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serbia eurovision
Greece InvernoVermelho 
2022-05-13 00:48
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very catchy.
2022-05-13 00:51
interesting , rasmus forever
2022-05-13 00:57
Maden | 
Serbia ckejo
aca lukas should've went through, this is fact
2022-05-13 01:00
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2022-05-13 09:59
Serbia hitomi79
2022-05-13 10:07
DG | 
Namibia aimdemon
Aca Lukas LAN dodger
2022-05-13 11:04
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hahahah n1
2022-05-13 19:20
2022-05-13 12:19
Other Quagmire_
Plus jedan
2022-05-13 12:26
Serbia eliiiiii_
junkie mental patient no thanks
2022-05-13 12:34
with his sniff song
2022-05-13 18:57
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i support sniffing, aca lukas has my vote
2022-05-14 01:39
device | 
Sweden plikz
is this even music?
2022-05-13 01:08
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tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
be glad you can't understand it
2022-05-13 01:10
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Yugoslavia Pagan44
2022-05-13 12:27
Serbia hitomi79
Almost every other song from her albums is better by a mile
2022-05-13 10:08
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this is probably was the only song u can remember from second semi-final.
2022-05-13 10:11
2 replies
I only remember Cyprus, and San Marino
2022-05-13 10:12
Yes you remember that song because no one's singing. 0 points.
2022-05-13 10:32
Turkey sonbafrali
I prefer to watch voting part only. Turkey is not joining for years, so I'll never watch again.
2022-05-13 01:10
13 replies
Turkey joining in 2024 trust me
2022-05-13 02:15
I remember when turkey won in 2003, was a really catchy song)) But my greatest memory of turkish music is of "Tarkan-Simarik", when I was on vacation with my parents in Turkey like (99-00) or something like that the song was played everywhere))
2022-05-13 09:55
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2010 was also catchy song, not my usual stuff but catchy anyways. Also 2008 was great, had never heard about Mor Ve Ötesi before, and they have some great tracks.
2022-05-13 13:04
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2022-05-13 13:10
don't think I have watched eurovision since lordi won :D
2022-05-13 13:23
yeah first year i think i watched and this song was banger for my 13 year olds ears :D
2022-05-13 13:12
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same haha, thought it was great. didnt speak proper english at the time so just listened to the catchy melody :D
2022-05-13 13:31
1 reply
then next year 2004 winner was next level godess in my eyes :D and since then i just regularly watch eurovision to this day :D
2022-05-13 18:08
Serbia DjapeZ
Me too, to see who betrays who. But this year even that part will be shit with everyone probably giving points to Ukraine
2022-05-13 11:18
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Turkey sonbafrali
+1 It was fun to watch tv host's reaction. For example, when Cyprus give highest point to Greece, they say with an ironic voice, "yeah, it obvious, of course". But, when Azerbaijan gives highest point to Turkey, they cheer and it's normal :D
2022-05-13 15:51
Norway TheDEA
Ukraines submission is one of the best entries this year.
2022-05-13 18:55
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Serbia DjapeZ
yes and war in Ukraine started this year aswell
2022-05-13 18:56
and Jeffery Epstein Killed Himself
2022-05-13 19:01
Russia Vitaly59820
Studio version sounds much better. I'm not watching eurovision this year but I listened to every song. Greece is a clear favourite for me. How r things going for Greece and does it have a chance to win over Ukraine?
2022-05-13 01:53
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is ukraine in this year eurovision? if so then whats the point in this competition, we know ukraine will win no matter what their song is
2022-05-13 02:16
8 replies
Exactly. That’s why I’m asking. Despite the fact that Eurovision tries to be objective, it will always be politically biased.
2022-05-13 02:26
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Objective? Greece’s song is very simpleton and has a robotic voice effect on it, it’s not winning anything or even top 3.
2022-05-13 06:31
Serbia hitomi79
Eurovision... try... objective. Hardly in the same sentence.
