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Aleskib as IGL
Europe Kaljakka 
A lot of people have an opinion about him and his style and result. Tbh he is good IGL and has allways been. He never had superstars in team, he went to major final with nobody players (exept snake allu). OG had only left over players and never had a potential (no top20 players in team). Nexa had niko&hunter and did nothing. G2 and NiKo knows what they do. They wouldnt pick aleksi to G2 for no reason or after his ”bad” results. Aleksi was allmost the most consistant player in OG with good stats as IGL. I mean aleksi is the best utility user. Imagine what executes he can do with NikO and hunter. Also with m0nesy. Dont judge him if u dont like him. Let him prove before saying ”G2 wont be in top10” Peace & love
2022-01-24 16:43
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they should kick him if G2 drops in the rankings later today
2022-01-24 16:44
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nt ibait
2022-01-24 16:47
2022-01-25 08:39
this just looks like the faze lineup with karrigan and niko, wont be surprised if aleksi gets kicked after next major lul
2022-01-26 12:43
finally someone who understands
2022-01-24 16:44
Aleski moment 💀
2022-01-24 16:45
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Europe Kaljakka
2022-01-24 16:48
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you misspelled the name
2022-01-24 17:04
Twoface "AleskiiWC" Toiletto
2022-01-24 16:47
stop making these posts ibait please... aleksib is god but stop overhyping
2022-01-24 16:47
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Europe Kaljakka
I am ibait i just use wpn cozz i got banned…yep
2022-01-24 17:07
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u dont need to use vpn to use other acc dummy... also ur not ibait nt ibait
2022-01-24 17:12
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Europe Kaljakka
Ibait in
2022-01-25 06:48
we bait
2022-01-26 10:31
Major was 3 years ago, not saying hes bad. But surely coming second place 3 years ago cant be the reason they picked him up. But its gonna be really fun seeing him in G2, gl to him
2022-01-24 16:48
Pretty sure XQTZZZ chose to get AleksiB. From neLs reporting to Niak’s tweet about giving the keys to XQTZZZ I’m sure all these moves he wanted.
2022-01-24 16:49
Look, I don't have any issues with aleksib, I think he is a great IGL and i think that the move by g2 is totally justified. But on the other hand, i would've loved for nexa to have another chance now that they have an actual awper in the team. Still, I believe both OG and G2 benefited from the swap, Og got the firepower they needed and G2 got an IGl with a different style.
2022-01-24 16:50
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+1 exactly my thinking!
2022-01-24 16:52
broky | 
England julz!
aleksib cope is so fucking annoying seriously can you guys shut up
2022-01-24 16:53
9 replies
Do you know what cope means lmao
2022-01-25 06:45
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broky | 
England julz!
ur coping with the fact hes a dead average igl with these fucking fantasy stories and hoops to try and convince yourself he is good sounds like ur coping tbh
2022-01-25 15:08
7 replies
Yeah I'm coping with him being in g2 lmao, its so hard to cope with that. How did dead igl get picked up by g2 in the first place tho?
2022-01-25 15:10
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broky | 
England julz!
i mean they swapped two average igls with different styles seems like a win for g2 if they wanna play a different style, doesnt mean he is a fucking top 5 igl
2022-01-25 15:11
5 replies
Who said he is? And who is top 5 igls in your opinion?
2022-01-25 15:26
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broky | 
England julz!
everyone is hyping him up to be a really good igl if you dont think he is, then why are you replying
2022-01-25 15:35
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He's a good igl. But is he top 5? Maybe not according to recent data. Was he in 2019? Yes. And I think theres decent odds of him doing that again now in G2. But you didnt answer who do you think IS top 5?
