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C9/Gambit fans come here
India Navi_Fore_Ever 
How much do you overhype this team? Gambots/clown9 will find it more difficult to win something on LAN moving forward too. It's been over 6+ months now on LAN. They don't even look intimidating
2022-05-17 05:58
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no c9 polo, no lan buff ez
2022-05-17 05:58
CeRq | 
Australia NoLeS
I think the nuke game hurt cloud9 mentally. They were looking good during rmr and challengers
2022-05-17 06:00
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I don't know why we don't see that aura they showed on Online
2022-05-17 06:03
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Korea Piano
Because they are onliners
2022-05-17 06:08
CeRq | 
Australia NoLeS
They are the youngest team except for hobbit. Easy for pressure to break them especially right now with a war
2022-05-17 06:12
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#21 not to mention they have won many Online tournaments in 2021 and went till the playoffs of almost every LAN until now , especially the Semi-Final Appearance at PGL MAJOR 2021
2022-05-17 09:20
These clowns didn't ban Nuke vs Faze lmao
2022-05-17 06:00
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Wasn't that by mistake?
2022-05-17 06:04
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no, look at hobbit interview, he said, they wanted to play nuke.
2022-05-17 06:14
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no, they didn't want to play nuke he said that they've practiced it for "just in case" and can play, but clearly he did not mean it as if they are actually ready to compete on it on highest level vs FaZe it was a mistake, where they "somehow let Nuke slip through"
2022-05-17 06:21
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anyway they lost to imperial, doesn't really matter. xD. Imp fking real.
2022-05-17 09:03
> had 3 bans > let Nuke slip through how???
2022-05-17 09:27
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hell if I know I'd assume that they got used to permabanning Nuke, and once they considered that they "may" play it, they did not ban it instantly and then "forgot"
2022-05-17 12:22
Bruh stfu they had so much going on in the past few months, and probably didn't get time to prepare for the major. Give some time and they will bring back the online form to lan
2022-05-17 06:11
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2022-05-17 06:12
NAVI had worse situation considering they have 3 Ukrainians in their team who are going thru a worse time than the ones in russia, But they are here with 3-0 and securing their berth in the playoffs, They choked hard on Overpass against Imperial, tbh they played good in the initial 15-16 rounds but after those Overtimes, Fallen really got into their heads and Sh1ro especially shat in that game from that point. Hobbit's individual performance may have been affected but the other players must have performed good which they obviously did'nt, they had a real try hard victory on Vertigo and were brutally demolished on Mirage, just like how Navi did to them in Major Semis last year
2022-05-17 09:16
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ye but ukrainians do get less hate than russian. I think both orgs players suffered as much
2022-05-17 12:25
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Getting hate is somewhat better than always caring and thinking about ur future and thinking will u ever be able to return to ur home peacefully and will be able to live in ur house again Just think abt this, the amt of hate they get can be controlled by banning some accounts and not being on social media, but how will u remove the tension or never ending thinking in any Ukrainian's mind abt him returning to his house again or even if his house is destroyed or still secured. Russians are atleast in their own home, own locality, own city and own nation, In any case the people will help out each other bcz they are atleast in their home and will be able to manage everything. But in case of Ukrainians they aren't certain that they will be able to return or not
2022-05-17 13:01
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Navi's problems were clearly visible in Katowice and ESL PL 15, and they played like shit. Now C9 is in a bad situation with org changes and travel problems so cut them some slack as well.
2022-05-17 19:25
Canada go1x1n00b
It's their worst performance since Katowice 2021. The first LAN event when they didn't make it into the playoffs. I wouldn't blame it all on pressure because of hobbit allegations but they surely also played their part, still, I think even without the hobbit thing, they still wouldn't make it into the playoffs, they looked really shaky against outsiders and nip.
2022-05-17 06:13
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"since Katowice 2021" what do u mean by this sentence?
2022-05-17 09:18
>world situation >new org >fuck up vs FaZe map veto >Hobbit allegations (they started 5 days ago in RU community) not surprised with this performance considering how much shit is going around them atm
2022-05-17 06:24
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Asia harxDy
+1 OPs weird
2022-05-17 06:33
Uzbekistan R_Sick
I was so surprised when I opened HLTV, thought that C9 had it in the bag, but I guess you can't really quantify the outside impact, RIP my pickems
2022-05-17 06:41
REZ | 
Sweden etthund
The only thing in this list I can accept is the Hobbit allegations. World situation is the same for alot of other teams that doesn't seem to affected. New org, why does that matter? Fuck up in veto, easy to say after the fact.
2022-05-17 09:23
2022-05-17 12:25
Heroic or Vitality it is +1 100% And i need one more G2 or CPH Flames win With clod9 it shoud be 100% correct pick
2022-05-17 06:54
Why does it always have to be an indian with a navi flair
2022-05-17 06:59
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2022-05-17 07:07
India cypher07
we love navi bitch
2022-05-17 09:21
They haven't played officials for like 2.5 months Pressure from geopolitics Pressure from the org change Pressure cuz of the Hobbits case
2022-05-17 07:03
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Wdym 2.5 months? They played RMR few weeks ago.
2022-05-17 09:34
They're onliners
2022-05-17 09:18
I think they overthink things (Nuke veto, strats) and stress too much. It might be beneficial for them to drop to lower top 10 so they can play without expectations again. Look at Spirit - had no expectations and destroyed everyone including Imperial.
2022-05-17 09:41
fnx | 
Brazil humbl3
-1 Disrespect not cool
2022-05-17 13:02
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