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Ropz and Niko
Luken | 
Argentina Spedo_Ganzoles 
Ropz was supposed to not be able to fill niko’s shoes, while every tournament he has played in his career so far (EPL S10 with Mouz) he literally performed and added more value to the team than once a top 3 hltv player (ofc it was pre Astralis era but still)
2022-05-25 22:05
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(Epl s10 with mouz and recent tournaments with Faze)
2022-05-25 22:05
Why is this forum obssesed with shitting on NiKo so much ?
2022-05-25 22:06
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Singapore kmslol
NiKo bad karrigan good
2022-05-25 22:06
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Hows the chicken crisis there KEKW
2022-05-26 00:12
1 reply
chicken crisis?😳
2022-05-26 06:35
Comparing them is essential, very similar career paths and star role
2022-05-25 22:07
because people are sad and just love to hate
2022-05-25 22:08
Slovakia glebmajster
big ego no results
2022-05-25 22:08
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Canada loldougie
+1 it's his ego that people hate him for
2022-05-25 22:24
Czech Republic ||STK||
2022-05-25 23:33
niko is good but has potential to be insane and win many tournaments not winning any is a result of his mentality and role in a team its more like "you have talent to be great but you waste it"
2022-05-25 22:11
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Even like this NiKo has a damn good career. He won 11 events and 7 mvps. Top 2 2017, top 3 2018, top 4 2020, top 3 2021. He is considered by a lot to be the best rifler of all time and last year had the highest peak recorded by a rifler ever. Sure he has tilting issues but this is just not deserved.
2022-05-25 22:13
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India Pranav3112
Are you sure because get_right was #1 for 2 years being a rifle, so I don't see how niko being 3rd is peak rifle performance.
2022-05-25 23:36
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Because he did have peak rifler performance. He had a higher rating than s1mple at one point and average 1.5 impact rating across 6 months. Not even s1mple managed that high impact on an awp. Get_right played in the least competetive era on cs, I'm sorry but hr played against players that by todays standards wouldn't even reach faceit level 8.
2022-05-25 23:40
its not the fact that he is insane, its the outside, we all know he is hard to work with because of his ego, also he called karrigan overatted which is so fucking braindead, how is karrigan overatted, sure he had superstars but you realise every othyer superteam made has never had the same success as Faze 2017-18, g2 and vitality this year is the biggest example even when faze didnt win, they were usulaly finlaists or top 4 or at worse 5-6th
2022-05-26 07:14
If it was 1vs1 he would have many majors but it's a 5vs5 game, is not only his fault if the team don't succeed.
2022-05-25 22:54
u think niko get shitted on LOL bro, hes like the most liked player...
2022-05-25 22:12
He's good at making bad decisions
2022-05-25 22:14
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Every "bad" decision he has ever made has been a rumour that has not been proven (if you are talking about the karrigan kick).
2022-05-25 22:16
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Nah theres him saying he doesn't want to igl for 2 years and did nothing about it lol except getting neo but neo was a bot in the server so ofc he goes back to igl. G2 which was a top 4 team prior to niko since he joined they haven't been as consistent now the only player left is hunter if jackz is getting benched. Idk he just seems like not the brightest when it comes to roster moves. Getting 2nd at a major with nexa and benched him for aleksib is weird also, the team finally gets a good awper and they make a bunch of changes that makes no sense, ifet that nexa said he didn't want to igl but the decision could of been reversed instead they replaced him so fast and guess what? He's still an igl on og. Its maddening.
2022-05-25 22:44
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It's kinda funny you think any G2 changes were his influence lmao. G2 actually became competetive again after NiKo joined. Reached some important finals (lost all of them lol) but other than kato non of the other g2 finals that were lost were his fault.
2022-05-25 22:48
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Oh come on u can't believe that right? Hes a household name, unless u have proof it should be assumed thst he does have influence because its all he had in faze, he got karrigan removed, he picked up broky and his party friend coldzera even tho they needed an igl. And tbh what I said about them being a top 4 team before niko was quoting nexa, he said their team was alot different and everyone stepped up individually, since niko joined it shifted it all to him but praised him for him carrying so he kind of bad mouthed niko and didn't at the same time.