2022-01-25 17:44
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nafany, glaive, cadiaN, apEX, boombl4 aleksib literally cannot fail in this, he has niko hunter and m0nesy, this team will not be bad no matter how aleksib calls
2022-01-26 10:58
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So what you're basically saying is that top 5 IGLs are the IGLs that are in top 5 teams (+glaive), not taking into account at all what kind of player material they're working with. Got it. Yeah obviously as an outsider its really hard to judge whos a great IGL because you dont even know all the input. In navi for example coach and s1mple have good input. Even tho navi are dominant right now I would hesitate to call boombl4 top 5 IGL. He has absolutely the highest firepower lineup that exists and smart players + good coach. Like, he would need to bring negative input not to win lol. cadiaN is a great IGL for sure, heroic dont have the best players but their tactical side is really good. But by your logic if G2 become top 3 team then aleksib automatically is top 5 IGL. "aleksib literally cannot fail in this, he has niko hunter and m0nesy, this team will not be bad no matter how aleksib calls" Ofc it can fail, you need to take expectations into consideration. Obviously it wont be bad, but if this team is out of top 5 in 5 months, then it is a failure and its safe to say aleksib is not that great IGL. This team is supposed to be a top contender and if that doesnt happen changes are needed again.
2022-01-26 12:00
Netherlands dabadpad
he s good.. but not that good..
2022-01-24 16:54
I haven't read this thread yet, but. It's a Finnish flag with G2 flair, surely not biased, right? Edit: I mean yeah it's true I guess, NiKo and Hunter will carry no matter what so it's not the end of the world if aleksib sucks.
2022-01-24 16:56
2022-01-24 16:55
Latvia doug_water
"snAkE aLlU" lmfao. irrelevant opinion.
2022-01-24 16:56
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Europe Kaljakka
You dont maeeby understant finnish, so u miss so many articles about allu made in finnish here in Finland. We finnish people know what was the sunny&allu drama bc they write it in finnish…
2022-01-24 17:09
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Latvia doug_water
allu forced the igl role onto sunny, sunny and sergej backstabbed allu, didn't even care to explain anything. that makes sunny and sergej snakes, not allu.
2022-01-24 20:25
1 reply
Also tweeting those things while interview of allu makes them bunch of pussies as well.
2022-01-24 20:52
Can you give me a link to the article where they explain situation as Finnish?
2022-01-24 20:54
I disagree that he didn't have superstars in ENCE, Sergej was and probably still is a very good player. Allu also wasnt bad at the time if I remember correctly. I agree he certainly made the team play way passed its potential but to say ENCE had mediocre players at the time is false imo
2022-01-24 17:01
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Allu was usually really good on train and nuke on ct, other maps where less good for him.
2022-01-25 07:12
Good players yes. Superstars... No. Aleksi has never had a NiKo like superstar in his team. Sergej and Allu are both good players, but not on the same category as NiKo.
2022-01-25 09:09
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True, but that said, I think it will be hard for Aleksi to work with the G2 roster, as I doubt NiKo or m0nesy are any less difficult to handle than what Allu was, as Aleksi is apparently micromanaging igl, and now he would need to herd real superstars. But to be honest, I don't know what kind of persons NiKo or m0nesy really are, can they tune the superstar down a notch and be the kind of teamplayers aleksi's strats require? Hunter and Jackz I think should have no issue with that, at least Jackz plays very supportive game at CT side.
2022-01-25 15:49
Allu was not the best player on ENCE, he has been good, but by the time he was on the AleksiB-led ENCE Allu was not good anymore. Sergej was the best player on that team, though each of the players had their value increased under good leadership. Also, blaming Nexa for G2 not winning the major devalues Na'Vi and their qualities, their performance at the major was the strongest team ever seen, you can't expect anyone to beat that monster. My opinion on G2 is that if they had only swapped Nexa for AleksiB they would get worse, because their fragging power goes down and their already strong supportive structure becomes dominant, but because they also replaced Amanek with M0nesy they attempted to trade some support for firepower, so the combination of both will hopefully give them the same firepower to support ratio, but with an actual AWPer and a more tactically intelligent leader. Add that to XTQZZZ, who has experience with developing a prodigy (previously ZywOo, not M0nesy), and AleksiB's experience leading one (in Sergej), and you get what seems to be a very well-balanced team that has the potential to outperform the previous iteration of G2, though whether that will make them good enough to beat Na'Vi, and whether they will live up to that potential we can only wait and see.
