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r8 ace
Russia Ang_Zhou_Ni ace to win a faceit match, around lvl 9's, im just at 95 games so im just starting to get into faceit xd
2022-02-26 03:19
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do it in real life
2022-02-26 03:20
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with his flag tho
2022-02-26 17:24
Latvia Gadmin
nice flash, caught them in timing, pretty solid 8/10 could've been more accurate on the taps also, nice glove+knife combo
2022-02-26 03:23
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Russia Ang_Zhou_Ni
thanks bro
2022-02-26 03:25
where is the revolver? 0/8
2022-02-26 03:38
Nice ace, but why did they not throw ct smoke with a lineup? Also no mollies over site were they broke or something
2022-02-26 03:50
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just lvl 9's this wasnt a super high elo game bro
2022-02-26 03:51
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But isn’t it common sense I thought lvl 9 were smarter
2022-02-26 04:03
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when u reach lvl 10 u will realize everyone is a bot, it's only elo that counts after that
2022-02-26 04:52
normal to just throw ct smoke on the run to catch site/ct players before they can throw counter-util
2022-02-26 05:03
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I’m just not a fan because i feel like nobody ever holds my ct when I do it and a guy one taps someone and runs away
2022-02-26 05:11
Finland Eestu
You're a beast. Also I really like your knife + glove combo. :)
2022-02-26 03:59
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haha thanks my finnish brother, wanna play tonight? like saturday evening if youre avi
2022-02-26 04:06
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2022-02-26 04:08
Finland Eestu
I might be sleeping at that time since my sleeping schedule is horrible and I'm trying to pull out an all nighter with my friends. :D But if I'm still awake by then and down to play then hell yeah, let's go. If you are available rn you could come queue with me and my IRLs. :D
2022-02-26 04:44
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aight hf bro :D
2022-02-26 17:07
Namibia Watame
u down to q?
2022-02-26 04:23
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4:27 bro, was about to go to bed :/ any chance you would be avi tomorrow evening/night at euro times?
2022-02-26 04:27
So polite now hltv in past even good clips everyone said 0 8 against bot now they more chill wtf
2022-02-26 04:33
United States Goob
nice ace brother
2022-02-26 04:59
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thanks brother
2022-02-26 17:02
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