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Are you satisfied with the major finals?
Honestly, i feel kinda empty after this game. It felt like NAVI are about to disband or they don’t care about winning 2nd major in a row. S1mple played like he didn’t want to win the game, but to get another graffiti. Overconfidence, arrogant, unnecessary noscopes and being rated 0.89. Best player of NAVI was Perfecto lol, and boombl4 is like 20-50. Even though first map was gone into OT, it felt too bad by both sides, score 12:5 becomes 13:15 and then 19:15. Second map was a stomp by rain, but still NAVI played it like they were scared of something, being inconfident in themselves, but still being insanely arrogant FaZe Spirit game felt way better than NAVI FaZe. And idk why, is it Spirit who were better than NAVI, or it’s just FaZe who turned on max power in finals?
2022-05-23 02:24
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no 3rd map sucks for me boston major was the last time we've seen a 3 map major final
2022-05-23 02:26
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Japan Icebu
2022-05-23 02:32
At the end of the day, these are still the best 2 teams in the world and you can't take anything away from this Major win by FaZe. But I do feel Spirit was the 2nd best team this event, they looked really hungry and fierce in every situation, S1mple did underperform for his standards, and B1T and Perfecto 100% carried them in this finals. But again, you can only beat whats infront of you and for me this is the best day as a FaZe fan ever
2022-05-23 02:27
It was somewhat underwhelming, yes. I was expecting a 3-mapper but NaVi never really got it going at any point, sadly.
2022-05-23 02:28
First map was fine but the second one was kinda predictable I guess and after sides switch I didn't pay much attention anymore, mostly read twitter
2022-05-23 02:31
CeRq | 
Australia NoLeS
No. 1st map lived up to all the hype 2nd map was a letdown. Map veto overall was a big part of the letdown. Since FaZe didn't ban Ancient NaVi should've jumped on the opportunity to pick Ancient and decider could've been dust2 instead (but Nuke is fine too, just should've been a 3rd map 2-1 for FaZe instead of the 2-0)
2022-05-23 02:31
I thought it was good. your point about simple was way too accurate xD. Even against ence he was trying to be extra flashy. best awp shot nicodoz a site nuke or was there a better one?
2022-05-23 02:31
Yes, I would have liked a 3rd map but I just wanted Karrigan to get a major win so I'm happy with it.
2022-05-23 02:33
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
To be fair, the match was never going to exceed expectations, I'm just glad we finally got the dream match in the grand-finals, not somewhere in the semis or the quarters, otherwise that might've hindered some of the hype fuelling the grand-final. :D
2022-05-23 02:33
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Got Astralis - Liquid Berlin 2019 vibes from that comment :D
2022-05-23 03:44
no 3rd map = no satisfaction, still happy faze won tho
2022-05-23 02:35
i dont like this navi lineup at all, so yes im satisfied
2022-05-23 02:40
actual boring finals, rain overperforming and everyone else underperforming, like whats the fun of a final with two super rosters were broky, s1mple, ropz, eletronic and twistzz are not in their A game, nerves fucked the potential of the match
2022-05-23 02:43
ropz | 
Hungary Doybik
Yeah it wasn't as good as I anticipated it to be. NaVi were pretty meh, Electronic had glimpses but other than that meh, Boomich really really bad.
2022-05-23 02:45
last major was decent even with a clear winner (first time a team won a major without losing a map during all major). this major was nuts: imperial almost going to playoff, spirit and bne insane dark horses, karrigan and rain winning a major
2022-05-23 02:46
North America Straf3R
I am happy, the buildup was insane (storyline). The first map set the tone. Was the second map a little disappointing? Yes, but it was worth it to see such talented and hungry players win a major against the incumbent champs. They all had something to prove, and all deserved it. The photos and tears shed afterwards were spectacular.
2022-05-23 02:46
yes i am so happy!
2022-05-23 02:48
No didnt watch
2022-05-23 03:44
I loved this major, so many underdog wins, upsets galore Imperial’s story + fans Spirit’s run from open qualifiers Ence’s recent form upstep coming into effect at the perfect time Na’Vi looking shaky but still capable FaZe looking perfect and definitely the fan fav Karrigan and Rain deserved this major so much, I’m so happy for them to finally have won one and I wouldn’t have chosen anyone but rain to get MVP, he played his ass off and deserved it
2022-05-23 03:47
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