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4G ping in cs
Anyone have experience with using your phone as hotspot to play cs? How's mobile internet in you cuntry overall? I'm gettin around 100 ping in cs rn
2022-05-12 00:08
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Depends on the server as well. I get 5ms when i live in the city as the sv.
2022-05-12 00:11
Brazil KawaiiOwO
i reached global playing cs in my laptop only using restaurants' free wifi connection, u are safe
2022-05-12 00:11
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average ping?
2022-05-12 00:12
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Brazil KawaiiOwO
2022-05-12 01:16
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huge cap
2022-05-12 09:49
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2022-05-12 10:07
United Arab Emirates Gooneev
2022-05-12 15:09
North America go1x1n00b
2022-05-12 15:32
2022-05-12 11:43
i would hate playing against you lol :D i hate anyone with over 50... fcking laggers :D
2022-05-12 11:50
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+1 so annoying lol :D
2022-05-12 15:21
BIG_NUMBA_1 better ping
2022-05-12 00:14
i played fifa in ps4 with my phone wifi on several occasions and it was pretty good haha
2022-05-12 00:19
United Kingdom madguydude
should be fine i used to swap to 4G when my internet went out
2022-05-12 00:21
Where I live the 4g is decent and its actually better than adsl, but optic fiber>>> of course. When I had adsl sometimes i'd use 4g and get 30ms with decent download speeds
2022-05-12 00:21
50-60ms with usb tether, not too bad😎👍👍
2022-05-12 00:22
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you mind sharing country and operator?
2022-05-12 00:23
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yes I do mr dataminer😎👉
2022-05-12 00:38
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mind sharing meds name also? 😎
2022-05-12 00:45
50-80 a few years ago, now I have a router
2022-05-12 00:23
I played some dm when my internet got in manutention (someone exploded the fiber with fireworks during the new year) and I got 50-90ms but I lost connection sometimes
2022-05-12 00:23
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man, playing on 25ms fiber first, and now 80-100 is nightmare
2022-05-12 00:26
120 ping
2022-05-12 00:29
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how you like playing cs like this? is it annnoying to you sometimes?
2022-05-12 00:30
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Asia Bekoonaz
High ping is so annoying, but still ok. sometimes you shoot at the enemy with awp, you miss, and they kill you right after that, you ask your friends in discord how you didn't hit, and they tell you that you DIDNT EVEN SHOOT (the strangest thing is that you won't know about it if you don't ask or watch the demo because you had the sound of a shot and aimed clearly at the model). But these are small things. The most annoying thing is that the information in the killfeed is displayed with a delay and sometimes you think that you have already killed an opponent, you are transfering to the second and dying from the first. You can get used to it, your style of play changes. It makes your playstyle more aggressive. You just can't wait for someone to peek you, you have to peek yourself to have an advantage. And when you come to a lan tournament where the ping is not 120, you can't play normally, what you did online no longer works, not because the opponents are stronger, but simply because you are used to playing on a different ping
2022-05-12 09:48
Had to play like that for a month after moving to a new apartment, I had like 60-90 ping, but the issue was mostly annoying lag spikes.
2022-05-12 00:31
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soo I'm better off playing singleplayers
2022-05-12 00:32
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It's doable but yeah quite frustrating, though I was actually surprised I could even play at all with that.
2022-05-12 01:03
its cause the server is far away from u
2022-05-12 00:36
Petra | 
Poland 138|
~50 ping for me
2022-05-12 00:37
I use 5G rn I get 5-15ms and on 4G it was 30-50ms but I literally live in the same town as Vodafone HQ so that might be why
2022-05-12 00:38
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let's switch houses. Israel is beautiful country
2022-05-12 00:46
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I don't think you'd like English weather coming from Israel
2022-05-12 01:03
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Spinx | 
Israel dBo
name checks out
2022-05-12 09:08
name checks out
2022-05-12 09:59
United Kingdom craZy_y0
HonestUKGuy but with a Macedonian flag as his team
2022-05-12 12:59
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they stopped italy going to world cup)
2022-05-12 15:06
Russia SlavaRPG
I am playing like this for years and it's pain because most mm and faceit games are played on germany servers. I live on Ural and my avg ping is like 105-110 but mobile connection is unstable af and jitter is high most of the time.
2022-05-12 00:44
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man i feel you bro, may better ping come to us soon
2022-05-12 00:48
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Russia SlavaRPG
I live with this wish so long that even copium cannot describe it properly
2022-05-12 00:52
4G is not that bad in CS. Slightly higher ping and maybe some lag spikes.
