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So good. Top1 this year?
2022-01-28 15:53
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Korea ang9r5193
eco frags
2022-01-28 15:53
2 replies
He won them almost the game alone. So many impact multi frags
2022-01-28 15:55
low IQ BOT spamming comments every post that makes no sense
2022-01-28 16:14
So far this year if we're looking at blast events Niko top 1 easily might as well just call it here.
2022-01-28 15:54
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Serbia Djordje1337
For some reason you are trying to shit on every G2 player whenever you can. Every G2 thread i see, i see your comment, and it never says anything good for them.
2022-01-28 15:58
13 replies
Where have I shit on g2 lol also am I meant to care that I make some rando sad?
2022-01-28 15:59
12 replies
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, man, you need to know that nobody gives a shit about your opinion, i guess you are just delusional and stupid as hell.
2022-01-28 16:01
9 replies
Well you clearly do why do you keep remembering it on "every thread" when I've posted like 2 or 3 things in the last 4 days and they were all today lol If you didn't find it so important you would have just scrolled past and to some other comment. Fix your brain you're ill and stop wasting my time you cretin.
2022-01-28 16:04
8 replies
I remembered it because i opened 3 threads and in all 3 i saw your name saying something bad about G2 players. I don't find your opinion important, i just find it funny that you would rather try to shit on someone giving his best, than actually do something with your life.
2022-01-28 16:08
7 replies
This is one of those threads apparently and it's literally me saying Niko is playing well, I know you're from somewhere where English education probably doesn't exist but at least try it online before attempting anything to do with the English language you moron. The other was me saying I will wait until G2 face a tier 1 or 2 team before judging how well or bad they play and probably wait until best of threes, that also counts for random losses they might get BECASUE BEST OF 1S ARE FULL OF UPSETS you'd know that if you weren't a moron but sadly you somehow figured out how to breathe and decided that was enough to get you through life, you didn't need to know anything else. I have posted 3 comments 2 were neutral and 1 was praising Niko but because you're a dumb person, because your brain doesn't work you just wanted to decide what I said based on your own broken ass brain Go away your stupidity hurts.
2022-01-28 16:13
6 replies
lmao, im not even gonna try to argue with you because it seems that your iq is below zero.
2022-01-28 16:25
5 replies
Both flags check out. Hilarious, you 2 make such a good couple
2022-01-28 16:31
4 replies
I know you're from somewhere where English education probably doesn't exist but at least try it online before attempting anything to do with the English language you moron.
2022-01-28 16:33
3 replies
I love you defend your wife by reusing his comments. Its so adorable
2022-01-28 16:34
2 replies
15 minutes ago i'd be sure that's sarcasm but because of ChApsTeRmAsTeRpRo, now i cant unlucky.
2022-01-28 16:35
It definitely is don't worry mens. No beef here.
2022-01-28 16:40
what is rando ?
2022-01-28 16:23
1 reply
random. hes welsh forgive him
2022-01-28 16:31
2022-01-28 15:54
Just nerf this dude ))
2022-01-28 15:54
Poland brochu
dont pick him in fantasy team btw he wont play good with new players btw
2022-01-28 15:54
1.20 vs top 20 is his highest rating in 3 years.
2022-01-28 15:55
3 replies
not even his 2nd highest rating in the past 5 years
2022-01-28 16:14
2 replies
In past 5 years xD.
2022-01-28 16:21
1 reply
2022-01-28 16:21
France Kazzenn
nice joke, zywoo will be top 1 for sure the goat will be back dis year
2022-01-28 16:16
always top 1 in my heart
2022-01-28 16:22
For sure, no one has a chance against G2 later in the season. Maybe early in the season NaVi will win few events, but then it will be all G2 in the rest of the year, and NiKo top1 player of the year
2022-01-28 16:27
def highest ranked rifler of the year could be #1 if g2>navi, but awp makes high K/D easier and hltv rating is heavily biased towards good K/D i think he will probably be #2 sadly
2022-01-28 16:29
Turkey sonbafrali
He shows who is the boss.
2022-01-28 16:28
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