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Players You Miss In Tier1 ?
device | 
Europe utopia^ 
Hello mens, lets talk about players you miss in tier 1 cs Mine: kennyS JW kioShiMa GeT_RiGhT GuardiaN yours?
2022-01-24 01:14
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Brazil NotJuan
2022-01-24 01:15
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Korea Rel^
yes, gladly he'll come back friday!
2022-01-24 02:52
2022-01-24 01:16
NBK, old ENCE roster, jks, snax
2022-01-24 01:16
3 replies
NBK has made a comeback in Mouz, We'll see how he will do
2022-01-24 01:17
2 replies
Yes, me looking forward it 2
2022-01-24 01:17
tier 3 != tier 1
2022-01-24 01:35
NEO | 
United States keebler
Snax NEO TaZ pashaBiceps byali
2022-01-24 01:18
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2022-01-24 02:48
Hungary TheBudi34
polish VP scream gtr
2022-01-24 01:18
United States pkheat
2022-01-24 01:19
Argentina Saazu
flusha, man. the job he was doing in fnatic... he does so much dirty and unseen work. makes so much space for the team! plus he has 200iq (or haxs). this makes him so enjoyable to watch.
2022-01-24 01:22
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ye floosha is a great player, he's so good people have been accusing him of cheating for years XD
2022-01-24 01:24
same...I really miss Mr Eggman in t1, I dont think he'll ever go back but his legacy wont be forgotten!!
2022-01-24 02:31
if only fnatic had given the swedish roster one more chance for LAN... but they benched them during the online era instead the mere presence of flusha on the server made fnatic's opponents think twice about moving into any uncharted territory or not watching their backs
2022-01-24 02:36
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Argentina Saazu
yeah... even golden said that he thought that the team would try one last time on a LAN tournament. he was surprised that the was benched so soon. hope to see flush + JW soon! they may have lost their prime, but they were still bloody fun to watch! esl season 11 EU was sooo fun with their knife kills!
2022-01-25 22:18
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Yep, JW and flusha are some of my favorite players to watch just because of pure entertainment factor. It's also why I love s1mple a lot tbh x)
2022-01-26 17:05
Germany mrzxea_cs
Snax. Sad he plays in these lower tiers now
2022-01-24 01:23
Xantares Chrisj Oskar Lekro Flamie Coldzera Sergez
2022-01-24 01:27
Finland Kashmiir
JW ScreaM GuardiaN KennyS
2022-01-24 01:28
North Macedonia Bonn0
snax , pashabiceps , neo , kio , forest , get_right , markeloff
2022-01-24 01:32
4 replies
I wonder what markeloff is up to these days, he left CS world looong time ago and we don't know anything about him, how and what he's been doing, I miss him too
2022-01-24 01:33
3 replies surely he has better things than the cs and always had
2022-01-24 01:35
2 replies
bro that video is 7+ yrs old
2022-01-24 01:37
1 reply
i know it is, but seriously speaking though -
2022-01-24 01:38
Czech Republic y0fl0w
2022-01-24 01:35
2022-01-24 01:36
3 replies
turok peanut brain, I watch his streams sometimes, but he mostly plays Valorant which I don't like
2022-01-24 01:38
2 replies
He seems to have checked out unfortunately. You can’t really blame him though because he has pretty much won everything there is to win
2022-01-24 02:14
1 reply
ye I respect him for everything he's achieved and I respect his choices and what he does cuz it makes him happy, he is also my favorite NA player and personality, he is good at games and FUNNY AF bro
2022-01-24 02:25
try | 
Poland klonx9
we are not getting another player like Snax soon…
2022-01-24 01:37
k0nfig, blamef, glaive, x9p
2022-01-24 01:37
1 reply
2022-01-24 01:38
Some good old NA CS in 2016 like Skadaddy or young new talents like Swag or food or anything. NA now is ded Also Polish CS with a decent team like Prime VP
2022-01-24 01:39
2 replies
also shrood
2022-01-24 01:41
1 reply
Not gonna miss him tbh, he was good but now he only talks crap about cs and literally did nothing for the community
2022-01-24 01:45
2022-01-24 01:42
Sergej, Allu, flamie
2022-01-24 01:47
1 reply
Allu coming back
2022-01-26 11:50
Seychelles rs6a
2022-01-24 01:49
Hiko and maybe Tarik. I know they are still around in Valorant but it's not the same.
