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Books to read
Seychelles Ayane 
Friedrich Nietzsche: Genealogy of Morals Friedrich Nietzsche: Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music Friedrich Nietzsche: Thus spoke Zarathustra Friedrich Nietzsche: Anti-Christ Julius Evola: Ride the Tiger Julius Evola: Revolt against the Modern World Julius Evola: Man Among the Ruins Julius Evola: Yoga of Power Martin Heidegger: Being & Time Oswald Spengler: Decline of the West Aiwaz: Liber AL vel legis Carl Hansen: Dawn of a New Morning - the Return of the World's Master-Builder Lucifer-Hiram Otto Rahn: Lucifer's Court Carl Jung: Man and his Symbols Alfred Rosenberg: The myth of 20th century
2022-01-26 23:04
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Egypt BomberMan_
Hunger Games
2022-01-26 23:06
3 replies
Cool book!
2022-01-26 23:23
1 reply
2022-01-27 00:39
Books are very cool
2022-01-26 23:51
Sapiens, always sapiens.
2022-01-26 23:06
Cuba LastSupper
Nietzsche is bs tbh grr bn bn
2022-01-26 23:07
Poland lukisss777
Witcher all books are amazing!
2022-01-26 23:08
Belgium jorneiro
I can tell your jawline is nonexistent
2022-01-26 23:31
Brazil Nyxoos
Metallica All That Matters 👍
2022-01-26 23:31
Carl Jung: AION
2022-01-26 23:35
is that the famous incel pipeline
2022-01-26 23:36
The Blade Itself Name of the Wind The Lies of Locke Lamora Assassin's Apprentice
2022-01-26 23:37
2 replies
+1 for assasin's apprentice, was my fav trilogy when i was 13
2022-01-27 01:49
1 reply
Did you ever finish the series? There's 4 more trilogies I think and then ending is pretty perfect.
2022-01-27 03:59
Uzbekistan gafurman
why is it all so religious? I would love to read any of those but they all sound very religious
2022-01-26 23:46
4 replies
Salom, are you actually uzbek? Evola is quite anti-christian, majority of his shit attacks modern religion, comes from a pre-abrahamic and mystic/occult view.
2022-01-27 00:50
3 replies
Uzbekistan gafurman
yes I am uzbek. but I am more of a non-religious person. Can't say that I am an atheist but I definitely do not follow any religion. Just don't see any point in doing so
2022-01-27 01:47
2 replies
I understand, the same with my girlfriend's family. She's from Tashkent, we were there in November. Beautiful country BTW, loved the food, nice hospitable people too.
2022-01-27 01:57
1 reply
Uzbekistan gafurman
nice. yeah food is exceptional in uzbekistan
2022-01-27 01:58
Dostoevsky- Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, Demons, The Gambler, The House of the Dead, Notes From the Underground, Dream of a Ridiculous Man Tolstoy- War and Peace, Anna Karenina, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Hadji Murad Bulgakov- The Master and Margarita, Heart of a Dog Goncharov - Oblomov Gogol - Dead Souls, The Overcoat, The Nose, Diary of a Madman Turgenev - Fathers and Sons, Rudin Pushkin- Eugene Onegin, The Bronze Horseman, The Shot, The Queen of Spades Chekhov - The Lady with the Dog, The Seagull, Uncle Vanya Ilf/Petrov - The 12 Chairs Solzhenitsyn - One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Shukshin - Cutting Them Down to Size Cervantes - Don Quixote Marquez- 100 years of Solitude Machado- The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas Dickens - Great Expectations, David Copperfield Joyce - The Dead Woolf- To the Lighthouse Nabokov - Pale Fire, Lolita Melville - Bartleby the Scrivener Tolkien- The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit Lovecraft- The Outsider, The Colour out of Space Steinbeck - East of Eden Wright- Native Son Paton - Cry the Beloved Country Rushdie - Midnight's Children, Shame Achebe - Things Fall Apart Shelley - Frankenstein Stoker - Dracula Morrison - Beloved Shakespeare - Othello, King Leer, Henry the 5th, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet Emezi- The Death of Vivek Oji RR Martin (my guilty pleasure) - A Song of Ice and Fire Swift - Gulliver's Travels, A Modest Proposal Carroll - Adventures in Wonderland Hugo - Les Misérables, The Hunchback of Notre Dame Camus - The Guest, The Stranger Leroux - Phantom of the Opera Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo, 3 Musketeers Maupassant - Ball of Fat, Useless Beauty, The Necklace, The Horla Voltaire - Candide Calvino- The Distance of the Moon, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler Schiller- The Robbers von Kleist- Michael Kohlhaas, An Earthquake in Chile Frankl - Man's Search For Meaning Hesse- Siddhartha, Demian Goethe - Faust parts 1 and 2 Kafka- The Trial, The Metamorphosis, In the Penal Colony, The Hunger Artist Zweig- The Royal Game Niezsche - Also Sprach Zarathustra Grass - The Tin Drum Soseki- Kokoro, I am a Cat Akutagawa- Dragon: An Old Potter's Tale, In a Grove, Hell Screen, Green Onions, Horse Legs Kawabata- Master of Go, Snow Country Dazai- No Longer Human, Otogizoshi Tanizaki- In Praise of Shadows Kakuzo- The Book of Tea Endo- Silence Murakami - Wind up Bird Chronicle Shikibu - Tale of Genji Yu Hua - To Live Cao Xueqin - Dream of the Red Chamber Sun Tzu - Art of War 1001 Arabian Nights
