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kennyS | 
India madhur20 
its been 2 months since online college started and i had made some new friends who i actually liked and were cool imo, but now i feel like im the excluded student who is not part of the groups, i feel like they dont like me anymore and i think they dont even invite me too the daily online meets we had everyday. I was always scared about getting into college and finding friends to make bcz i think i always had a problem making good friends. i dont know what to do at this point anymore
2022-01-23 21:46
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i doubt anyone actually connects thru "online college"
2022-01-23 21:47
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i get your point, but still i was kinda relieve that i will have someone to talk to once college opens
2022-01-23 21:54
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if you had 6 good friends in class and 10+ overall friends in school, how many of them did you actually hang out with during holidays? for me it was barely a few consider online anything like that the connection just isnt there or needs to be built over months and years of consistent conversation
2022-01-23 21:56
Germany Pardi8
why do you need friends in online college ? just meet your real life friends.
2022-01-23 21:48
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cant, there is a lockdown where i live, and its difficult bcz of covid, so online is the only way, also since this is my 1st year of college and ill be spending my next 3 years with new people, i have to make some friends
2022-01-23 21:53
Kosovo dnjl
i mean it sucks you have to go to online college but nice you've made social progress :=)
2022-01-23 21:49
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and i believe that social progress is going down the drain, i suck at making friends and being sociable, but i was so glad that i found some cool people, now im starting to think they dont like me
2022-01-23 21:52
I think people that believe they have poor social skills or just have social anxiety in general become paranoid about being outcast by their friends. I would say try your best to continue your friendships with them, and see if they reciprocate. A lot of times I think these worries are just unfounded paranoia from that anxiety.
2022-01-23 22:04
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cant relate more to what you said, i do sometimes think that its just me being paranoid but i cant do anything about it, even if im aware about it. i have felt it almost in every friendship, even with my school friends who i have a veryyy good relationship with
2022-01-25 10:23
ify dude
2022-01-25 10:25
Same bro College is scary when you are alone
2022-01-25 12:51
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