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Iceland nihility 
Spilled drink all over my desk, my keyboard seemed to be dead… Need a new one, preferably mechanical tkl. Suggestions?
2022-05-03 07:28
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razer tartarus v2
2022-05-03 07:31
Spilled drink all over my desk, keyboard seems to be dead… Need a new one, preferably mechanical tkl. Suggestions?
2022-05-03 07:32
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Spilled drink all over my desk, keyboard seems to be dead… Need a new one, preferably mechanical tkl. Suggestions?
2022-05-03 09:11
2022-05-03 07:35
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Trying to dry it, but I dont think its gonna work
2022-05-03 07:37
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just put it somewhere outside before you sleep, leave it there and let it dry until you wake up, although if you are really in iceland then thats a yikes, just try to put it next to a heater or something if thats the case
2022-05-03 07:39
Singapore kmslol
put it in rice
2022-05-03 08:23
It works!☺ U can delete this thread mods
2022-05-03 19:13
built my own custom keyboard so i'd suggest you do that too
2022-05-03 07:37
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how did you learn to build a keyboard?
2022-05-03 07:39
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I'm gonna go ahead and guess internet/YouTube And to be honest the basics are really easy, it only starts to get a bit finnicky once you get into the details. The easy level is buying a board, buying switches that are supported by it, buying a set of stabilizers and just assembling all that. Oh, and keycaps. Advanced level is foam/tape mods, lubing and filming (inserting films) the switches, that kind of stuff. The 'hobyist'/enthusiast level is combining different switch parts to make a custom switch, experimenting with internal padding/gaskets, and gennerally fiddling with it and seeing what happens.
2022-05-03 07:46
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How much does it cost in total?
2022-05-03 07:53
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That's entirely up to you. You can get a $40-$50 board, some decent budget switches (shoutout to Gateron Yellows) and keycaps and you should be at around $80. Or you can go completely bonkers. I went with a Keychron K10 as a base, replaced the Gateron Reds with Gateron Black Ink v2's, lubed them and added some funky looking keycaps off of amazon. Ended up at around 220 Euros in total, plus a bit for the lube and some tools
2022-05-03 08:41
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Dayum thanks for the info tho
2022-05-03 08:46
You’re the biggest Chad at the LAN if you bring a selfmade keyboard though
2022-05-03 07:54
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True, escpecially if it has the Ahaego keycap set
2022-05-03 08:41
also don't forget those frankensteined switches ;)
2022-05-03 08:16
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I thought I mentioned these in the 'hobbyist'/enthusiast level :D
2022-05-03 08:35
if it's your first build, I'd suggest you go for a hotswap PCB Although if you could invest a little more, imo solderable PCBs are fairly worth it
2022-05-03 08:15
sorry for just hopping back on the thread now, but the guy under did the perfect job of explaining it! at the end of the day, you don't have to overspend ridiculous amounts on the board or keycaps ("real" keycaps are like 100 USD+), just work within your budget and what makes you happy. i personally use some knock off super mario themed keycaps for 20 dollars but it does the trick
2022-05-04 07:11
+1 It's nice to do I've built 3 boards and 2 numpads so far
2022-05-03 09:15
Any Varimilio TKL layout
2022-05-03 07:40
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2022-05-03 08:13
Xtrfy k4 tkl easily
2022-05-03 07:44
Do you have any switch preferences? That'd narrow the selection a bit. Also, have you considered building your own?
2022-05-03 07:47
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No preference, I dont even play games. Something basic for comfortable typing, no need of 636261 leds and other fancy stuff…
2022-05-03 07:58
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gateron g pro / milky yellow or akko switches are poggers for their price
2022-05-03 08:30
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Gateron Yellow are underrated af, although they benefit quite a bit from a lube job
2022-05-03 08:34
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ofc u lube them, all the switches that are not factory prelubed are supposed to be lubed, just buy some lube from here
2022-05-03 08:43
Ok then, but do you prefer Linear, Tactile or Clicky switches?
2022-05-03 08:34
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Clicky I guess, my dead keyboard has blue switches. It felt good, but I would probably adapt to others quickly, so its not necessity
2022-05-03 09:09
Xtrfy K4, Logitech G Pro, Razer Blackwidow V3
2022-05-03 08:12
Varmilo VA87M or Leopold FC750R
2022-05-03 08:13
Lithuania arres
Logitech k120. This bad boy is also resistant to spills btw
2022-05-03 08:16
Make ur custom, always the best.
2022-05-03 08:18
epomaker ep84/th80 , akko 3086b , fl esports cmk78 sa/sam , fl esports f11g pro also these companies have good DIY kits, also Feker ik75 v3 is nice dont buy massmarket keyboards
2022-05-03 08:29
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Pol0 | 
Czech Republic olpp
customs are overrated....
2022-05-03 09:07
Pol0 | 
Czech Republic olpp
apex pro tkl
2022-05-03 09:06
Belgium Soldierce
go for the NSK 535R
2022-05-03 09:31
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2022-05-03 09:37
thats the best option as of right now listed here
2022-05-03 09:37
got a Keychron K8 few weeks ago, it's pretty nice for the price
2022-05-03 09:33
k65 rgb mini has the lowest click latency of 0.1ms if you want the fastest registered swings and ferrari peeks
2022-05-03 09:34
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thaT aint gonna make a difference, reaction speed, high end mouse and high fps will impact those a lot more
2022-05-03 09:42
Cooler Master has some great affordable mechanical keyboards. I've been using the CK550 for the last 1,5 years. It has been discontinued but there's a lot of good options from them.
2022-05-03 09:37
NAF | 
Canada xeIa
steelseries apex pro has been very good for me. its a bit on the expensive side but i like it alot
2022-05-03 09:38
Huntsman tournament ed. Insane switches.
2022-05-03 09:41
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mechanical switches feel better than optical razer switches, the only benefit of optical is that it actuates faster
2022-05-03 09:44
NIZ Plum 82, best keyboard I've ever used, coming from a vortex pok3r v3 with cherry reds previously a ducky shine 7 with browns. Most pleasant typing experience and my mistakes when typing have dramatically reduced.
2022-05-03 09:44
ducky 2 one SF is a great small keyboard imo if you like tkl's
2022-05-03 19:14
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