2022-01-24 02:17
France FanchD
KennyS, Happy, GeT_RiGhT, flusha, Oskar, snax, maikelele, sergej, pasha, guardian, pronax, sunny, Ethan, JDM,... I know that's pretty long
2022-01-24 02:22
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Petra | 
Poland 138|
damn, jdm twitter feed. It looks depressing. At least he got signed by fayz walarante coach gig
2022-01-24 02:30
frekaz0id, zeus, VP, olofmeister
2022-01-24 02:28
United States Surviberg
Umtiti, Heski
2022-01-24 02:31
2022-01-24 02:33
Old NiP Old Fnatic Old VP
2022-01-24 02:37
Fugly, Daps, Tarik
2022-01-24 02:39
Flusha - very intelligent player and "senor vac" moments were always enjoyable JW - not among the best, but he was one of the most entertaining players to watch Golden - not a good fragger at all, but I enjoyed him as an IGL F0rest - enjoyable player, legend, not much else to say Ethan - my favorite NRG/EG player, never cared much about the team after he left for Valorant GTR - very passionate about the game, I wish more pros were as lively as he was sgares - his igl style was great overall. One of the first notable NA IGLs that could compete in T1 snax - was never really a fan, but the man pulled insane stuff all the time, so big respect oskar - great awper to watch that could deliver frags. He can still make it back, but imo it is unlikely guardian - again, never really a fan, but man I wish he had won a major after all his accomplishments STYKO - not really retired or anything, but he is just great to watch imo. Hoping he bounces back and gets to consistently compete in T1 again zeus - not the best player mechanically at all, but like GTR, man was very lively, did decent enough as an igl, and delivered some memorable moments in CS:GO in and outside the server
2022-01-24 02:43
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Good text Oskar making comeback to tier 1 in Gorillaz and Styko in Apeks
2022-01-26 11:54
Sweden sn1pie
2022-01-24 02:44
2022-01-24 02:44
PashaBiceps Forest GeT_RiGhT KennyS TaZ
2022-01-24 02:50
guardian flusha jw forest chrisj maybe even byali/snax coldzera ...
2022-01-24 02:50
GuardiaN pasha JW flusha kennyS GTR me
2022-01-24 02:52
Skadoodle Scream Coldzera KennyS Jks GuardiaN F0rest
2022-01-26 11:38
Korea queendom
2022-01-26 11:39
Romania xypperz
Kjaerbye should make a comeback
2022-01-26 11:46
Poland v1ctorex
2022-01-26 11:56
Netherlands poeya1
f0rest ScreaM kennyS Maikelele Happy TaZ Pashabiceps Shroud flusha
2022-01-26 11:57
Europe FraQQarN
Flusha Jw Forest Friberg Xizt Fifflaren Jks Nothing Jkaem Pasha Sgares Zeus Seized Maikelele Taz ScreaM KennyS
2022-01-26 11:57
forest get right scream flusha pasha
2022-01-26 11:57
f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, skadoodle, RpK, Dosia, zeus, mir, maikelele, coldzera
2022-01-26 12:00
dev1ce and coldzera... obviously dev1ce is still in nip but it has been like 2-3 months since he went in medical leave
2022-01-26 17:07
2022-01-26 17:08
virtus plow, fer, mir, MSL, ex6tenz, flusha, jw, ange1, zeus, guardian, dosia, gob b
2022-01-26 17:56
Bulgaria h1poCS
2022-01-27 23:06
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