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What makes s1mple
s1mple | 
Russia Reconstructor 
... so strong compared to others? Which qualities do s1mple have unlike others pros do not have? Can it be IQ, agression, reflexes, analytical possibilities or is just that hes is overconfident and always thinks he will hit/kill? Which qualeties does he have, cuz no one is like him Share you opinion. I am curious my self
2022-01-23 01:16
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( I am sure all pros try to be best, but no one comes close to s1mple. Why?)
2022-01-23 01:16
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I think alot of it comes down to raw talent combined with a raw drive to improve. You see alot of gifted players kennyS for example and they dont put in the work. S1mple is gifted as fuck and combines that with hard work. Then when you look at how much he has matured, even though he knows he is the best player in the world on this Navi roster he isnt scared to sacrifice if he knows its the winning play.
2022-01-23 01:50
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Canada raynikzz
+ that insane when some talent like him works as many as he can thats insane as fuck
2022-01-23 11:25
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Exactly you see average talent work hard and they become really good you get such raw talent work hard and theyre the best
2022-01-23 14:13
hes b etter
2022-01-23 02:43
Egypt BomberMan_
high talent high hard work
2022-01-23 01:17
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Too simple answer. I want more detailed explanation
2022-01-23 01:17
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Egypt BomberMan_
I mean he can hit the most insane shots due to his natural skill + the insane amounts of hours he put in. Also, him having shit teams probably motivated him to work hard.
2022-01-23 01:20
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There are a lot of people which have even better aim than him and playes more. Why s1mple is better?
2022-01-23 01:22
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Albania Mgoldfish1
there really isnt many people if any that work more. s1mple was the first pro to hit 10k hours in csgo and has kept up since.
2022-01-23 01:41
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Yeah he worked hard, but there are some players that have even better aim. B1t f.ex imo has better aim than s1mple. Niko
2022-01-23 01:44
Egypt BomberMan_
who has better aim?
2022-01-23 02:23
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BatChest TENZ BatChest
2022-01-23 11:30
Because simple from Ukraine
2022-01-23 20:40
his racism
2022-01-23 01:17
Chile jotler
his jerman power
2022-01-23 01:19
Germany Fishykid
Probably cheating, who knows?
2022-01-23 01:24
Hard work and talent, big grind, massive experience and confidence. Which comes from his impressive history, he have played with the best IGLs from CIS, Zeus, blad3 and ANGE1. He have even played with the best NA have to offer(HIKO and ELIGE). He have a massive backing and support from the NAVI org that adores him while he still have blad3 coaching his arse.
2022-01-23 01:26
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But blad3 sucked in cs himself I remember I played vs him on esea. I outaimed him 8 of 10 times lmao
2022-01-23 01:34
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It's not about aim. How good was hunden mechanically? All these guys are great igls tho. Same with karrigan, Zeus, Jame, cadian etc. Blade understands the game very well. S1mple,elec credit him for their success all the time.
2022-01-23 01:40
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+1 But s1mples skill is his own achiememt imo
2022-01-23 01:42
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Obviously, I'm just saying blade may have played a bigger role when he was in flipside. How much of his achievements are 100% his own is difficult to say. We don't know how much he incorporates stuff from his teammates,coaches, opponents etc.
2022-01-23 01:47
its about reputation. if you suck hard in game, it's hard to make people listen to you.
2022-01-23 01:47
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I dont entirely agree Zeus was not gifted in game and to be honest not even the best shot called but he had a personality that rallied people. Zeus is one of the best examples of an IGL as he has the quality alot missed. He could inspire the guys. Fallen is another example of that
2022-01-23 01:52
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well, captain - is the "connector" between the coach and the team. main idea and strategy comes from the coach, captain makes the right calls and coordinates and etc. i think only experience and personality are not enough in csgo for captain. Zeus was in a so terrible relationship with Kane in Navi, its 1 of the reasons for losing. Imagine how tilted the moment,when captain sends go fckurself the coach during the game Major win for Gambit, bcz lineup was played 20 hours every day like a slaves.
2022-01-23 02:07
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I remember seeing somewhere a while back that all 5 gambit player's cs hours were insanely high, like 150++ hours last 2 weeks high, during like the month or few week before krakow
2022-01-23 04:38
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Damn i mean the hard work paid off though
2022-01-23 14:14
Lmao Kane : Danyl, I think we sho- Zeus: Shut the fuck up! Fun stuff xD
2022-01-23 17:15
Works extremely smart and extremely hard. Like practicing flicks for an hour a day, if he dies at a certain spot he thinks "what could have i done differently" and goes into that map to practice. like he said he practiced peeking the nuke vents and ladders a shit ton with awp. zywoo has far more natural talent, but just plays. he trains smart and hard as well, but not as much as s1mple. s1mple also has a massive ego which is key to his consistency.