2022-01-24 17:19
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Finland NyxEzz
actually good take. Dont see these often in hltv.
2022-01-24 20:30
Monesy is garbage compared to what zywoo was in his first year. Zywoo talk in French monesy in English. LOL g2 are fucked and new roster by June
2022-01-25 06:28
1 reply
Well you dont know that since monesy first year hasnt even started yet. But yes most likely he wont be nearly as good as zywoo was, because zywoo had by far the "hottest" entry into scene than anyone else ever had.
2022-01-25 06:55
Cant really agree with strong supportive structure.
2022-01-25 06:52
3 replies
Jackz, Amanek were more supportive than anything else in the team, Nexa was a bit of both, and even HuNter was more backup for NiKo than a strong individual player (like he was before NiKo joined). It's much like the previous Vitality, and especially under ALEX's leadership. Actually I think Nexa and NiKo's G2 was a lot like ALEX and ZywOo's Vitality. Now with AleksiB and M0nesy the structure will obviously change, probably closer to how Na'Vi plays, except still with more support. But we'll have to see of course.
2022-01-25 13:48
2 replies
I dont understand wheres the support in jackz..? Entry player with all aim no brain.
2022-01-25 14:28
1 reply
Jackz creates pressure, he's in the front, but he rarely goes in first, so he's not actually a hard entry. In the nuke game in the major finals you could see very well what Jackz does: sometimes push, sometimes wait, so players need to always be on the lookout. Support isn't only throwing flashes and smokes, gameplay can also be supportive.
2022-01-25 15:00
I would assume that XTQZZZ wants to have igl that wants to be the igl and work with him.
2022-01-25 07:23
8 replies
Oh, you mean the fact that Nexa originally started IGLing out of necessity? I have no idea whether that would be a factor, he seems to be quite comfortable in his role now.
2022-01-25 13:43
7 replies
Rumours say he didnt want to igl, not in og either but he got fucked.
2022-01-25 13:51
5 replies
Do we know if he's gonna igl in OG? I just assumed Valde would take that role again
2022-01-25 15:11
4 replies
Not sure. Someone wrote something like he wasnt supposed to igl in OG but then they made him igl anyway xD
2022-01-25 15:12
3 replies
Huh, would suck for him if he gets forced to igl again, after getting "kicked" for not wanting to igl on G2 haha
2022-01-25 15:15
2 replies
Yeah that would suck for him xD
2022-01-25 15:25 This video reveals that nexa indeed is igl in OG.
2022-01-25 17:58
It could be factor if the rumor is true, if nexa doesnt want to IGL it might not be fun for XTQZZZ to work with him.
2022-01-25 15:19
United States Jeebur
Hes the better pure IGL but I do not believe G2 need the amount of structure Aleksi brings within his systems and I do not believe they have the tools for such. Unless Aleksi plans to become a support player instead of rifler/entry, they will not have the tools needed for Aleksi to find success.
2022-01-24 20:27
They will kick him out by the end of the year
2022-01-24 20:29
Serbia eliiiiii_
XTQZZZ, a guy who managed to win a trophy with 3 deadweight players on the team, came to the office first day and said that he doesn't want nexa unless he wants to IGL that screams ambition and will to win and I'm sure neither him nor Aleksi will waste their time on bar none the best team they've ever been a part of in terms of ceiling I believe they'll make it work
2022-01-24 20:31
1 reply
I agree
2022-01-24 20:39
aleksib is op player, cant wait to see them play in blast or IEM Katowice
2022-01-24 20:35
1 reply
2022-01-24 20:41
aleksib as igl = overrated All you need to know.