2022-05-25 22:59
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Unlike FaZe, G2 has managment, carlos said it himself that he doesn't care about anything but results and the second NiKo stops trying he will get the boot. And it's also funny how you are mentioning proof when you yourself have 0 proof yourself that any move G2 did after he joined was under NiKo's influence. And the thing about nexa was taken out of context. Nexa didn't badmouth NiKo at all, all he said was that he doesn't like to IGL with stars, he isn't used to that. It has nothing to do with NiKo being NiKo.
2022-05-25 23:20
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Are you new? G2 has been around csgo since 2015 and paid the highest salaries at the time in 2016. Carlos doesn't give a shit he overpays and overspend in csgo and memes about g2 losing like the rest of fans do. LMAO give me a fucking break and guess what he's about to overspend his csgo budget again because he can.
2022-05-26 02:13
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Damn. No proof.
2022-05-26 06:31
Estonia Kukkel
Niko is the problem and who likes problem?
2022-05-25 22:18
1 reply
I won't hear it from a plastic fan
2022-05-25 22:23
Because he is one of the best players of cs history. If i would be one of the best players then they probably would shit on me but i dont have big success, that is why no one is talking shit about me. This is how life works. People try to shit on who has big success and doesnt care about who has no success.
2022-05-25 22:50
2 replies
Yeah I know that but ever since FaZe won the major this comunity has been on a mission to demonise NiKo as much as possible.
2022-05-25 22:51
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People think NiKo is mad because faze won the major without him but NiKo and Karrigan said so many times that they love each other in interviews and tweets. I bet NiKo is happier FaZe won instead of navi but people want to believe what they want to happen.
2022-05-25 22:59
Because Niko gernerally has big EGO and feels like he wants to do everything in the team he is playing for. Doesn't feel like he wants to settle with his role, but instead puts useless weights on his shoulders to the detriment of his teams. Every single team he played for (maybe expect mouz) gained NOTHING from his arrival. NADA.
2022-05-25 23:08
2 replies
FaZe won their first titles when he joined them, 3 finals ina row, dethroned astralis in 2017 and played a major final with them in 2018 and you say no team gained anything ? FaZe gained everything with him. With G2 it's still early, but playing a major final is not "gaining nothing".
2022-05-25 23:17
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*Year 2050* You are still defending NiKo
2022-05-26 06:34
Olga | 
Finland 0_o
cocky as mf with bigger ego than my massive balls
2022-05-26 00:37
+1 i don't get it either.
2022-05-26 01:11
Ropz plays worse than NiKo but to compensate that the team plays better. Ropz plays 90% team plays 100% NiKo plays 95% team plays 90%
2022-05-25 22:06
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CeRq | 
Australia NoLeS
2022-05-25 22:22
So 2.5 % difference brings you major,EPL and iem katowice huh? Interesting :) Not mentioning the gap between these 2 teams
2022-05-25 22:52
9 replies
that 2.5% difference would have made NiKo katowice, stockholm and cologne champion.
2022-05-25 22:54
5 replies
So G2 had chance against that navi in major and cologne? He could get that map but not the series Cologne 3-0 wtf r u talking about? Katowice 3-0 (that was close tho but when u choke a 15-7 lead u deserve to lose)
2022-05-25 22:58
4 replies Map 1 - Lost fair and square Map 2 - Lost 16-14 (14-15 round nexa missed a flash in mid which killed NiKo) Map 3 - NuKE 16-13 (Lost that hero awp round against s1mple where they failed to plant the bomb) 2.5% here would have made the difference Stockholm was like rolling a dice had G2 won the 2nd map but still. That 2.5% increase would have atleast pushed the match to mirage which was 50/50 (navi were tilting when they were 15-9 down) Katowice is pretty self explanatory
2022-05-25 23:03
3 replies
I thought deluded G2 fans quit hltv but sounds like they still here Its aight buddy.take it easy.we all need grief at some point
2022-05-25 23:15
2 replies
You really think I meant the 2.5% difference in #3? Don't you think it was an example? I'm not your buddy you prick. Stop talking like your in a pedestal. Yo're probably one of the most obnoxious and salty faze fans I've ever seen here in hltv. I remember your stupid ass takes last year and now because faze is winning you think you're superior to everyone else just because you're a fan of them. Go do smth else please, i'm glad that faze win because of their players but because of fans like you I wish them the worst.