2022-05-13 10:10
is politically based, but every year win different country and most of the time the best one.
2022-05-13 10:21
2 replies
I agree. The last 2 times it was won by my favourites. But I’m not sure about this year. Btw Lithuania should have won it in 2020.
2022-05-13 11:28
Finland Kujis
2014, 2016, 2018 & you could argue that 2017. Not always politically biased but pretty much always favours the "weak" and "different".
2022-05-13 13:20
ropz | 
Estonia CYLOR
This is so true
2022-05-13 10:03
Tbh, they do have one of the best songs. Even apart from all the bs that is happening i wouldn't be surprised if they win. It is a very solid and fun song.
2022-05-13 15:36
Greece a clear favorite the fuck ? not saying it's a bad song but Favorites ??? that is too Generous imo Norway will crush it on the Public vote but just like 2019 get fucked over by the Jury Vote but whoever wins ABU Anyone But Ukraine because the Sympathy vote is not an acceptable reason to vote for someone and let's be honest their song is crap even if it's not crap it does not deserve to be Remotely close to Champion i am terrified this is gonna win cause of the Sympathy vote
2022-05-13 19:03
2 replies
Chill, bro, that's just my taste, I like Greece song the most. I have a strong feeling Ukraine gets a decent advantage both in public and jury voting. We'll see who's right soon.
2022-05-13 19:11
1 reply
as i said i am not too concerned about Greece if they win better them then Ukraine Ultimately what it comes down to
2022-05-13 19:11
it sounds really bad for me tbh but dunno
2022-05-13 01:56
1 reply
yeah me too, idk why people like the song so much
2022-05-13 03:49
Europe rainoui
sheeesh song
2022-05-13 02:18
REZ | 
Trinidad and Tobago r41
what the hell is this omg
2022-05-13 02:38
Somalia rs6a
it's ok until you know the actual lyrics
2022-05-13 02:43
United States cybonics
Video unavailable The uploader has not made this video available in your country
2022-05-13 03:50
1 reply
Come to Europe 🔪
2022-05-13 09:57
That’s so bad
2022-05-13 06:13
central cee eurovision better
2022-05-13 06:22
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2022-05-13 10:14
DG | 
Namibia aimdemon
Central cee so mid, how the fuck did he of all people blow up
2022-05-13 11:03
Of course hltvers will like the cringiest song.. Sweden or Ukraine winning, hopefully Finland 3d. Screenshot this
2022-05-13 06:27
5 replies
Tbh i have a feeling they'll give it to UK this year.
2022-05-13 10:16
4 replies "The fact that the UK blames this on Brexit shows they're not learning from their mistakes and they're not paying attention. They keep sending songs that only your grandpa thinks are cool and current and they wrap them up in wacky stagings. The trumpets would look super cute on Junior ESC." - Very accurate comment This, in my opinion, is another song that only a grandma and her granddaughter, grandson likes. It will get some points tho = D
2022-05-13 18:44
3 replies
are you on drugs bro ? this is the best song they have sent in over 22 years i know it's not saying alot but easily a Top 5 song if they finish Last again it's undeniable that Brexit has caused a Bias against them
2022-05-13 19:04
2 replies
+1 this is why i think they'll give it to them, i don't think they give af about brexit tbh.
2022-05-13 19:17
Yeah, might be the best song they've sent in years, but still top 3 at BEST.
2022-05-13 22:53
bro this song is so shit
2022-05-13 06:39
Finland 5way
lmao wtf
2022-05-13 06:46
Sounds terrible wtf
2022-05-13 09:46
2 replies
+1 etf
2022-05-13 10:23
fraud competition anyways
2022-05-13 13:32
Anyway this year will be about 2nd place, everyone know who's gonna win and is not because of their great song or smth Rooting for Spain and UK this year. Again, ofc, for 2nd place as for the first place nobody has a chance in this context vs Ucraina
2022-05-13 10:03
3 replies
There's people rooting for Spain??
