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Gaules pick'em
ton | 
Brazil ZerongBr Actually a good one because 3-0 is hard af to guess, prolly should have gone for Vitality or smth 0-3 we know NIP won't be so that's the only delusional thing he's done
2022-05-13 23:28
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Just switch nip and Imperial and it looks good
2022-05-13 23:29
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Brazil GOELFLA_br
the 3-0 is a disposable pick'em, simply put any team that is not sure of going to the next phase, and put those that are exactly sure that they will pass in the other 7 pick'ems below
2022-05-13 23:50
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Poland Kingsayz
still imperial 3-0 is br fever dream xd
2022-05-14 00:09
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Fallen, Fer and FNX ? LMAO WASHED UP TEAM Imperial won't even qualify for the americas RMR Well, surely they are not qualifing for the major They did? just a fluke, no way they can qualify for Dallas. Again? Naah they are definitely going 0-3 at the major THEY BECAME LEGENDS? WTF keep them coming HATERS, funny seeing you all malding
2022-05-14 00:16
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when they got stomped by some t1 team, which they did not play against yet, are u going to update this list of events or just stoping using it?
2022-05-14 01:11
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So you are saying that all teams from EU rmr A are below T2. OK cause they just stomped Heroic coming from EU qualified 3-1. Cry is free hater.
2022-05-14 01:13
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ok tomorrow after the BIG's game I will be back here and make an update on that list for you keep using while they dont get eliminated ok? just remember it's the worst team considering the ranking of hltv see u tomorrow hater
2022-05-14 01:14
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This is gonna be fun. One of yall's comments will age like milk. I am just gonna grab my popcorn
2022-05-14 03:11
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me too, ill give you the notification
2022-05-14 04:06
1 reply
nt brazil 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
2022-05-14 18:12
I really dont know why people are hyped about this coach team emperium 😂😂😂
2022-05-14 04:20
nt emperium, maybe next time 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️
2022-05-14 18:12
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I guess brazil aged like milk this time
2022-05-14 21:27
Fallen, Fer and FNX ? LMAO WASHED UP TEAM Imperial won't even qualify for the americas RMR Well, surely they are not qualifing for the major They did? just a fluke, no way they can qualify for Dallas. Again? Naah they are definitely going 0-3 at the major THEY BECAME LEGENDS? WTF ON THE LEGENDS THEY ALREADY LOST AGAINST BIG? WHICH IS MID TIER EU TEAM? REALLY? WELL, THAT'S EXPECTED NOW THEY FACE G2 AND GOT STOMPED? OMG, EXPECTED. MAYBE IN THE 0-2 ROUND THEY WILL GET A WIN AGAINST BNE? MOST LIKELY THEY WILL GET DESTROYED AS WELL IN A 0-3 CAMPAING WELL THAT'S FUCKING EXPECTED NT EMPERIOM BRAZIL
2022-05-14 18:16
2022-05-14 22:06
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Where are you NO SCENER? Hiding your flag because your country sucks? HAHAH SO MAD that a team created in 3 months, with a player who hasn't played in 4 years is sending your shitty teams back home? TIME TO UPDATE NO SCENER Fallen, Fer and FNX ? LMAO WASHED UP TEAM Imperial won't even qualify for the americas RMR Well, surely they are not qualifing for the major They did? just a fluke, no way they can qualify for Dallas. Again? Naah they are definitely going 0-3 at the major THEY BECAME LEGENDS? WTF GET DESTROYED AS WELL IN A 0-3 CAMPAING for sure THEY WON the best of 3? WTF again? FNX hasn't played in 4 years and he is in major top 16 in 3 months? keep crying hater... thanks for the UPDATE no scener. Must be sad to not have a scene and be excited about b01 wins HAHAHAH
2022-05-15 20:01
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enjoy 1-3
2022-05-15 20:29
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predictable no scener HAHAHHAHA thanks again for the help.
2022-05-15 20:30
it's actually safe tbh
2022-05-13 23:30
I think he make a mistake. Its NIP 3-0 and BR 0-3
2022-05-13 23:31
Poland s1mp_le
but why he picked NIP as a 0-3? is gaules have some problem with nip or?
2022-05-13 23:31
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Brazil williamhsk1
es3frag awping i think
2022-05-13 23:32
ton | 
Brazil ZerongBr
mch said that NIP deserves to be their 0-3 because they kicked their primary awp that was going well and left es3tag to awp it's more for karma
2022-05-13 23:32
Brazil zfelipesds
No awper, no Device, no f0rest, no hapiness and Es3tag in awping, but above everything, the meme.
2022-05-13 23:32
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Don’t underestimate es3tag too, he’s good support player and I think he can put better numbers than junior
2022-05-13 23:41
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its not difficult, i think more than 90% of awpers have better stats than junior kkkkkkk
2022-05-13 23:51
He would put Liquid 0-3 but Michel (his friend) convinced him and the others in the stream to put NiP 0-3 because es3tag awp basically kkkkkk
2022-05-13 23:34
no awper, no dev1ce, no f0rest, no Olof YES ESETAG
2022-05-13 23:36
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gla1ve | 
Denmark JKTP
Olof and F0rest are mega old at this point and Olof never even played for NIP so why is he mentioned? Kicking Phzy in favour of Plopski was probably a smart move tbh.
2022-05-13 23:49
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Thanks for reminding me. No Phzy was also a justification. Just meme, they think NIP has a "Jim Carrey board" and has made bad decisions, the part of Olof and Forest is just the delusional love of old men and meme.