2022-05-12 00:50
2022-05-12 00:58
It depends. Im in UK and I was playing on Three 4G and had 46 ms ping but huge spikes to 400+ in random times. Sometimes it was good for hours,sometimes spikes every 3 seconds etc. It was unplayable basically as you never knew when the spike will come. I changed to EE and now im on 35ms ping and almost no spikes at all. Just very rarely for 1 sec max so finally I can play CS anytime. I use 4G router and my pc is connected via LAN cable
2022-05-12 01:03
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I use vodafone 5g gigacube, constant 5-20ms, vodafone hq is 15 mins from my house so it's perfect))
2022-05-12 01:05
depends on tons of factors
2022-05-12 01:05
20-30 in faceit, 50 in mm. but it depends on a lot of factors
2022-05-12 01:09
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Can you share operator and is it thru phone or 4g/5g router?
2022-05-12 01:42
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T-mobile network and 4G phone
2022-05-12 09:06
When my ip stopped working i was having 50-70 using usb tethering(but this connection have loss spikes every 2-3 minutes,even using wifi),also i play lots of cod mobile when I'm out and I'm having 20-50 too
2022-05-12 01:24
50-70 on 4g online hotspot instead of 20-50
2022-05-12 01:26
i use a 4g/5g router with a mobile sim inserted. then use router to my pc 30-50 ping on most west eu servers, always playable just generally tend to have the highest ping on my teams normally, its stable and consistent which is the main thing.
2022-05-12 01:43
Ukraine I_say_Ok
thats good for widepeeking
2022-05-12 09:07
60 ping to eu servers from Finland so you can use that as a guideline
2022-05-12 09:08
around 30-70ms about 4 years ago. Unlimited 100M 4G subscription back then
2022-05-12 09:10
around 30-40ms
2022-05-12 09:13
Did someone pull the plug? xD
2022-05-12 09:18
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No, and lets wish it will not happen
2022-05-12 09:49
30ms with 4g/5g but not as stable
2022-05-12 09:51
Montenegro Putikainen
40-50 ping
2022-05-12 09:51
In my old home we had a 0.5k connection. So me and my sister had to alternate between hotspot and wlan gaming, because both in wlan was too much (obviously). Hotspot always worked better than our home internet
2022-05-12 09:58
RpK | 
France HippzZ
Around 30 ping
2022-05-12 10:00
What about 5g?
2022-05-12 11:39
Germany mrzxea_cs
The Mobile Internet in Germany is one of the worst in the world so its pretty shit.
2022-05-12 11:41
Chill | 
Poland threk
4G/LTE in csgo 45-60 ping usually
2022-05-12 12:56
i got about 80 ping but then when i moved house i was still getting ping of 80 but with 1 round per game played at 900 ping. so i bought fibre optic
2022-05-12 15:10
Romania Iosif
Some years ago when I had a shit home internet provider I had around 70-90 when using hotspot.
2022-05-12 15:10
40-50 and very stable
2022-05-12 15:14
play usb tethering works way better
2022-05-12 15:15
just tried, 70ms average with a 6yo phone and shitty laptop
2022-05-12 15:18
fallen | 
Brazil Uzem
SA internet bruh
2022-05-12 15:21
30-50ms, the same with wifi internet, but my wifi gives more loss and keeps disconnecting me from server, so I use the 4G always to play cs, btw I play from the laptop
2022-05-12 15:31
Belgium 55ggK
30 40ms ( Belgium ) when i play with hotspot ( Germany servers )
2022-05-12 15:36
Europe O'Bese
Get an used Huawei B715, in my country you can find them like for 20-30€, I get like 27-40ms ping with one of those (do not get the newer B818, as they have higher ping for some reason).
2022-05-12 15:41
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Europe O'Bese
Actually nvm, not a good idea if you play with your phone SIM.
2022-05-12 16:20
Depends on a provider. In my country there's few of them and in my house there's different experience with different ones. One that works the best happens to have a receiver pretty close to me, 4G for me is like 120/40 or so which is light years above my ADSL. Ping is solid, depends on a game and a server, but on average it's as good as my ADSL. USB tethering for the win
2022-05-12 16:23
between 40-140ms
2022-05-12 16:24
Where I live 4G connection is better than aDSL when it comes to ping, I mean really rarely it jitters a bit.
2022-05-12 16:24
in br, 60 ping
2022-05-12 16:25
2022-05-12 16:26
4G is better than ASDL and most of the time VDSL too in terms of bandwidth, whereas ping can fluctuate more, depends on many factors.
2022-05-12 16:27
Brazil bronly4
i used it already and was 45~60 ping
2022-05-12 16:27
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