2022-01-23 01:29
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Finland notits
+1 i think s1mples uniqueness is the fact that hes literally top5 in every quality a player can have, even if hes not the best in any of those, its the fact that hes good at literally everything
2022-01-23 02:42
His mentality is the first and most important thing. Aside from that, he spent many years of his career in teams that weren't quite good enough, so he had to become a beast player in order to carry them to wins and trophies. Now that he has a good team around him, he looks even more insane than ever.
2022-01-23 01:39
bait talent.
2022-01-23 01:39
his mentality
2022-01-23 01:43
game sense genius perhaps more accurately a play sense genius
2022-01-23 01:45
It's all about ego and the plays he makes that make no sense. If you have a ego and think you're better than everyone that's the key to confidence.
2022-01-23 01:45
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2022-01-23 11:30
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It’s actually true. Take coldzera for example when he had ego he was the best rifler in the world, even today no one comes close to prime coldzera’s rifle.
2022-01-23 17:07
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coldzera had the best igl of it's time, and also a player willing to bait for him (fallen+taco)
2022-01-23 20:35
analytical, own strategies, next level of team communication, highest level of own skill
2022-01-23 01:52
Hard work and confidence. On any given day he thinks he is the best in the server and has full confidence in the his game and any risky play he makes. His mentality is the reason he is a beast and he has the skill to back it up
2022-01-23 02:02
He radiates cis bydlo vibes so strong and so toxic, that I can't imagine any T1 pro coming close, even if k0nfig, coldzera, and stewie dialed their toxicity to 11 and formed a single human being. That's impressive, most people just don't have it in them. He embodies hundreds (if not thousands) of russians screaming "UEBANI BLYAT" and slamming their fists onto their desks all at once. Sasha a unique product of CIS culture and education system, and his CIS roots made him who he is today.
2022-01-23 02:21
talent for sure then hard works, hungry mentality and crazy confidence. he really like Jordan of csgo everytime he lose he became better because he trying to improve everytime in order to win or being the best but sometimes his team are holding him back, but now he had great team alongside him thats why he start winning a lot same like Jordan when he had an actual help.
2022-01-23 02:15
RpK | 
France HippzZ
Pride and ego. He thinks he is the best, he doesn't have mental barriers so he can play with almost his full potential. Gifted abalities and hard training. He wants to dominate others. He is the Vegeta of CS. ZywOo on the other hand is the Goku of CS, what makes him so strong is that he just loves playing. He doesn't play to dominate but just to have fun and getting better each day. This mentality is also very efficient.
2022-01-23 02:23
Finland notits
1. incredible talent 2. puts in an incredible amount of time 3. motivated 4. confident and never nervous 5. insane game sense 6. insane aim/flicks/adjustement basically, hes top tier in every quality, which is very rare. of course you can look at someone like B1T and say "but hes better at aiming", but that doesnt matter when he lacks in every other quality
2022-01-23 02:39
Asia LiuCrystal
the main factor is that he loves the grind he just wants to be the best individual at all times and the grind is not an issue for him
2022-01-23 03:30
It depends what aspect of the game you look at, but as an example as an awper he is very very good at being aggressive and safe. IMO he does this by finding pick attempts where the shot is extremely hard to hit, but he has very little risk of dying if he misses. The thing is he not only finds these attempts, but actually hits the shot. So basically....he happens to have inhuman timing, positioning, and game sense. One thing that I think is a thing he specifically does better than Zywoo is is understanding of the macro game. I swear he is better at guessing which site the Ts will go to than the casters, who have x ray. I think if you plug Zywoo into a site hold, and s1mple into a site hold, Zywoo would be as good, but s1mple understands the macro game to a degree no other star player does, and is better at being in the right position before the play happens. However, s1mple is not better than others because he is better in one way, but due to a complete game, and being exemplary at all aspects. It is not enough to push one strength to victory, their are people with the macro understanding of s1mple, Karrigan for example. There are people with better aim than s1mple, Niko for example. There are people who are more aware of timings and flanks,(well one person), Zywoo. But he is amazing at all aspects of the game.
2022-01-23 03:40
2 replies
really well said, finally someone who understands that there are better players in certain aspects and he is not a god, but a sick player overall. I btw wish he was playing more agressive like 4 years ago and earlier or so, he would be much more entertaining cause he definitely can. I also think there is something hard to catch with the way he shoots, flicks etc. I think its his insane reaction time. Like he is shaky sometimes, he whiffs sometimes, he doesnt have that perfect accuracy like niko has, but he is so hyperfocused.
