never touched cs but is good at fps games, you play dust (maybe mirage) And gamesense is not really needed for the map which to be fair can make it very annoying if you feel like the opponents are all about "no brain all aim". This all goes back to my argument that it's the most casual & calm map. If I queue overpass or vertigo I'm going to have to focus way more on everything, and something like dust is nice whenever you feel to chill.
2022-01-22 23:44
Serbia Ljannister
Yes and inferno
2022-01-22 23:45
Latvia FieryBlood
yeah not a fan of diablo 2
2022-01-22 23:48
yes, always my first ban on faceit
2022-01-22 23:56
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yeah when I get it on faceit it makes me want to cry because even though Ill win it most of the time Ill have less than no fun and it will make me not want to play another game.
2022-01-23 00:01
The only map i dislike more than dust 2 is inferno, and that’s just because inferno is the only map i ever get in my faceit games and I’m tired of it
2022-01-23 01:28
I bought faceit premium again just so I wouldn't have to play dust2
2022-01-23 01:29
REZ | 
Europe BH5K
Ye, rush long simulator. Really hate how its a totally brain dead map. Its too repetitive, almost every round plays out the same way.
2022-01-23 01:30
Argentina ReacC
cry is free
2022-01-23 01:31
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
I don't hate D2, I'll admit it can be a little bit laborious to watch.
2022-01-23 01:55
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I want a reworked cobble and Id love to see Cache back I loved watching the awp battles outside B.
2022-01-23 05:19
Yeah D2 is kinda not great to watch or play atm
2022-01-23 05:33
Ukraine Slavv_Boss
Playing d2 is fine, I haven’t played it much in a long time. Watching is also fine as there are a lot of duels happening, good for viewing Mirage on the other hand, is a map that I sincerely gets removed from this game. I hate to watch and play it.
2022-01-23 05:35
United States GiantDays
i do not enjoy it for sure
2022-01-23 05:53
2022-01-23 05:55
Yupp, always have.
2022-01-23 09:39
The new dust2 is bad but the old dust 2 was good
2022-01-23 09:44
for DM-ing its great but for pugs it gets boring. but d2 > mirage mb idk
2022-01-23 09:46
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