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Liquidpedia settings list
reVicer | 
Finland Naaputon 
Should liquidpedia add a list for player resolutions. They already have them listed on the player profiles and it would make finding specific player easier
2022-01-27 07:38
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For example I have only managed to find one pro who uses 800x600 streched because the searching function is bad
2022-01-27 07:40
28 replies
May I ask who that is?
2022-01-27 07:45
26 replies
I knew ScreaM played 800x600 BB but stretched wtf 💀
2022-01-27 07:47
1 reply
2022-01-27 07:49
I will reply to you who it is but first take a wild guess
2022-01-27 07:47
10 replies
Kjaerbye but he uses bb So, reVicer is my final guess
2022-01-27 07:49
8 replies
reVicer :)
2022-01-27 07:48
7 replies
Knew it
2022-01-27 07:49
I guess the dude simply has a shit PC :D I see no reason to use this res if your pc is fine
2022-01-27 07:51
5 replies
Personally I use it and perform really well. Its due to placebo I am sure about it. At least I can enjoy cs:go on ancient with 800+ fps :)
2022-01-27 07:53
4 replies
Well I dunno man whatever works best for you I guess. Personally I can't handle it when the first number is lower than 1K, feels like I’m playing minecraft
2022-01-27 07:56
3 replies
That is a very valid point since I can agree that I am basically putting myself in disadvantageous situation by using the res. But when I take it off I play like shit and dont hit anything so I guess 800x600 its is :)
2022-01-27 08:02
2 replies
Well, if you played with it your entire time, kinda says it all. Change the res för one month.
2022-01-27 08:05
1 reply
I used 1280x960 streched for 3.5 months and on average my stats went down 0.3 kd. I was averaging 19 frags while I previously was fragging 22 on average so I will not do that again. Thanks for the suggestion tho I guess. Its super weird and I cant tell why I just play worse when I dont use 800x600 streched . What makes it worse on modern PCs is that it dosent give me any advantages like when everyone had shit PCs
2022-01-27 08:10
Well I know what res most pro’s use so it’s surprising for me that someone actually uses 800x600 STRETCHED. That just feels like an insanely bad res, it physically hurts my eyes. But okay lets say refrezh. I dunno what he uses
2022-01-27 07:49
its reVicer
2022-01-27 07:48
12 replies
No idea who that is man xd
2022-01-27 07:50
1 reply
CS:SOURCE pro and an legendary player in the finnish scene in the 2012-2015 finnish scene. For example he played for ence and players who would later become top tier players
2022-01-27 07:52
2022-01-27 07:52
1 reply
2022-01-27 07:54
bruh WHO
2022-01-27 08:06
7 replies
2022-01-27 08:09
3 replies
ik but no one knows him even from CSS
2022-01-27 08:10
2 replies
:c damn it feels bad to be a revaaz
2022-01-27 08:11
1 reply
2022-01-27 08:14
reVicer, the 2nd best entry fragger of all time next to apEX
2022-01-27 08:15
2 replies
nt try
2022-01-27 08:15
1 reply
but its true
2022-02-22 11:03
Somalia goner
800x600 aint no way boaaa
2022-01-27 08:09
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