2022-05-13 10:08
2 replies
Yeah why not, I like the song, it's catchy
2022-05-13 15:29
I am only rooting for Spain because ABU anyone but Ukraine
2022-05-13 19:05
France d0py
i dont like her voice i like the song i like the clapping thing cool to me
2022-05-13 10:06
Boring song that is overhyped by Serbs as always with their entries.
2022-05-13 10:18
DG | 
Namibia aimdemon
Forced artsy preachy trash with zero musical value, but then again eurovision is not about music but rather about shock value.
2022-05-13 11:01
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Other Quagmire_
Flair checks out
2022-05-13 12:28
3 replies
DG | 
Namibia aimdemon
Im Serbian
2022-05-13 13:08
2 replies
Other Quagmire_
And I'm Albanian
2022-05-13 13:25
1 reply
DG | 
Namibia aimdemon
Nice to meet you
2022-05-13 14:06
ANa | 
Belgium Jer0
its trash
2022-05-13 11:02
Serbia DjapeZ
man pls
2022-05-13 11:18
Serbia Ljannister
Its deep but shit
2022-05-13 11:26
The song isn't a bad one (it is kinda cool specially after 1:41) and i've only watched the first Semi-Final, but i can't tbh... the fact that Denmark and Bulgaria didn't make it though just makes me sad. At the very least 1 of those 2 should be in the Final imo (i would agree they wouldn't win, but to not even be in the final, c'mon!). It's like pretentious and snob people just consider Rock a lesser musical genre... (and yes i know Italy won with Rock last year, but please tell me when, before that, was the last time that a Rock song even came close to win Eurovision?)...
2022-05-13 12:18
Switzerland fNtm
i don't care how bad it is, it can't be worse than last year winner
2022-05-13 12:22
Finland RPGWiZaRD
For me this was the worst by a longshot in the 2nd semi final. This and Belgium were suprises for me, others were kinda expected to go through for me. Had rather seen Cyprus, Macedonia / Montenegro go through than those.
2022-05-13 12:31
thats explain why yougoslavia stop exist
2022-05-13 12:33
Germany vaLid0r
propably biggest shit i ever have seen
2022-05-13 12:39
Bulgaria Radosl4v
its a song for kids to learn how to treath there body :D :D its genios but not music at all
2022-05-13 12:50
1 reply
Serbia Ljannister
Not at all, its covid measures critics
2022-05-13 13:01
Russia Ferrari458
hahaha serbia stronk
2022-05-13 12:54
ez win
2022-05-13 13:01
Netherlands bestest song and Estonia is actually not so bad at all too
2022-05-13 13:13
2 replies
+1 Estonia smort!
2022-05-13 13:16
1 reply
2022-05-13 18:07
Oh and Portugal is very chill and nice
2022-05-13 13:14
2022-05-13 13:16
4 replies
Serbia Provizija
2022-05-13 15:55
2022-05-13 17:34
Russia Ferrari458
hahahaha +1
2022-05-13 18:55
Serbia DjapeZ
2022-05-13 19:16
try | 
Japan mahoune
Easy winner imo.
2022-05-13 18:48
spoiler: ukraine wins eurovision is about politics not about music
2022-05-13 19:05
Serbia Perhan
Russia wins in our hearts
2022-05-13 19:07
2022-05-13 19:17
flat and boring
2022-05-13 19:20
when i saw this yesterday i was like ''wtf'' but now its pretty nice xd
2022-05-13 19:22
Finland and Czech Republic the best, all others not interesting. Still Ukraine will win because a lot of times eurovision SONG CONTEST winners is not the best vocal/song performance but political or other shit like lgbt, metoo, or dude/girl with illness win (at least last year was exception), also that crap that a lot of country just vote for their neighbor country :D Thats why i don't care who win, my winners and favorite songs are Finland and Czech Republic :)
2022-05-13 19:28
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