2022-01-24 20:55
3 replies
oh nooo, hes underrated for sure
2022-01-25 05:19
Idk man, I think there's at least as many people that think that Aleksi is the worst thing that has ever happened to csgo as there are people that think he is the second coming of Christ in terms of igl'ing. I just think he seems pretty decent
2022-01-25 15:13
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Finland Sk1reh
Don't take the aleksib haters seriously as they are very biased. Every one of them is either from Finland and supports allu or around Serbia and supports nexa.
2022-01-25 17:54
"He never had superstars in team, he went to major final with nobody players (exept snake allu). OG had only left over players and never had a potential (no top20 players in team)." Imagine writing this and not seeing the obvious inconsistency
2022-01-24 20:59
2 replies
naah allu = snake confirmed.
2022-01-25 05:42
1 reply
Nice name
2022-01-25 06:15
aleksib is better than nexa but not god igl
2022-01-24 21:42
+1 good post
2022-01-25 05:40
DD | 
Philippines libon23
ence was one of those teams who suck ass after krieg/aug nerfed but yeah aleksib isnt a bad igl but i wouldnt say hes good either, I mean look at what he did at OG. 2 f*kin years with 0 Achievements, so yeah if G2 wants to lift trophies they have to rely on niko being in form and mb m0nesy but idk Im not expecting much from him just dont shit the bed please.
2022-01-25 06:07
2 replies
Aleksib | 
Finland nzj
ence did not even use aug that much tbh. Aerial was always m4a1 guy, and still is. He tried to use AUG a bit, since it got buffed and ppl were delivering with it, but then he switched back to m4a1. Aleksib used it a bit, but did not stick either. OG was way too inconsistent with their players who were supposed to deliver - first there was the clash of ISSA/NBK/Valde in comms with aleksi, you can clearly see that in some of the videos were aleksi is trying to call and they just babble the comms and then aleksi yells that stop talking and listen. Then, there was the problem with ISSAA ping & bootcamps. When ISSAA is in LAN, he is a valuable piece of the team and brings HEAT. NBK was also delivering way too less than he has potential for - sometimes he'd 4k with deagle, sometimes nothing. Also Valde was a bit lost for a long time after he switched to IGL and then in OG he just could not deliver in a level that you need for tier1. Same with mantuu, sometimes he was just left in the dark and did not hit his shots, kind of reminded me from allu, but without all the aggro picks that allu did & delivered. There were many matches where Valde and mantuu played bad and lost the duels 100-0. Niko & flamez did not help at all - yeah sure flamez has potential and showed sometimes, but Valde would have need something like k0nfig or BlameF to brotap with him for OG to succeed. And mantuu needs to start being consistent like ottond was, or more flashy plays like allu did, or zywoo does in top level. If you did look at some of the G2 plays, they seemed more like 'wait niko or hunter to deliver and then go' - like some things they did in Mirage as a T - 5 guys to conn? silver tactics :)
2022-01-25 07:10
You're clueless, ENCE was one of the last teams to use the "broken" guns, and Aerial won the blast mvp with the unbuffed m4a1
2022-01-26 12:40
Give alexi little time i think he will do great
2022-01-25 06:15
"Aleksi was allmost the most consistant player in OG with good stats as IGL." those arent good stats. and imo it doesnt matter to end result if there is nexa or aleksib leading this g2 project. both would achieve same with these players. if g2 isnt stable top 3 team igl has failed. nexa>aleksib invidually aleksib>nexa as a caller prob
2022-01-25 06:20
allu | 
Finland Runts1
G2 needed change. OG needed change G2 will got more structure for their strats OG will got more firepower (not sunNy) I think both teams got exactly what they needed for. Aleksib is hard working guy and have 200 iq gamesence. He will rise G2 strats for another level. And when strats are better and NiKo and Hunter will keep their firepower. G2 will be much better team. And it all depends of course m0nesys consistance. If m0nesy will be even decent, G2 is gonna be monster this year. Beyond a doubt. But will it be enough vs. NaVi? Time will see