2022-05-25 23:24
1 reply
“I remember your stupid ass takes last year“ I need an example kid Even tho its hard for me to argue with people whose unstable mentally :) Fxck G2 and all their deluded fans I’ll never forget u dxmmfxcks who were saying G2 is better than Faze and shits like this U are calling me salty while every single time when Ur fav team beat FaZe G2’s fan base talked shit about FaZe n faze fans I respected all of u whores but seeing u all still being delusional triggers me🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Also u are more looking like prick than i do
2022-05-26 00:36
Yea bro, dont you know abut diamandeva effect? Exact situation applies right here same logic as x3+y3+z3=k with k being all the numbers from one to 100, is technically a Diophantine equation. While true that if z=Re[z]+Im[z] z = R e [ z ] + I m [ z ] , z, This may not be exactly true even with this it it still around the infamous "summing of three cubes" dilemma ballpark. But I do see you POV
2022-05-26 01:21
2 replies
Scientifically u might be right But sometimes u need to forget about possibility and stick to the logic Also 2,5 percent effects on match ups such as C9 vs FaZe at boston or Mouz vs TL at iem new york ( i guess), not in grandfinals with a 3-0 fashion like Navi vs G2 in cologne 10-20 % is game changer but 2.5 % is just possibility for a miracle Scientifically yes logically no (I hate talk about ifs n buts :)
2022-05-26 02:37
1 reply
Agree 100%
2022-05-26 15:13
I think the main reason why i myself consider ropz a better player is just because of the mentality Skill wise i think they're very similar
2022-05-25 22:06
9 replies
I think skill wise Niko is a bit more experienced and slightly better. But ropz creativity and mentality fills the shoes of what faze needs + ropz is still young
2022-05-25 22:08
NiKo is just a way more versatile player than ropz. Though ropz beats NiKo by a huge margin when it comes to mentality (ropz ice cold and NiKo tilts a lot) and is more of a teamplayer who fits in the team's role instead of taking over like NiKo.
2022-05-25 22:09
I still think Niko is obviously better as a player skillwise but I like ropz much more because he doesnt have huge ego etc.
2022-05-25 22:09
Argentina nymeros
I consider NiKo to be superior but his gameplay is the reason he's doomed, need to be more proactive as ropz and not rely too much on aim
2022-05-25 22:10
Niko better rifler (in general not rn) Ropz more versatile (good with both awp and rifle also plays harder role being anchor) Ropz stronger mentally Ropz better attitude and behavior Niko was my fav player and the main reason i became a FaZe fan but i would say ropz anyday of the week
2022-05-25 22:59
4 replies
I really liked NiKo in Faze but for some reason lately he's been boring to watch, hasn't been performing either I think NiKo is more inconsistent, but that also means that he has higher highs and lower lows Ropz with awp has been one of my favorite things about FaZe lately :D
2022-05-25 23:01
3 replies
Thats right Ropz is actually my influence
2022-05-25 23:03
NiKo's roles are weird atm. He plays bait for some reason and doesn't make many agressive ct plays like he did before.
2022-05-25 23:24
Really like your point about ropz and about NiKo situation, in the end NiKo got super unlucky was 1 round away from major... If only FaZe managed to close it out I think NiKo would never be like this.
2022-05-25 23:27
Will we see g2 ropz in future when NiKo will leave?
