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North America cake1 
When playing competitive games and you come across an automuted player, do you unmute them?
2022-05-23 23:54
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almost always, I don't really care if people are toxic, but if they talk too much I will probably mute them again
2022-05-23 23:55
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fnx | 
Brazil __Jun
2022-05-23 23:58
2022-05-24 00:00
United States burzeus
2022-05-24 00:06
2022-05-24 05:55
+1 most of the time theyre cool
2022-05-24 06:29
United Kingdom Samfo7
Unmute them and if they get mad make fun of them
2022-05-23 23:57
always unmute, but often re-mute
2022-05-23 23:57
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+1 same for me tbh, but I’m always pleasantly surprised if an automuted player ends up being a good teammate
2022-05-24 00:07
+1 sometimes they're alright. I also mute people easily because listening to their shit makes me not care about winning.
2022-05-24 05:56
I think most people automuted just get spam reported and since they don't play mm they can't get rid of it
2022-05-23 23:58
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ye bro, i only play faceit and i played 1 or 2 mm games beacuse i heard thats how u get rid of mute and it got removed
2022-05-24 00:00
that's exactly what happened to me, i started playing mm so i earn xp to get unmuted and i got banned instead for 2 days: "You have received a lot of reports recently, as a result you were given a cooldown"
2022-05-24 00:03
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some idiots see an automuted guy and just report without even knowing if he's actually toxic or not
2022-05-24 07:20
I get game bans even though i dont even play mm with reason: griefing. Never really trolled so I suppose mad enemy dogs are clicking reports xd
2022-05-24 06:52
i give them a chance everytime and i regret it 90% of the time
2022-05-24 00:00
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I regret playing cs 90% of the time
2022-05-24 00:04
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same if i play faceit/mm, thats why i started playing in random community servers, almost feels like 10 yrs ago in 1.6
2022-05-24 00:07
always, never regret
2022-05-24 00:01
I unmute them for info
2022-05-24 00:01
always un mute
2022-05-24 00:01
Portugal MR_CAL
always umute, if they re annoying a mute him again like i would mute any other player
2022-05-24 00:02
yeah, but most of the time I mute them again for obvious reasons.
2022-05-24 00:02
Australia Whatajoke
unmute but put their volume on half. Usually just insta mute if its deserved tho
2022-05-24 00:02
I have a friend who has 2 automuted accounts and almost everyone unmutes him at match start.
2022-05-24 00:03
Poland Roxin
I always unmute them
2022-05-24 00:06
will unmute if they're in my team, if stupid, remute again. if in my enemy team 100% unmute and make them rage -> ez wins. I regretted almost 80% of the times I unmuted. so filter is doing a great job ngl. + remember if there is a cheater, IF... it's like 95% of the time they are muted. so do check the acc of enemy muted before you make them rage.
2022-05-24 00:42
Used to unmute but not anymore,always instant regret….mute is deserved in 98% cases and the 2% doesnt worth it….recently I started to play with all muted from the start becquse im tired of those toxic kids
2022-05-24 05:51
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yeah noticed same, used to unmute but everytime there was a very good reason why they were automuted, and had to re-mute them. MM should put automuted dipshits to their own queue.
2022-05-24 06:35
No, never unmute. They are toxic as shit 9/10 times and were muted for a reason.
2022-05-24 05:54
Fiji v_v
I used to, but 90% of the time they are super racist/toxic
2022-05-24 05:56
Andorra K1r1to
I don't know about you, but at 2900 elo mute 6-8 people. everyone is complaining to each other about dirty kills. Usually, they have 27 avg.
2022-05-24 05:57
Brazil Guadachuva
Nope. I know I am going to regret if I unmute. They are always guilty.
2022-05-24 06:01
Yeah they're usually quiet once they get a ban, paradox or system working properly
2022-05-24 06:12
No since few people in silver have anything good to say anyways
2022-05-24 06:25
Yes the funny bs guys are always muted but if they actually toxic I mute again
2022-05-24 07:18
2022-05-24 07:27
2022-05-24 07:28
If they are russian, no. If they have new account, no and I give them additional report
2022-05-24 07:37
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2022-05-25 21:19
usually, i find toxic people fun to play with for some reason lol unless i play with them a lot then it just becomes weird
2022-05-24 07:39
yes to give them a chance, the moment they are toxic its back to muted tho
2022-05-24 07:40
In faceit lobbies i do it always, but its usually not a good idea. If they are toxic i call them out on it and if they start screaming i go into diplomacy mode
2022-05-24 07:40
I always mute everybody on the server from start to finish. Either they only talk russian or they are toxic and i get tilted by thm very easily.
2022-05-24 07:49
I usually unmute them, but in most cases after a few rounds they remind you why they should stay muted
2022-05-24 09:41
swag | 
Cyprus Porgos
Toxicity not loose game bad player do ~bCkO Balkan CS goat
2022-05-26 23:53
Netherlands JPDragao
Always unmute and remute few rounds later 99% of them are toxic
2022-05-26 23:57
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