2022-05-14 00:06
he put nip 0-3 because he thinks nip is dumb org for kicking phzy for esetag awp and not getting f0rest and stuff, and this created a whole storyline where furia wins the major so they put because of the storyline
2022-05-14 01:17
basically they dont like to pick obvious teams at least not all of them , the other reasons mentioned above are just to build a narrative
2022-05-14 04:14
Calyx | 
Europe Kephea
obv not biased
2022-05-13 23:33
Good redondo. Only nip 0-3 is L
2022-05-13 23:35
Brazil I_say_Ok
I would switch ence for big but still 8/8
2022-05-13 23:35
Switzerland Imodeode
No C9 is pretty bad.
2022-05-13 23:41
New Zealand Iuca5
why is so many people putting NIP 0-3 theres no shot
2022-05-13 23:45
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Lithuania Jaguaras
Because they don't want to make BR fans mad. No way in hell NiP would lose 0-2 (if even they will be here) to likes of Spirit Imperial BNE etc. One more thing - C9 definitely making playoffs, groups never been their problem and with the new org they will be even more motivated now imo
2022-05-13 23:48
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Brazil _Awper
They think C9 is making the playoffs, but they also didn't want to put C9 there.
2022-05-14 00:53
United States vakko
NIP will beat Vitality first game... Mark my words
2022-05-14 00:18
esetag awping
2022-05-14 01:18
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New Zealand Iuca5
so? He wasnt even a bad awper in Heroic but now suddenly they are worst team? lul delusional
2022-05-14 02:51
just like there was no shot for the majority for renegades to go 0-3 because "they had major experience and allways win 1" .... I mean, objectivly speaking, while it's not a safe 0-3 pick to choose NIP, it's not a far fetched theory for that to happen, obviously the likes of liquid, bne, imp, etc have higher chances, but NIP has had some really shaky performances in the past months, and if you add to that the fact that bo1 are a bitch to play and shit can go down pretty quick. I could easily see a world where they lose against vitality, get liquid, liquid puts up a rare good performance and send them to the 0-2 fight to play for survival against BNE which is a really wild card team that can surprise them no problem, specially if they are 0-2 and not playing well or just not feeling it. To me honestly, it doesn't sound like a crazy narrative....
2022-05-14 04:33
b1t | 
CIS lua_
Because people are afraid from the Brazilians flooding them with hate, which is already happening, just look at Zeus's pick'ems. Everybody knows Imperial is the team most likely to go out 0-3.
2022-05-14 18:17
Swap nip and imperial and good pickem.
2022-05-13 23:49
qual é a intro dos vlogs da imperial ???
2022-05-13 23:51
3 replies
Vamos a bailar vamos a bailar Lar lar Vamos a bailar vamos a bailar (5x)
2022-05-14 00:51
2 replies
sim mas n tem musica msm ?? queria um link para o yt se é que tem
2022-05-14 02:52
1 reply
procurei e não achei infelizmente
2022-05-14 03:03
Netherlands puddingkip
at least 7/9 looks good im not sure on heroic or ence tbh
2022-05-14 00:07
Europe 2PacShakur
yeah both brazil picks are wasted
2022-05-14 00:15
7 replies
Brazil _Awper
Furia is winning the Major and Imperial is clearly a playoff team tho
2022-05-14 00:54
4 replies
Europe 2PacShakur
ofc u have to say this with brazil flag
2022-05-14 01:08
France insaneliar
Furia is a playoff team for sure and I can see a world where they win this major but Imperial are 1-3 in the legend stage at best.
2022-05-14 03:00
But if FNX get to playoffs its over for the other teams, he will win it all.
2022-05-14 03:18
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Brazil _Awper
True and based
2022-05-14 03:24
99% of non-brazilians comment here last major said the same thing about furia "never going through", and they made it to playoffs. Hltv prophets are never reliable
2022-05-14 03:39
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Europe 2PacShakur
i will bet your tight ass that they wont qualify
2022-05-14 13:23
stavn | 
Sweden R4tse
Switch NIP with Imperial and switch Furia with Cloud9
2022-05-14 00:20
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I have c9 as 3-0 and imperial as 0-3 but I have the rest that Gaules has in the bottom, what about that.
2022-05-14 00:54
United Kingdom spxrkk
nip 0-3 isnt actually that unlikely, they suck ass rn I see them going 1-3, MAYBE 2-3, but they are not making it through
2022-05-14 01:12
-imperial +cloud9 8/9 atleast.
2022-05-14 01:17
NIP = Jim Carrey board
2022-05-14 03:30
He should still get at least 5 correct with the teams to advance though.
2022-05-14 03:50
Imperial 3-0 ?? Bring the insulin, because he is delirating.... I am kidding, I just dont know why mch and gau hate cloud9 so much.
2022-05-14 04:04
1 reply
they have to put a brazilian team on 3-0, thats the main rule
2022-05-14 04:08
Poland raf99
Imperial 3-0 NIP 0-3 wtf is that
2022-05-14 18:14
b1t | 
CIS lua_
I mean, this is actually safe asf. He's better than Thorin at least. I would've swapped NIP with Imperial though.
2022-05-14 18:18
Sweden frizzahh
nip 0-3 but imperial biased af LMFAO
2022-05-14 18:15
2022-05-14 18:18
Europe JohnMurphy
Imperial 0-3 and Big/CPH/C9 3-0 but advance picks are almost perfect.
2022-05-14 18:35
wow hes so dumb...... nip in 0-3 smh... the rest is understandable for him.
2022-05-14 18:47
2022-05-14 22:07
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