2022-01-25 06:28
Canada raynikzz
Ur aleksi is the most overrated igl ever . If u take og he had 0 results with his team for 2 years
2022-01-25 07:17
Aleksi’s G2 is gonna be much better
2022-01-25 07:19
Finland FneXie
> He never had superstars in team, he went to major final with nobody players (exept snake allu). boi aleksi didn't go to major final with 3 nobodies and allu, allu went to major final with 4 nobodies he himself picked out
2022-01-25 07:21
4 replies
Aleksib picked sergej and aerial btw
2022-01-25 17:56
3 replies
Finland FneXie
"Initially I got approached by Mr. allu at the start of 2018. Instantly I got very excited by the chance I was given and we started thinking about the players we would want. allu didn't have that much knowledge of Finnish players back then since he had been away from the scene for a while, so we worked together to gather up the players." Direct quote from sergej btw, very strongly implying that allu picked him from there
2022-01-26 09:34
2 replies
Yeah Aleksib took him into havu where he was able to show himself internationally As he said, allu lacked knowledge about local players so who knows if he ended up in ence without playing with aleksib. Who also was the only player at times to pick young and/or unproven players instead of old guys
2022-01-26 09:51
1 reply
Finland FneXie
Aleksi took him into HAVU. Not ENCE. which is the topic of the discussion. Allu went to a major final with 4 nobodies. While aleksib was a part of that success, -aleksi +sunny wasn't an awful move like people make it out to be, it just ended up not working. The ENCE we know would've been dead either way with players like Jamppi arriving.
2022-01-26 09:54
India spiderCAKE
>Nexa had niko&hunter and did nothing. ???? 8 grand finals including major? Didn't even have a true awper after kenny was benched? AMANEK, a rifler playing all the bitch roles and forced to awp? Aleksib is a good IGL but I don't think a new IGL is what G2 needed imo. You don't need to slander nexa to make aleksib look good.
2022-01-25 07:23
Hypocrisy in these topics are unbeliavable. If g2 bad = aleksib fault If g2 good = it is because other players, not aleksib Just wait and see couple months before making assumptions
2022-01-25 07:53
2 replies
Finland cuntycorn
Also: Aleksib no trophies in 2 years with a bunch of rejects = overrated trash IGL Nexa no trophies in 2 years with niko and hunter = very good caller
2022-01-25 15:01
1 reply
2022-01-25 15:04
Namibia Watame
Sunny to OG
2022-01-25 08:09
1 reply
sunny to hearstone or valorant
2022-01-25 13:46
OMEGALUL "allu superstar" and valde, niko & mantuu "never had a potential" xDDDDD
2022-01-25 13:45
Denmark slacking
everything checks out finns most delusional
2022-01-25 13:55
Netherlands ugly1
Incoming nexa t2 struggle
2022-01-25 14:41
no you are so wrong! G2 doesn't know that he sucks (i know since i am HLTV professional). i must use my days to spread the message about aleksib being bad so carlos can maybe hear me one day!!!
2022-01-25 17:47
TenZ | 
Russia P0vTr
fantastic thread except of this part: > He never had superstars in team, he went to major final with nobody players (exept snake allu) Tf bot allu is the worst
2022-01-25 18:00
Ence abused aug
2022-01-26 10:05
France Guilsz_
a lot of bias here
2022-01-26 10:11
Smart words as expected from kaljakka
2022-01-26 10:17
Poland moistu
the most consistent player in OG and a good frager sory but no Aleksib has at least one map in the match does not come out with 10 kills
2022-01-26 10:22
Trust XQTZZZ choice, i think ke know what to do to make G2 shine
2022-01-26 10:26
Sweden gNeJS
Dont you understand that threads like this where 40 other Finns joins the circle jerk is what gets AleksiB hate? 1. Is he a good IGL? - Yes 2. Does the cult around him start the hate - Yes 3. Will 10 threads a day about him stop the hate - Read 2.
2022-01-26 10:31
He is overrated ever since the ence fluke.
2022-01-26 10:33
Ok but boombl4 best igl
2022-01-26 10:36
Iceland suriel666
Aleksib very overrated and will be exposed in this new G2
2022-01-26 11:41
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