2022-01-23 04:34
1 reply
I think he would play more aggressive if you put him in a bad team, but with B1T, Electronic, and Boombl4 getting entries, and him being such an amazing mid and late round player it just makes sense for him to play safer. You can see in his Blast Fall Final match against Heroic on Overpass, that NAVI's T side was looking a bit lost, and he just went straight back into hard entry with the AWP mode, and won them a bunch of rounds single handily. He just doesn't need to play with that when his team is popping off. The problem with the s1mple single handedly wins for us strat as a plan A is that he just can't do that every time. Right now it is the plan B, for if actually playing a proper T side as a team fails
2022-01-23 11:20
Talent and practice. I remember when he was an up and coming star player… he was streaming at least 10 hours a day playing fpl dm or whatever… the guy never gave a break of playing cs. Lots of talented players get lost because they get spoiled. He always put the cs first before everything else. His team had problems in the past, but his individual level almost never dropped.
2022-01-23 03:49
20k hours (not only that, but making an actuall progress hour after hour) passion talent 1ms reaction confidence always learning from mistakes insane gamesense (combination of experience and in-game IQ) practice practice and practice understanding a fact that if not csgo he wouldnt do anything else (not with passion and with this ammount of salary), understanding that he is doing his dream job never give up always playing at 100% ignore haters
2022-01-23 03:56
and on the other hand you have ZywOo who is just playing for fun, never tilt, never rage and made two times #1 hltv :D
2022-01-23 03:58
3 replies
True zywoo dont even dm or aimbotz he just play fpl and thats it.
2022-01-23 04:51
apex tilts and rages enough for the whole team.
2022-01-23 14:19
"just playing for fun" yeah, cuz he said so... he also said that he doesn't care about top1, but after that he wrote this one:
2022-01-24 07:47
agression, overconfidence, really good muscle memory, i won't say completly analytical posibilities ( i feel like this is only for IGL) because its more feels like gamesense when it comes to zywoo his patience, kinda shy. his positioning and gamesense
2022-01-23 04:15
he's just like everybody else dude. he just has experience bc he's been playing the game for so long and been in the cs scene forever
2022-01-23 08:54
b1t | 
Ukraine devitt
he is ukrainian, that's what makes him so special
2022-01-23 11:35
7 replies
Then add 50% Russian as well lmao
2022-01-23 14:40
4 replies
Ukrainian citizen = 100% Ukrainian
2022-01-23 20:43
3 replies
Its not how it works. A chinese boy will never be french
2022-01-23 22:44
2 replies
if he is French citizen, then he is 100% French otherwise we can say that Jame is Dagestani (or whoever he is) and Electronic is Tatarstani. So both aren't russian then
2022-01-23 22:47
1 reply
Yes. Elec tatar
2022-01-24 01:27
So where are the other millions S1mple?
2022-01-23 17:09
2022-01-23 20:43
His music taste is so bad so god decided to equal it with goat Cs skill
2022-01-23 17:09
1 reply
Good one
2022-01-23 17:50
Russia Aleksgri
winners mentality, and it seems like he works on his weaknesses
2022-01-23 17:13
1 reply
2022-01-23 20:41
Cheats most likely
2022-01-23 17:51
Winner's mentality. He isn't satisfied by just winning, he dreads thought of slipping into mediocrity.
2022-01-23 17:52 If you check out this video, it pretty much sums up why he is #1 player. look the way he makes perfect decision making under very stressed out situations. No fear and picture him self as the best player mentality is the difference.
2022-01-23 17:56
s1mple's secrets are: - never give up - hard working - Godlike talent - fixing own mistakes - winner's mindset - he wants to be biggest part of e-Sports history
2022-01-23 20:44
2 replies
Sounds like Saitama training program from One Punch Man
2022-01-23 20:44
1 reply
but it's true
2022-01-23 20:46
Finland autism@exe
His reflexes and fast thinking is on one other level
2022-01-23 22:51
Pakistan red_nx
As warowl said: s1mple goes for the shots no one will ever dare to go for, the impossible shots. Overtime he has mastered hitting these shots to a large degree in comparison to others. Thats what makes s1mple, s1mple.
2022-01-24 01:29
OK | 
Scotland B0OMER
he's too unpredictable, thats why pros usually watch demos of players like device only s1mple can do s1mple things, noone else
2022-01-24 01:30
Kosovo Theexend
Baiting skill
2022-01-24 01:31
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