2022-01-26 23:47
Denmark slacking
thanks for thread could you elaborate on why they are worth reading? cause just like this I don't really feel motivated
2022-01-26 23:52
lamo why do you want to read Nietzsche? Thus spoke Zarathustra is garbage, unless you enjoy pseudo-poetry and wondering what the author actually meant ? cuz the author doesn't know how to convey his idea in a simple manner (which I personally hate and don't care) mine Denial of Death - Ernest Becker, Staring at the Sun - irvin yalom, the schopenhauer cure - irvin yalom Momma and The Meaning of Life - irvin yalom behave - robert sapolsky why zebras don't get ulcers - robert sapolsky anxious - joseph ledoux middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides, The Evolution of Beauty - Richard O. Prum how emotions are made - Lisa Feldman Barrett How to Change Your Mind - Michael Pollan, sophie's world - jostein gaarder fear and trembling - Søren Kierkegaard Socjobiology - Edward Osborne Wilson breath - james nestor Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect - Judea Pearl A Little History of Philosophy - Nigel Warburton How To Invent Everything: A Survival Guide For The Stranded Time Traveler - Ryan North emergency - neil strauss No Self, No Problem: How Neuropsychology Is Catching Up to Buddhism - Chris Niebauer and a bit of physic and cosmology , reread hawking, brian greene, lee smolin, jim baggott should be enough for this year, but will see who wants to my accountability pair ? so we could check ourselves at progress?
2022-01-27 00:12
Estonia zalupa337
based but evola is meh
2022-01-27 00:31
Europe _pedrin
Herman Melville - Moby Dick, great book to read after Jung - Man and his symbols
2022-01-27 00:37
Kosovo Arkanan
congratulations, you love to read shit
2022-01-27 00:37
nobody reads books anymore tiktok, reddit, snapchat, instagram and twitter is all u need stupid to waste time reading.
2022-01-27 00:39
The Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger Everyone on HLTV would love this book
2022-01-27 00:41
3 replies
actually no, i hate that book with all my heart -_-
2022-01-27 04:08
2 replies
Why?? :O
2022-01-27 08:36
1 reply
garbage, no value, no sense, no meaning, waste of time
2022-01-27 14:43
heres the translation, dont need to thank me for it: hello im a very insecure teenager to the point where i cant even show my real flag, im gonna put all these mainstream "smart" books to make myself a pseudointellectual and boost the tiny remains of self esteem. i havent even read any of these (maybe he means "i havent understood shit out of it", the language is pretty hard in this part) but i will still pretend that i have a better picture of the world
2022-01-27 01:31
Serbia Djomla.
Nah, ill stick to Lord of the rings
2022-01-27 01:33
2022-01-27 01:40
Australia B_Tannen
LOTR, Hobbit, wheel of time.
2022-01-27 01:42
First as Tragedy, Then as Farce
2022-01-27 01:42
pretty good books tbh, would recommend a few more but too lazy to write
2022-01-27 01:50
Right wing pipeline
2022-01-27 02:02
reading HLTV comments >>>>>>>>> reading books
2022-01-27 02:19
books are for retards
2022-01-27 02:25
Sabbat of the Witch
2022-01-27 02:31
actually applicable ones: Atomic habits by James Clear How to talk to absolutely anyone by Mark Rhodes The 48 laws of Power by Robert Greene (for hltv mods only)
2022-01-27 02:39
2 replies
48 laws is not applicable in real life imo, unless you want to become a clown like Donald Trump ... some ppl might be caught on tricks How to talk to absolutely anyone by Mark Rhodes - quite bad reviews
2022-01-27 04:03
1 reply
I felt How to talk to absolutely anyone by Mark Rhodes was useful since this is hltv afterall..
2022-01-27 04:10
Russia kadach
1984. Very actually in Russia right now. Very accuracy described Putin's time
2022-01-27 04:11
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