2022-05-25 22:09
2 replies
Not until karrigan retires
2022-05-25 22:11
1 reply
I was joking about both being Carry in mouz as 1st t1 teams and then both moved to FaZe,but youre right i guess
2022-05-26 00:11
Ropz will 100% be a top 5 player this year. He always had the potential, only he was playing in shit Mouz.
2022-05-25 22:26
1 reply
So far broky has better chances than mr.kool
2022-05-25 23:23
United States newlifepop
Is Niko better than ropz mechanically? Hell yeah, but by how much? Is he soooo much better than ropz that everything else doesn't even matter? Hell no. ropz is calm is composed, while Niko is always tilted when things don't go his way. In addition, being a good player also means you'd have to be coachable. ropz is coachable, he listens. If you follow karrigan's youtube channel, you can hear faze's in-game voice comms, ropz is the type of guy who doesn't say much but when he does, he gives important info. He does his things being a lurker, at the same time, he follows karrigan's order. On the other hand, Niko was the one who got karrigan kicked in the first place. Honestly, I don't think Niko is coachable at all. I'm not trying to sh*t on him, it's my opinion. I'd take ropz over Niko any day tbh.
2022-05-25 22:57
World waltsuu
ropz is better rain rain is better niko
2022-05-25 23:04
was niko fan for years but after i heared him in hias twitchstream talking after asked who is the best player: "...there is me ....and.. s1mple" sry but so who talks like that doesnt get better unless he learns to get humble. and you can clearly see he is not able to form a consistant team.
2022-05-25 23:18
2 replies
NiKo last year literally told in a stream that he was nowhere Zywoo and S1mple's.
2022-05-25 23:30
baited by NiKo lmaoooo
2022-05-26 15:21
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxyownz
you literally cant compare, its two different systems with different players
2022-05-25 23:25
am I the only one thinking that they are two completely different players and they are basically not comparable?
2022-05-25 23:27
niko wants a system designed spesifically for himself. on the other hand, ropz can adapt to pretty much any system. when you have ropz on your team, you don't need to compromise from your team play. with niko, it should be all about niko, though. niko is very talented. he can change. he can improve his team play mentality i think if he wants to. but will he do that?
2022-05-25 23:34
no, but he made the team as a unit better. 4 1.10-1.20 players supporting eachother without aweak link > one 1.20-30 and several 1.01.
2022-05-26 00:18
2 replies
+1 better having 3-4 good players than having 1 main carry all the time. Also a big plus for faze is that their players are humble , they dont have big ego and they are easy to lead for karrigan. Even karrigan said that the old faze was harder to lead because of the egos , guardian olof niko were called at one point the best in the world , these guys want thropies and if they not succed karrigan was to blame , they put pressure on him.
2022-05-26 01:05
1 reply
and olof was the guy giving up roles to play support lurk, while niko was the main lurk. those roles can only be done with experienced players that still has the gamesense like olof.
2022-05-26 01:24
I mean the main reason NiKo hasn't won a major yet is because once IGL meets NiKo and discovers his playstyle and personality, they start to question their calls and underperform not only as an individual but as a caller it leads to bad team chemistry and chokes. I don't think that NiKo ruins team chemistry on purpose, he gave an IGL role away but still something goes wrong here. I just think that igl immediately lose confidence after being around NiKo for 1+ month.
2022-05-26 00:18
1 reply
NiKo was choko in last Major the structure is there, aleksi support, jackz entry, monesy awping, hunter lurker, and NiKo just need to do what star player usually do, but he be choko last Major
2022-05-26 07:11
ropz work bc karrigan already said in interview, FaZe need heavy hitter lurker to win something niko don't want to be lurker when karrigan told him so broky altho young is not crumble under clutch pressure twistz is HS machine like olof was lastly, karrigan be the bait for playmaker rain to create something
2022-05-26 07:07
Serbia dziggy13
Niko GOAT /closed/
2022-05-26 17:47
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